Friday, February 15, 2008

2/15 Live Feeds: 12:00-7:00 PM

Amanda doesn't think that Matt/Natalie will use the PoV since Jen and Ryan need to be split up this week. She thinks the vote will be 3-1 for Allison/Ryan to leave. It seems that the PoV competition dealt with endurance. Joshuah hosted the affair. It appears that Allison/Ryan didn't do very well in the competition. Joshuah told Matt that he looked hot during the competition. @@ - Don't feed his ego! Ryan told Jen that everything worked in her favor this week. Jen said that it will continue to since her and Parker are such a strong team. @@ - This girl is SO cocky, even when she is nominated!

Matt told Parker about his "fun" last night. Parker was surprised that he was willing to do that on camera. Matt said that he wasn't the one doing it, Natalie was. He is true. Matt doesn't want to use the PoV even though Parker wants him to use it on him. Sheila is surprised that Adam is turning out to be a great person. She still doesn't completely trust him though. She thinks that Matt and Natalie may not agree with each other on whether or not to use the PoV this week. (If for some reason they don't agree, then they will be nominated as well.)

Chelsia/James and Joshuah/Sharon are conspiring to vote Jen/Parker out if the PoV is not used. They plan on getting Adam/Sheila to vote with them. Adam told Parker that he wants to keep him this week but isn't sure how Sheila feels. Meanwhile, Joshuah informed Allison and Sheila about their plan to vote Jen/Parker out. Sheila seemed on board with it. Allison was pumped but doesn't plan on telling Ryan because he would tell Jen.

That's pretty much it for this afternoon! I'm loving the recent scheming. Matt/Natalie don't seem to want to use the PoV this week, which may cause Jen/Parker to be evicted due to Joshuah's plan. We still have five days before the next eviction though! More tomorrow!

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