Saturday, February 23, 2008

2/22-23 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM Friday-12:00 PM Saturday

It seems that Amanda fainted because she had extremely low blood sugar. Since she was put on slop Thursday, she hasn't been eating very much, and a girl of her build needs to eat. The feeds were blocked for about 40 minutes while Amanda was being taken care of. During that time, Allison was also treated for an apparent hives breakout due to her eating a peanut that she apparently was allergic to.

James said that Amanda looked lifeless when he saw her following her faint. At first, Chelsia thought Amanda was faking since she is so dramatic. Joshuah says that he would rather have Alex/Amanda in the game now. Sharon is nervous about voting out Matt/Natalie after she just told Natalie that they would be safe this week. Sharon says that Alex promised never to vote against her if she saves him with the PoV. Joshuah thinks that Allison/Ryan could never win because everyone hates Jen, and if Ryan wins, Jen wins. Joshuah wants to win HoH, but Sharon doesn't because they would be winning two competitions in a row.

Ryan doesn't think that Joshuah/Sharon shouls use the PoV. He wants to get Matt/Natalie out this week and Adam/Sheila out next week. Ryan says that if Alex/Amanda win HoH next week, they will nominate him/Allison and Adam/Sheila. Sheila was upset that Adam didn't defend her during her fight with Allison. According to the house, the women have to wear their bathing suits Sunday and their margarita party is Monday. BB ordered flowers for Allison and Amanda, and some of the HG made cards for them.

Amanda returned at around 10:00 PM. She is off slop for the meantime and was instructed to eat some peanut butter. Natalie started to get sick and thinks she may have picked up a fever. Sheila thinks that being outside in the rain might have resulted in the recent sickness in the house. Sheila started crying because she doesn't like sleeping with Adam because he moves so much and snores while sleeping. She is missing her son and wants to go home this week. She hopes that PoV is used and she is nominated now.

Allison returned around 10:15 PM and has to return to the hospital later today for more testing. The doctors told her that she would have died had she waited any longer for medical attention. She is still shaken up by the whole situation. Sheila thinks that the slop diet needs to be returned back to peanut butter and jelly. Sheila continued to rant about Adam and how much she wants out of the game. James thinks that Sheila is bipolar. Joshuah/Sharon still do not plan on using the PoV. Ryan told Allison that she cannot talk with Sheila about the game anymore. Allison still cannot believe how Sheila hates her now. Allison wants her out next week.

Chelsia/James stayed up late into the night, making out and taking in between. They finally went to bed around 4:20 AM. Allison returned to the doctor at around 8:25 AM this morning. She returned shortly after and returned to bed. Joshuah was the first one up today around two hours later. He was informed that the PoV ceremony would be today. He told Alex that the house wants Matt/Natalie out this week since they are a bigger threat. Natalie seems to be feeling better today. Both Allison and Amanda claim to have bad headaches from their pain medication.

Apparently, the HG are now having their margarita party tonight. Joshuah/Sharon still are planning not to use the PoV. Amanda worked to get them to use it, but they don't seem to be budging. Joshuah told Allison to be nice to Sheila but not to trust her. Sheila now doesn't want to be nominated and cried to Chelsia, saying how sorry she was for starting a fight last night.


Anonymous said...

Omg, talk about one INSANE night in the BB house. I'm so sick and tired of Sheila's complaining about Adam. My gosh woman... walk out the door allready! I feel sorry for Adam for having her as a partner, but I feel even more sorry for the other houseguests that have to listen to her 24/7.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya on that 1, I felt bad for her at first, especially after Adam saying, or should I say "praying" not to get stuck with her.... But now I feel bad for him, she forgot it's Big Brother, not love connection...She needs to get a grip !!

Anonymous said...

Well Shelia doesnt HAVE to sleep with Adam does she?? Didnt Ryan and Jenn start sleeping together once the house found out they were a real couple?? Surely she could sleep on the couch or something.

Anonymous said...

OMG.......what drama ! I have
never seen so many sick people on
a BB show.....hypoglycemic, allergic reactions, headaches,
colds, flu, etc. This short season
of BB is really something....I
wonder how it will all end ! LOL

Anonymous said...

BB allowed Ryan and Jen to sleep together the night before the eviction. That was the only night they slept together.