Friday, February 15, 2008

2/14-15 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-8:00 AM

Parker assured Alex that he does not know anyone in the house. Alex is fine with him liking Amanda because he doesn't click well with her. Alex and Amanda fought yet again because Alex thinks she dresses two skimpy. Parker leaves saying that the two of them need to sort out their differences. Amanda says she would rather have Joshuah/Sharon and Matt/Natalie in the final three than Jen/Parker. She wants Allison/Ryan gone this week, and Alex says that he will make sure that happens then. Amanda says that she doesn't like Alex as much as Matt and Parker because they ask her about her life, and Alex doesn't talk to her about anything. Alex says that he will try to talk to her more often.

The PoV instructions were read, and this year only four couples will play for PoV: HoH, nominees, and another couple chosen at random. Chelsia and James were accused of being siblings. Matt started this rumor, so of course, another little fight developed. Matt apologized, saying that Chelsia/James click so well that they seem like brother and sister. He does think more people in the house know each other though. Chelsia was really upset about the whole ordeal.

Alex agrees that he will use the PoV on Jen/Parker if he wins it. Matt says that he won't use it if he can play for it and win it. Matt says that Allison/Ryan plan on nominating either Chelsia/James or Alex/Amanda if they win HoH next week. Alex thinks Allison is cocky for thinking about next week's HoH when they are likely to be evicted this week. According to Amanda, Alex/Amanda, Joshuah/Sharon, and Matt/Natalie are aligned, with Jen/Parker as a fourth potential ally.

Love is in the air! Alex and Amanda finally made up, and they spent most of the night cuddling and kissing. Matt and Natalie gave each other massages. Joshuah and Sharon talked think that Jen/Parker should go instead of Allison/Ryan this week. They also want Alex/Amanda and Matt/Natalie out soon. (So much for their alliance!) James doesn't like Matt after today since he started all that drama with him and Chelsia. After massaging, Matt and Natalie headed off to bed where they also cuddled and kissed for a while. Matt said that he is only kissing her since it's Valentine's Day.

Or was it only kissing? It appeared that Natalie gave Matt a blow job because the two moaned for an intense while and afterwards, Matt asked Natalie if "it" was good. She then went back down for round two, and all we could hear were loud slurping noises! It was intense, people. Matt "released," and Natalie said that BB needed to wash the sheets. Oh dear. The two finally snuggled up and kissed before being the last ones in bed at around 1:30 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.


Anonymous said...

This season is turning into a late night Cinemax show. I don't know which is worse having sex in the bathroom or giving a total stranger a blow job-AND DOING IT ON CAMERA!! At least Ryan and Jen know each other.

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow! BJ's How many days have they known eachother? She's just a little slutty.

Anonymous said...

This season so far is such a turn off. With all the sex in the bathroom garbage and all the other stuff - its just disgusting...have a little dignity people!!

Anonymous said...

These people are taking their "soulmate" titles a little too far I think. I mean, at the end of this whole ordeal you're still only gonna know that person for 3 months. 3 months! And they're already starting to do "stuff" after like a week.

Anonymous said...

Did they show the BJ on BBAD? Gotta go to the DVR.

Alexssandro said...

Big brodher underground!!!!!!