Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2/13 Live Feeds: 3:00-7:00 PM

Amanda reassured Jen and Parker that Allison and Ryan would be evicted if the vote was tied. She also says that Adam and Sheila would be the replacement. Jen wants Joshuah and Neil nominated instead. Matt doesn't think that they can trust Adam and Sheila. (Apparently, the teams of Alex and Amanda, Jen and Parker, and Matt and Natalie are aligned.)

Matt told Jen to act like she is nervous this week and he will make sure she has the votes to stay. Jen is mad because Ryan is only on the show because of her. Matt thinks that Amanda is running her and Alex's partnership. Parker thinks that he and Jen will be evicted if they do not win PoV. He says that Allison has already started to campaign against him and has really been working on Natalie.

The HG have been eating quite a bit this evening because the food competition will be later tonight. They are currently playing charades and having a good time. As of now, it looks like Alex and Amanda want Allison and Ryan out this week, but nothing is set in stone until after the PoV competition!


XXIX said...

I'm so excited that I get to watch the live feeds on CBS Mobile! I was going to get the live feeds, but now I can just watch it wherever I am! Awesome! Thank you Verizon, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Why is Sharon back in the house? Who left?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Neil?