Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2/13 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Jen was excited to ensure that Ryan would be safe this week. Parker says that Adam and Sheila would be the easy target since they are at each other's throats. Sharon feels safe with Jen and Parker being the power couple. Adam made an offensive comment towards people with disabilities which set Sheila off yet again. Adam didn't see anything wrong with his comment though, since he works with them every day. @@ - I'm so over this guy. Allison asked Ryan if she was his "type," and Ryan agreed. Allison thinks that they may have the potential to be more than friends. Jen found it hard distancing herself from her boyfriend Ryan. They kissed quickyly when nobody was looking.

Alex was thrilled about being paired with Amanda. He would love to find love in the house perhaps with Amanda. She feels the same way about him. Jacob told Ryan that the only other male he trusts is Alex. He said that he cannot trust Parker at all, and Ryan agreed. Jacob told Jen that he could not stand her partner Parker. @@ - Idiot! They are the power couple! Do you want to be evicted? Jen obviously broke the news to Parker as well as Joshuah. Parker called Jacob out on his comment. He called a house meeting to see what the rest of the house thought of him. Nobody seemed to believe Jacob since he refused to say who he overheard calling Parker a "snake." Adam was thrilled that Jacob was becoming the new target. Sharon was upset at her partner. Jen and Parker agreed that Jacob and Sharon need to be evicted now. Jacob doesn't think that they will evict him and Sharon.

Sharon told Parker that Ryan made the snake comment about Parker. He didn't seem surprised and now wanted Ryan out. He told Jen about Ryan, so Jen told Parker that she and Ryan have been dating for almost a year. Parker was glad she told him and agreed to stay off Ryan's back. Jen says that she has no problem with nominating Ryan in the future but not this week. Ryan could not believe that Jen broke the news so quickly. Therefore, Ryan informed Allison of the news as well. She was shocked and thought he was lying. She became bummed since he was now taken. She thinks that Ryan would be better off with her since Jen is so jealous. Allison and Jen do not trust each other and neither do Parker and Ryan.

Another thing Sheila can't stand about Adam is his snoring. Jen hates how negative Sheila is. She wants her out unless she can be more positive. Jen and Parker became nervous about the impending eviction. Jen started crying during the eviction ceremony. Ultimately, they decided to evict Jacob and Sharon. Jen felt really bad since Sharon had such a jerk of a partner. Adam and Sheila agree that they got lucky this week.

Time for the first HoH competition! The backyard has been turned into a dock! Jen and Parker are allowed to play in this competition. Eric and Jessica are back to host this competition! The competition was very similar to the "Newlywed Game." The couples would each be asked questions individually. The couple who could match the most questions with their partner's answers would become the new HoH! With 9 hearts, Alex and Amanda are the first HoH! Parker thinks that Alex is his biggest competition. Allison is nervous about her safety this week. She isn't sure if she wants to keep Jen and Ryan's secret from the other HG.

Who will be nominated? Find out Sunday!

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Anonymous said...

To bad for Sharron. She seemed to be so nice. That jerk Jacob...What an a**! I'm glad he's gone...