Monday, February 18, 2008

2/17 Live Feeds: 5:00-9:00 PM

Parker doesn't blame Natalie for not using the PoV. Natalie hopes that the vote is tied this week and Alex/Amanda have to make the decision. Parker once again stated that Chelsia/James need to go next week. Natalie says that she would have used the PoV later in the game, but using it the first week is risky. Parker still thinks that Alex/Amanda, Jen/Parker, and Matt/Natalie will be the final three. Sheila is still upset about Parker rating her a 6 out of 10 on the "hotness scale."

Joshuah says that getting Alex/Amanda out next week would be ideal since they cannot compete for HoH. Sharon points out that they could still win PoV though. Parker is upset because Jen said that she wouldn't vote Ryan out if they were both in the final four. She then changed her mind after Parker blew up on her. Natalie says that everyone better stick to their word and that Parker has her word for sure.

Natalie re-colored James' hair and did the same color for a strand of Chelsia's hair (the pinkish-red color James has). Jen also cut Ryan's hair. Adam told Alex and Matt that the only way he would vote Jen/Parker out is if Sheila has a last-minute decision change. The guys do agree that it would be funny to see Parker blindsided this week. Sheila told Jen that she already informed Allison that she will be voting her out this week. Jen relayed this on to Parker and Sharon. Sharon thinks that Allison must feel horrible since her only friend in the house is voting her out. Amanda told Alex that James will vote Jen/Parker out, and Alex thinks that Jen/Parker may be evicted this week.


Anonymous said...

Is anyone else disappointed in this season?? I sure am, I'm not sure if it's because last season was so good, or if it's just that these people are acting like they are in high school! All the petty arguements they are having are getting boring and old. They have no imagination, there is no stratagy going on. I don't like the fact that they get voted out as a couple. I think they could play the game as a couple, but they each should get their own vote. They could still nominate 2 couples, but, vote out one person from each couple, then the 2 that don't get voted out, become a "new" couple!!! Just a thought. It might prove interesting.

Anonymous said...

is anyone even watching BB9? after the first two episodes i turned it off and will try again on season 10. if there is one.. what a drag of a show.. all youngsters, all so immature and almost repulsive, its not even fun to watch.. see ya next time

Anonymous said...

I have mixed emotions. I feel there is a different energy with this bunch. I have to say they do make watching Showtime very interesting, however, I do agree there is no stradagies going on. They all seem to just want to sleep with each other. You know the funny thing is, when they signed up, they didn't know that Big Bro was going to pair them up. When they found out, it was like the game went out the window, and bring on the "BJ's" and getting naked in front of each other. I wish they would get back on the game and who gives a crap who thinks who's hot in the house and who is not, and so the game!!!