Friday, February 22, 2008

2/22 Live Feeds: 3:00-6:00 PM

Chelsia/James would rather see Matt/Natalie evicted this week while Joshuah/Sharon want Alex/Amanda out. Apparently, Alex/Amanda nearly won the PoV this week. Chelsia/James think that Alex/Amanda won't be likely to win HoH next week since they are on slop this week, which is why they would rather have Alex/Amanda stay this week. Joshuah/Sharon do not plan on using the PoV this week. Amanda wants Joshuah to use the PoV on her, then vote with her to keep Matt/Natalie, saying that he "owes" her after belittling her last week. Joshuah seemed to agree. He told Amanda not to worry this week but wasn't any more specific.

Sheila is upset that Allison told the entire house about her yeast infection and acted like it was a big deal. Natalie wants to call Allison out on this in front of the house. Amanda thinks that they should wait until after the PoV ceremony before starting a fight with her. Sheila agrees. Natalie and Sheila think that they should tell Chelsia/James about Allison so that they can nominate her and Ryan as a replacement. Amanda thinks that Joshuah will use the PoV on her now.

Allison decided to come down from the HoH room to talk with Sheila about everything that is going on. At first they talk very civilly about allegations but then it turned into an all out shouting match. Sheila saying Allison has turned on her and is telling everyone Sheila has an STD. Sheila feels Allison has used Sheila through and through for her vote and now that she doesn’t need Sheila’s vote, Allison is back stabbing Sheila. Allison feels all Sheila has done is destroy all of her relationships in the house and Allison says that’s OK because she will be able to restore them. Allison tells Sheila that she is making a target for herself but Sheila says Allison is manipulating everyone in the house. This goes on for awhile when Ryan and Adam come in and start yelling at Sheila. They tell her to stop lying etc and then leave. Soon after this, Sheila tells Allison she never wants to speak with her again. Allison leaves and as she is walking out of the room tells Sheila her “yeast” infection is more than a yeast infection, implying its an STD.

Allison heads to the kitchen where she finds Natalie. Allison claims Natalie said some dirty things about her while Natalie says that is a lie. Natalie tries to talk to Allison but Allison is pissed. Matt tells Natalie not to argue and to leave. Natalie does so. Natalie heads to the Sauna with Amanda to talk. They talk for a while when Ryan comes in. Natalie tells Ryan her whole issue and that everything has been cleared up

Matt tried to convince Josh/Sharon to use PoV. He said if Josh uses it and Sheila were to go, Josh would be safe next week because everyone would nominate Alex and Matt. I don’t believe Josh was convinced. As of now it looks like the PoV will not be used and most likely (as of now) Matt and Natalie will be evicted. There are still 5 days until eviction so ANYTHING could change. This house changes every hour.

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