Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2/19 Live Feeds: 2:00-6:00 PM

Allison thinks that Sheila has been playing the game too much. She thinks that Sheila was acting when she was crying and that Jen totally bought into it. Sheila told Allison/Ryan that she was crying because Adam wasn't agreeing with her on the vote this week. Matt agrees that Parker needs to stay this week. He says that Parker needs James/Chelsia's vote to stay. He does not want to win HoH next week though. Matt and Parker do not believe Sheila's crying. Parker says that he wants James out really bad because he knows that James would target him.

Alex/Amanda received their computer to do their HoH blog and their camera to take pictures. Sheila assured Joshuah that she was acting earlier because she doesn't want Ryan to tell Jen that she is going to be evicted this week. Joshuah/Sharon want Matt/Natalie to win HoH next week so that they stick to their word about nominating Alex/Amanda. Joshuah says that he will fight with Amanda prior to the PoV competition so that she will be too rattled to compete. They want to keep Allison/Ryan until the end because they (J/S) could beat them (A/R) in the finals.

Allison thinks that she has Matt wrapped around her finger. Sheila continued to act like Adam is the one making the decision about the vote this week to Ryan. Amanda suggested an alliance between her/Alex and Joshuah/Sharon. Joshuah says that he isn't sure about it. He did apologize to Amanda about his comments a few nights ago. Amanda says that she doesn't trust Jen/Parker anymore and wants them out this week. Joshuah relayed the conversation to Natalie. She was surprised that Amanda wanted to align with him.

Don't forget about tonight's show, which starts shortly here on the east coast. Since American Idol is on at the same time, I will be recording tonight's BB episode. Therefore, expect the show recap around 11:00 PM instead of immediately following the show. It should entail Neil quitting, Sharon returning, Matt/Natalie winning the PoV, and the PoV ceremony.

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