Friday, February 22, 2008

Emergency in the BB House

There was an emergency in the BB House. A supposed hypoglycemic Amanda passed out after telling natalie she needed some sugar. Freaked out Natalie went and got some other HGs when Amanda started having seizures. Feeds cut but have now returned. It seems Josh pressed the Panic button and an ambulance came. I am not sure if Amanda will be returning to the game. I will update once I hear more.

Here is a video: Warning its kind of disturbing

It also seems as if Allison isn't at the house either after her face broke out in hives. I am not sure whether Allison has also left or if she is in the DR for treatment.


Allison and Amanda have returned. Amanda was taken to the hospital and has been given glucose pills. She is supposed to take 2 a day and should make a full recovery. She seems to be very weak and sick. Allison also returned after leaving because of a bad break out in hives. She also went to the hospital and the nurse told her she is severly allergic to something she ate. The nurse told her if she would have waited 10 more minutes she could have died---luckily she was in the BB house. Allison said she would be getting tested tomorrow. The houseguests made get well cards and had flowers ready for the sick HGs. They all went into the DR where they were told everyone would be off slop for the night.

A full update coming soon


Anonymous said...

Poor Amanda :-( I hope she gets better!!!

Anonymous said...

what a weird freakin night! They're both back in the house and feeling better. BB needs to look into food allergies and medical conditions a little better! That's just freaky... and scary. :(

Jen said...

I agree I think BB needs to do away with the whole slop thing. I mean not allowing people to eat real food is just wrong. I've felt this way as far back as the PB&J days!!

Anonymous said...

Hey CBS and Big Brother Company/House... and Julie...

Please, at next time, if you ever consider for BB10. I would recommend you to ask all the contestants to get check up with doctors before enter into the house. It would solve that way easy for everybody without seeing on national tv freak us out.

Glad everybody is okay.

God be with you all and for those two ladies with health issues, too.

Take it easy, BB9 contestants.