Saturday, February 16, 2008

2/16 Live Feeds: 6:00 AM-6:00 PM

Sorry for my lack of updates today. It's just that nothing is going on in the house. BB let the HG sleep in and lounge around pretty much all day today; therefore, they haven't talked a whole lot of strategy. Sheila was the first one up today around 9:15 AM. She was the only one up for well over two hours and spent most of the morning sunbathing. Alex and Matt finally rolled out of bed after 11:30 AM, shortly before a BB wake-up call. Alex trashed Amanda yet again, complaining about her acting like a whore. On the flip side, Amanda complained once more about Alex "touching" her last night. These two are perfect for each other - they fight just as much as regular couples do!

Parker thinks that BB is racist because he hasn't received requested items while other HG have. @@ - So calling them racist will get your way. The other HG scolded him, saying not to play the race card. Parker continued to gripe. Natalie complained about Matt ignoring her lately. Amanda thinks that Matt is ignoring her because he thinks that Natalie wants to date him after the show. Natalie insists that is false. Amanda continued to go on about Alex's touching last night. She was at the point where she was saying that he nearly raped her, which is completely out of context. The other HG are beginning to ignore her now.

Sharon told Natalie that they need to evict Jen/Parker since Amanda/Alex are bickering over Amanda's feelings towards Parker. Natalie says that she will not be using the PoV because of the situation. Amanda and now Natalie continued to complain about their partners. Sorry guys, but this was the main news for today! Surprisingly, Sheila seems to be most content with her partner, which was the direct opposite only a week ago. Hopefully things will pick up tonight. More later!

2/16 Live Feeds: 7:00 PM-6:00 AM

Sharon tells Natalie that if they keep Jen and Parker, Jen and Parker will get backdoored eventually. Natalie somewhat agrees and says she wants to stay as long as possible.

Matt tells Allison that he cannot give her his vote. They switch subjects and talk about Natalie. They think Natalie is worried that if the partners split, they ( Matt and Allison) would hook up because they are attracted to each other.

Natalie continues to tell everyone about her feelings for Matt. She says she gets butterflies around him and can’t resist kissing him. She says it’s hard to sleep with someone and not be able to kiss him. Matt, however, has different plans. He told Sheila he likes Allison, but that Natalie is in love with him

Alex talks to Amanda about his feelings for her. He says he likes her but doesn’t want to bug her and put pressure on her. Amanda says she doesn’t get physical with a guy after only knowing him one week. Alex said he is going to push anything but doesn’t want her to get close with any of the guys because that could mess up their game. Amanda gets up and leaves, apparently mad. She tells Chelsia that Alex tried to touch her genital areas. She says that she is afraid to go back to sleep in the same bed with him. Nevertheless, she gets back in bed in her bra and panties.

Friday, February 15, 2008

2/15 Live Feeds: 12:00-7:00 PM

Amanda doesn't think that Matt/Natalie will use the PoV since Jen and Ryan need to be split up this week. She thinks the vote will be 3-1 for Allison/Ryan to leave. It seems that the PoV competition dealt with endurance. Joshuah hosted the affair. It appears that Allison/Ryan didn't do very well in the competition. Joshuah told Matt that he looked hot during the competition. @@ - Don't feed his ego! Ryan told Jen that everything worked in her favor this week. Jen said that it will continue to since her and Parker are such a strong team. @@ - This girl is SO cocky, even when she is nominated!

Matt told Parker about his "fun" last night. Parker was surprised that he was willing to do that on camera. Matt said that he wasn't the one doing it, Natalie was. He is true. Matt doesn't want to use the PoV even though Parker wants him to use it on him. Sheila is surprised that Adam is turning out to be a great person. She still doesn't completely trust him though. She thinks that Matt and Natalie may not agree with each other on whether or not to use the PoV this week. (If for some reason they don't agree, then they will be nominated as well.)

Chelsia/James and Joshuah/Sharon are conspiring to vote Jen/Parker out if the PoV is not used. They plan on getting Adam/Sheila to vote with them. Adam told Parker that he wants to keep him this week but isn't sure how Sheila feels. Meanwhile, Joshuah informed Allison and Sheila about their plan to vote Jen/Parker out. Sheila seemed on board with it. Allison was pumped but doesn't plan on telling Ryan because he would tell Jen.

That's pretty much it for this afternoon! I'm loving the recent scheming. Matt/Natalie don't seem to want to use the PoV this week, which may cause Jen/Parker to be evicted due to Joshuah's plan. We still have five days before the next eviction though! More tomorrow!

2/15 Live Feeds: PoV Winner

After being blocked for nearly two hours, the feeds have returned, and Matt/Natalie seemed to have won the PoV. I'll let you know if anything changes!

2/15 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

BB woke the HG at around 8:50 with a HoH bedroom lockdown. They were notified that the PoV competition would begin this morning and that it was a little chilly outside, so dress warm. The HG were worried that they would be freezing for the competition. Sheila commented that the sheets needed to be washed soon, and Natalie agreed. (Nobody knows about Matt/Natalie's night last night though.)

Matt doesn't think that Allison/Ryan will be evicted even if Jen/Parker win PoV. Parker says that he already has the votes to get them out of the house this week. Parker is nervous about who the fourth couple will be for the PoV competition. Several of the HG "jedi drilled" each other about recent events in the house in case the competition entails that. Everyone seems to think that the competition will be like a trivial HoH one.

The feeds were blocked for a bit while the HG picked the fourth couple to play PoV. According to Amanda, Matt/Natalie are the final PoV players. She was thrilled. Matt is nervous about winning PoV and not wanting to take Jen/Parker off. Alex says that they have the votes so it doesn't matter. Amanda freaked when Natalie put a metal spoon in the microwave. She claimed she didn't know you couldn't do that. @@ - Oh Jesus. The feeds have been blocked since around 11:20 AM for the PoV competition. I'll let you know who won when they return!

2/14-15 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-8:00 AM

Parker assured Alex that he does not know anyone in the house. Alex is fine with him liking Amanda because he doesn't click well with her. Alex and Amanda fought yet again because Alex thinks she dresses two skimpy. Parker leaves saying that the two of them need to sort out their differences. Amanda says she would rather have Joshuah/Sharon and Matt/Natalie in the final three than Jen/Parker. She wants Allison/Ryan gone this week, and Alex says that he will make sure that happens then. Amanda says that she doesn't like Alex as much as Matt and Parker because they ask her about her life, and Alex doesn't talk to her about anything. Alex says that he will try to talk to her more often.

The PoV instructions were read, and this year only four couples will play for PoV: HoH, nominees, and another couple chosen at random. Chelsia and James were accused of being siblings. Matt started this rumor, so of course, another little fight developed. Matt apologized, saying that Chelsia/James click so well that they seem like brother and sister. He does think more people in the house know each other though. Chelsia was really upset about the whole ordeal.

Alex agrees that he will use the PoV on Jen/Parker if he wins it. Matt says that he won't use it if he can play for it and win it. Matt says that Allison/Ryan plan on nominating either Chelsia/James or Alex/Amanda if they win HoH next week. Alex thinks Allison is cocky for thinking about next week's HoH when they are likely to be evicted this week. According to Amanda, Alex/Amanda, Joshuah/Sharon, and Matt/Natalie are aligned, with Jen/Parker as a fourth potential ally.

Love is in the air! Alex and Amanda finally made up, and they spent most of the night cuddling and kissing. Matt and Natalie gave each other massages. Joshuah and Sharon talked think that Jen/Parker should go instead of Allison/Ryan this week. They also want Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie out soon. (So much for their alliance!) James doesn't like Matt after today since he started all that drama with him and Chelsia. After massaging, Matt and Natalie headed off to bed where they also cuddled and kissed for a while. Matt said that he is only kissing her since it's Valentine's Day.

Or was it only kissing? It appeared that Natalie gave Matt a blow job because the two moaned for an intense while and afterwards, Matt asked Natalie if "it" was good. She then went back down for round two, and all we could hear were loud slurping noises! It was intense, people. Matt "released," and Natalie said that BB needed to wash the sheets. Oh dear. The two finally snuggled up and kissed before being the last ones in bed at around 1:30 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

2/14 Live Feeds: 1:00-8:00 PM

Amanda thinks that Chelsia hates her but doesn't care. She only cares that Parker likes her. She told Sharon that Joshuah wants their two couples to go to the finals together. Sharon thinks that Jen might want to leave after Ryan leaves. Amanda wants Chelsia and James out next. Parker once complained about the game being unfair to him. @@ Jen thinks that only two or three couples will make up the jury. (I think all of the couples could be in the jury since Sharon did confirm that her and Jacob were sequestered following their eviction.)

Allison and Sheila compared themselves to Dick from BB8 since they don't care what anyone thinks about them. Allison said she rooted for Zach which surprised Sheila. Allison says that she would rather evict Jen than win the game. Allison hopes that Ryan isn't giving up and that he will try just as hard as she to win the PoV this week. Jen says that the house would be better off without Allison and Ryan there. She also thinks her game will be better without Ryan and that she blames Ryan for her being nominated.

Amanda cannot stand Alex anymore, but she has taken a liking towards Parker. Alex asked Amanda if she knew Parker outside the house, and she wondered why he would ask that. He said that James said something about there being more couples in the house that knew each other. (I don't think there is anyone else other than Jacob/Sharon and Jen/Ryan.) They fought for a while before making up.

James and Parker got into a bit of a fight, complete with explicitives of course. Ryan thinks that there is too much petty drama in the house. I agree, but it makes the feeds interesting. Adam and James agreed to vote to keep Ryan this week. Ryan says that if he has the votes, then he won't worry about using the PoV. Parker told Allison that she was the dumbest girl in the house and then complained forever about her. @@ - Parker has been a downer ever since he was nominated.

Everyone dressed up for their Valentine's Day dinner. They even all said why they liked Valentine's Day and who they love the most. James confronted Parker about their fight earlier. He said that Parker has been disrespecting everyone since he was nominated, and someone needed to do something about it. Parker apologized, and the two agreed that they just misunderstood each other. Amanda also apologized for getting Parker riled up earlier.

Matt doesn't think that Parker will be going this week. He says that he trusts only Parker and is telling Allison what she wants to hear. He thinks that Amanda may nominate Chelsia and James as a replacement. Parker thinks she should nominate Adam and Sheila if she doesn't want any trouble. Matt says that he will use the PoV on Parker if he wins it. I'll have more tomorrow!

2/14 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-1:00 PM

Sheila was the first one up today at just before 8:30 AM. She told James how she hates that her and Adam will always be an easy target for nominations since they don't get along. James loves life in the BB house since he went from not getting paid in nearly a year to getting paid $750 a week here in the house. James and Sheila both made breakfast in their bed for their respected partners. BB woke the rest of the HG up at around 9:30 AM.

Adam and Sheila reconciled their differences after Sheila gave Adam his breakfast. She even gave him a hug and a kiss! Matt made Natalie a Valentine's Day card using nail polish. Parker told Jen that they have no chance at winning the game, so Jen tried to pep him up. Parker continued to call Jen a liar and wishes that she had told him about Ryan sooner. Sheila again told Allison that she hates everyone in the house and can't believe that everyone thinks she and Adam are the weakest couple. Allison is confident that she and Ryan will win PoV this week.

Joshuah and Sharon agree that they need to show everyone that they are worth keeping around. Sharon thinks that Jen is still on a power trip from being the power couple last week. Amanda told James that though she wants Allison and Ryan out this week, she is fine with Jen and Parker going, as long as Jen or Ryan goes this week. Allison and Joshuah think that Adam and Sheila will be nominated if PoV is used. They wonder if they will even have food competitions this season.

2/13-14 Live Feeds: 7:00 PM-3:00 AM

Chelsia and James think there is another couple in the house, maybe Amanda and Parker. Amanda says that she has been flirting with Adam to get him on her side this week. Amanda told Sheila that she would be nominated if PoV was used this week, and Sheila was fine with that.

Sharon has returned to the game! Apparently, Neil has quit, so Sharon returned to the game to be Joshuah's new partner. Allison and Sheila think that Neil left because he was not attracted to Joshuah. Sharon immediately started to explain to the house where Jacob heard the "snake" comment from. According to her, Ryan said the comment but Jacob relayed it to the rest of the house. Everyone seems to believe her. Parker says that his chances of winning the game are not good since Jen talks too much.

Joshuah approached Sharon about her talking to everyone just hours after she returned to the house. Sharon reassured him that her only alliance is with him and she was just seeing where everyone stood in the game. Joshuah wants to evict Jen this week, while Sharon wants to keep her. Sharon then tells Amanda that she is working to get Joshuah on her side. Sharon actually misses Jacob now and feels that she has to play for him as well as her.

Joshuah really misses Neil and is upset that he never got to say goodbye to him. He really misses a guy from home named Chase and was hoping that he was coming to the game instead of Sharon. Jen and Ryan had quick sex in the bathroom. Jen hopes that they will not say anything about it on the show.

That's pretty much it for the night! Jen was the last one in bed at just before 3:00 AM. Sharon doesn't want to keep Jen in the house but will since Parker will go if Jen goes. The HG think a luxury competition will occur later today since it is Valentine's Day. I'll keep you posted!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2/13 Live Feeds: 3:00-7:00 PM

Amanda reassured Jen and Parker that Allison and Ryan would be evicted if the vote was tied. She also says that Adam and Sheila would be the replacement. Jen wants Joshuah and Neil nominated instead. Matt doesn't think that they can trust Adam and Sheila. (Apparently, the teams of Alex and Amanda, Jen and Parker, and Matt and Natalie are aligned.)

Matt told Jen to act like she is nervous this week and he will make sure she has the votes to stay. Jen is mad because Ryan is only on the show because of her. Matt thinks that Amanda is running her and Alex's partnership. Parker thinks that he and Jen will be evicted if they do not win PoV. He says that Allison has already started to campaign against him and has really been working on Natalie.

The HG have been eating quite a bit this evening because the food competition will be later tonight. They are currently playing charades and having a good time. As of now, it looks like Alex and Amanda want Allison and Ryan out this week, but nothing is set in stone until after the PoV competition!

2/13 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Jen was excited to ensure that Ryan would be safe this week. Parker says that Adam and Sheila would be the easy target since they are at each other's throats. Sharon feels safe with Jen and Parker being the power couple. Adam made an offensive comment towards people with disabilities which set Sheila off yet again. Adam didn't see anything wrong with his comment though, since he works with them every day. @@ - I'm so over this guy. Allison asked Ryan if she was his "type," and Ryan agreed. Allison thinks that they may have the potential to be more than friends. Jen found it hard distancing herself from her boyfriend Ryan. They kissed quickyly when nobody was looking.

Alex was thrilled about being paired with Amanda. He would love to find love in the house perhaps with Amanda. She feels the same way about him. Jacob told Ryan that the only other male he trusts is Alex. He said that he cannot trust Parker at all, and Ryan agreed. Jacob told Jen that he could not stand her partner Parker. @@ - Idiot! They are the power couple! Do you want to be evicted? Jen obviously broke the news to Parker as well as Joshuah. Parker called Jacob out on his comment. He called a house meeting to see what the rest of the house thought of him. Nobody seemed to believe Jacob since he refused to say who he overheard calling Parker a "snake." Adam was thrilled that Jacob was becoming the new target. Sharon was upset at her partner. Jen and Parker agreed that Jacob and Sharon need to be evicted now. Jacob doesn't think that they will evict him and Sharon.

Sharon told Parker that Ryan made the snake comment about Parker. He didn't seem surprised and now wanted Ryan out. He told Jen about Ryan, so Jen told Parker that she and Ryan have been dating for almost a year. Parker was glad she told him and agreed to stay off Ryan's back. Jen says that she has no problem with nominating Ryan in the future but not this week. Ryan could not believe that Jen broke the news so quickly. Therefore, Ryan informed Allison of the news as well. She was shocked and thought he was lying. She became bummed since he was now taken. She thinks that Ryan would be better off with her since Jen is so jealous. Allison and Jen do not trust each other and neither do Parker and Ryan.

Another thing Sheila can't stand about Adam is his snoring. Jen hates how negative Sheila is. She wants her out unless she can be more positive. Jen and Parker became nervous about the impending eviction. Jen started crying during the eviction ceremony. Ultimately, they decided to evict Jacob and Sharon. Jen felt really bad since Sharon had such a jerk of a partner. Adam and Sheila agree that they got lucky this week.

Time for the first HoH competition! The backyard has been turned into a dock! Jen and Parker are allowed to play in this competition. Eric and Jessica are back to host this competition! The competition was very similar to the "Newlywed Game." The couples would each be asked questions individually. The couple who could match the most questions with their partner's answers would become the new HoH! With 9 hearts, Alex and Amanda are the first HoH! Parker thinks that Alex is his biggest competition. Allison is nervous about her safety this week. She isn't sure if she wants to keep Jen and Ryan's secret from the other HG.

Who will be nominated? Find out Sunday!

2/13 Live Feeds: Nominations

After being blocked for nearly two hours, the feeds have returned, and it seems that the nominations have indeed occurred. Allison and Ryan as well as Jen and Parker have been nominated for eviction. I'll have more after the show!

2/13 Live Feeds: 1:00-3:00 PM

Jen told Amanda that if she had to vote Ryan out to earn her trust that she would. Jen would much rather align with Amanda than Natalie even though Parker likes them both. Amanda and Jen think that if someone wants to use the PoV, that they will be nominated next week (meaning that she will threaten the PoV winner). They both want Allison and Ryan out this week. Sheila told Jen that there is no way she is voting her and Parker out since they kept her and Adam safe last week.

Adam says that he will play extremely hard for the food competition today. He wonders if they will play as couples or not. Allison worked on Sheila, telling her that she has her back in the game if she keeps her safe this week. Sheila agrees that Allison is the only one that has been nice to her since they have been in the house. She then tells Ryan that he and Allison have her word that she will vote to keep them this week. @@ - Already lying Sheila? Allison told Jen that one of them has to go this week for the other to have a shot at winning the game.

Joshuah and Sheila got into a bit of a fight because Joshuah told Sheila that she is stirring up the game too early. Later, he explained that he was staging that fight and told her to keep the drama coming. Interesting... Joshuah wants the house to think that he is a swing vote, so he also wants to stir up the game. Joshuah and Neil don't really like Jen and hope that Sheila will vote her out this week.

Jen told Chelsia and Matt that Ryan no longer has her back in the game. Jen wants Ryan out of the house now because he is making her weary about their situation. She hopes that she is the pawn this week and that Allison and Ryan will be evicted. Jen and Ryan talk again, and she confronted him about the situation. She knows that he is campaigning against her and doesn't like it. Ryan denied this, but Jen stood her ground. Jen says that she cannot play the game until he is gone.

The feeds have been blocked since just before 3:00 PM for the food competition I assume. I'll let you know if anything has changed when they return!

2/13 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-1:00 PM

Jen and Parker stayed up whispering until around 3:40 AM. They were the last ones in bed last night. Ryan was snoring insanely loud last night, so Allison kept trying to hush him. Alex also seemed to snore pretty loudly. Sheila was the first one up today at just after 8:00 AM. She was the only one until a 9:30 AM BB wake-up call.

Natalie really likes Matt and wants to take their relationship to the next level. Matt told Parker that he doesn't like her fake boobs and that he doesn't want to find romance on the show. @@ - He seemed pretty avid about her on the show last night! Matt says that Natalie will throw competitions if he doesn't get closer to her. He will be furious if she throws competitions and doesn't try hard to win the game. Matt thinks it would be awesome if Parker hooked up with Jen.

Sheila says that she would hook-up with either Alex or Matt. She cannot stand Adam and wants to trade partners with Natalie. Amanda confirmed that the HG moved in last Thursday, and Jacob and Sharon were evicted on Saturday. Also, nominations will be taking place later tonight. Look for those later!

There has been a lot of small talk, especially by Amanda and Sheila. Like Dick from BB8, Sheila seems to know a lot of celebrities, so she shared many stories of her encounters with them. I'll have another update before tonight's show, which airs at 8:00 PM ET. It should entail Jacob and Sharon's eviction as well as Alex and Amanda winning HoH.

2/12-13 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-3:00 AM

BB has returned! Before I get into my first update of the new season, I have just a few items of note. Jacob and Sharon were the first couple evicted of BB9, and Alex and Amanda won the next HoH competition. They have yet to do nominations for this week.

Parker knows that Jen and Ryan are dating. Jen tried to convince him that the game is more important to her than Ryan at the moment. Jen says that she won't nominate him but will vote against him if she has to. Parker is furious that Jen has a boyfriend in the house and thinks it will cost them both the game. He says that if they do not come to an agreement on voting that they do get a penalty nomination. He basically went on a rant throughout the night, flipping off the cameras and "thanking" BB for matching him with Jen.

Amanda told Parker that the more he acts like an ass, the more likely he will be evicted this week. Ryan told Jen that she needs to win PoV this week or she will be voted out. He thinks that he, Allison, Jen, and Parker will be nominated. (Two couples are nominated, making four people on the block each week.) Jen thinks that James is close to them but isn't sure about Chelsia. Jen appologized to Parker about their misunderstanding. She told him that she is honest when she says that she is here for him and not Ryan. Parker seemed to believe her and appologized as well.

BB has given the HG alcohol, which many of them enjoyed a little too much. As always, the HG enjoyed a night in the hot tub complete with flirting and the like. Allison was really drunk but attempted to discuss Jen and Ryan's situation. She says that she heard them kissing and really wants Jen out of the house as soon as possible. Amanda and Alex talked privately about nominations (which apparently are in a few days), and they seem to want Allison, Ryan, Jen and Parker nominated. Amanda wants Jen and Parker out more. Amanda thinks that Jen should have told everyone about dating Ryan when Sharon told everyone that Jacob was her ex.

Chelsia thinks that Jen will cost him the game. She is angry that BB didn't pair Jen and Ryan together because it basically screws their partners. Jen and Parker are still up whispering in bed. All other HG are asleep. It looks like when nominations occur (probably Friday), that Allison, Ryan, Jen, and Parker will be nominated, with the target being on Jen and Parker. We'll see what happens!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Live Feeds Notice

As usual, I will be posting live feed updates throughout each day. The feeds probably won't be up until around 1:00 AM ET, just after the premiere airs on the west coast. I'll have the first update of BB9 tomorrow morning with perhaps the first evictees!

2/12 Show Recap

What's in store for BB9? Let's find out!

As per the usual, we got to see each of the 16 HouseGuests react to them receiving their key to the BB house. Amanda looked confused when she received her key. @@ The ladies of BB9 got to enter the house first and immediately noticed the huge guinea pig cage at the front of the house. As they were looking around, they noticed that each of the bedrooms were locked. So, they were stuck in the main room of the house.

A few notes on some of the HouseGuests: Jen and Ryan do indeed know each other. They are actually dating! Also, Jacob and Sharon are exes, and Sharon made it pretty obvious that she knew Jacob upon his entrance into the house. Once the guys joined the ladies in the living room, Julie explained this year's big twist to the HouseGuests. This season, each HouseGuest is paired with another who BB considers their soulmate. The couples: Alex and Amanda, Chelsia and James, Matt and Natalie, Jen and Parker (notice that her and Ryan were split), Joshuah and Neil (the sole homosexual couple in the house), Jacob and Sharon (the exes), Allison and Ryan, and Adam and Sheila. Since there are only six double beds in the house, two couples were forced to sleep in double-sized sleeping bags.

Sharon was obviously pissed that she was matched with Jacob. However, Sheila was even more livid when she was paired with Adam. I don't blame her though; Adam was being really creepy around her. He kept calling her Mom, even though he is the oldest guy in the house. @@

Time for the first HoH competition! In another surprise twist, the winner of this competition will get to solely evict another couple within the next few hours! The competition is called "Falling for You." Each couple would hold on to each other while suspended in the air over a bed. It was basically your typical endurance competition. Adam and Sheila dropped out early, with Joshuah and Neil soon to follow. Alex and Amanda were next, followed by Jacob and Sharon. Julie then announces that if the couple can manage to grab a heart pillow off their bed and win the competition, then they will win $10,000. Jen grabbed a pillow, but two couples fell while trying to get one: Allison and Ryan and Chelsia and James. The two remaining couples make a deal to give Jen and Parker the win in exchange for Matt and Natalie's safety. Therefore, Jen and Parker become the first "Power Couple" of BB9.

Who will be evicted? Find out tomorrow!

Early Show Video and New Interview

Julie Chen talks with Allison Grodner

EW's Lynette Rice interviews Allison Grodner,,20177696,00.html,,20177696_2,00.html,,20177696_3,00.html

Only 3.5 hours away!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Before the Premiere...

Just a couple notes before tomorrows premiere!

  • Wednesday, February 13th will be the first eviction show. I am not sure if this will be a regular eviction show or if Big Brother has something in store for us
  • Housecalls is back with host Gretchen Massey! This year she has a co-host. The co-host is lasts year's winner "Evel" Dick Donato.
  • Expect Live Feed Updates about 4-5 times a day starting Wednesday! There will be more when a competition is planned to inform you of the winner etc
  • We will be posting Show Recaps after every show here on the East Coast! Any west coasters who want to know what happens early can come here and read what happens