Friday, February 15, 2008

2/15 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM

BB woke the HG at around 8:50 with a HoH bedroom lockdown. They were notified that the PoV competition would begin this morning and that it was a little chilly outside, so dress warm. The HG were worried that they would be freezing for the competition. Sheila commented that the sheets needed to be washed soon, and Natalie agreed. (Nobody knows about Matt/Natalie's night last night though.)

Matt doesn't think that Allison/Ryan will be evicted even if Jen/Parker win PoV. Parker says that he already has the votes to get them out of the house this week. Parker is nervous about who the fourth couple will be for the PoV competition. Several of the HG "jedi drilled" each other about recent events in the house in case the competition entails that. Everyone seems to think that the competition will be like a trivial HoH one.

The feeds were blocked for a bit while the HG picked the fourth couple to play PoV. According to Amanda, Matt/Natalie are the final PoV players. She was thrilled. Matt is nervous about winning PoV and not wanting to take Jen/Parker off. Alex says that they have the votes so it doesn't matter. Amanda freaked when Natalie put a metal spoon in the microwave. She claimed she didn't know you couldn't do that. @@ - Oh Jesus. The feeds have been blocked since around 11:20 AM for the PoV competition. I'll let you know who won when they return!

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Genevere said...

I rolled my I eyes at the same time as you!!