Tuesday, February 19, 2008

2/18-19 Live Feeds: 7:00 PM-3:00 AM

Joshuah thinks it's funny how Amanda doesn't understand why Josh blew up on her last night. Sheila says that if Jen/Parker aren't evicted, then she will target Alex/Amanda and blow up at everyone for lying to her. Adam says that his strategy of not being the "hottest" guy or the loudest is working, and Sheila complimented him on it. She thinks that it's also good that they don't always see eye to eye so people think they aren't totally together.

Amanda says that she is going to let Alex make all the decisions for their team now. Joshuah and Natalie think that the vote will be unanimous for Jen/Parker to be evicted. They agree that Alex/Amanda need to go next week, then Allison/Ryan the following week. Allison knows that she is not going to win since everyone hates Jen and Ryan, so she is trying to push the people that she likes to the end, like Joshuah and Sheila. Parker told Natalie that she and Matt deserve to win the game and will root for them if he is evicted this week.

Sharon says that Jen threatened Adam about keeping her in this week. She thinks it's funny how Jen came into the house thinking she was going to win, and now she is being voted out. Joshuah told Sharon about Allison and Sheila being "lesbians." Sharon was floored and wasn't expecting it. Jen thinks that she and Parker will be voted out because of Parker's bad attitude lately. The two think the vote will be tied, so they want to bring another couple over to their side to ensure their safety. Jen feels bad for Amanda since nobody deserves that kind of attack. Parker hopes that they stay this week so they can nominate Chelsia/James next week.

The HG were much more upbeat than last night. They spent the night playing around with each other and even held a mock talk show. I'll have more later!

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