Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2/12 Show Recap

What's in store for BB9? Let's find out!

As per the usual, we got to see each of the 16 HouseGuests react to them receiving their key to the BB house. Amanda looked confused when she received her key. @@ The ladies of BB9 got to enter the house first and immediately noticed the huge guinea pig cage at the front of the house. As they were looking around, they noticed that each of the bedrooms were locked. So, they were stuck in the main room of the house.

A few notes on some of the HouseGuests: Jen and Ryan do indeed know each other. They are actually dating! Also, Jacob and Sharon are exes, and Sharon made it pretty obvious that she knew Jacob upon his entrance into the house. Once the guys joined the ladies in the living room, Julie explained this year's big twist to the HouseGuests. This season, each HouseGuest is paired with another who BB considers their soulmate. The couples: Alex and Amanda, Chelsia and James, Matt and Natalie, Jen and Parker (notice that her and Ryan were split), Joshuah and Neil (the sole homosexual couple in the house), Jacob and Sharon (the exes), Allison and Ryan, and Adam and Sheila. Since there are only six double beds in the house, two couples were forced to sleep in double-sized sleeping bags.

Sharon was obviously pissed that she was matched with Jacob. However, Sheila was even more livid when she was paired with Adam. I don't blame her though; Adam was being really creepy around her. He kept calling her Mom, even though he is the oldest guy in the house. @@

Time for the first HoH competition! In another surprise twist, the winner of this competition will get to solely evict another couple within the next few hours! The competition is called "Falling for You." Each couple would hold on to each other while suspended in the air over a bed. It was basically your typical endurance competition. Adam and Sheila dropped out early, with Joshuah and Neil soon to follow. Alex and Amanda were next, followed by Jacob and Sharon. Julie then announces that if the couple can manage to grab a heart pillow off their bed and win the competition, then they will win $10,000. Jen grabbed a pillow, but two couples fell while trying to get one: Allison and Ryan and Chelsia and James. The two remaining couples make a deal to give Jen and Parker the win in exchange for Matt and Natalie's safety. Therefore, Jen and Parker become the first "Power Couple" of BB9.

Who will be evicted? Find out tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

awesome to see you're back on!!
love your updates!!

I wonder how the couple Jen & Ryan will do on seperate teams? How awful for him to see her hugging up with another guy! I can't believe they are not soulmates!

And the broken up couple are soulmates? WTF?

And get rid of "Ma" - she's seems like a superficial wench! "Oh I have a type, tall dark & handsome!" Wah Wah, wait is that Wamber?!?!

Anonymous said...

And I feel really bad for the guy she was paired with. He will probably get evicted right away because of her... that sucks...

Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed in this season's houseguests and the fact that Big Brother is airing opposite
American Idol. CBS has made a huge mistake.
From the little I saw they are all boring! Where is this season's Dick Donato? I was hoping, (with bated breath!)that somehow..someway
my one true love would be back this season. Please CBS! Dick could be co-hosting with Julie.
Without Dick Donato and his antics I really can't see myself devoting 3 hours a week to this show. Let alone spend hours searching the internet for tidbits and posting countless messages on about 5 different sites. Come on all you Dick Donato fans from last year...let's unite our voices and send e-mails to CBS pleading for the return of Dick!

Anonymous said...

Dick was digusting, demeaning, and nasty.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Will was my fav. Mmm

Anonymous said...

the 45 yr old lady was so ridiculous and immature. she could have simply said "let's be friends and kick ass." the guy she's paired up with was a jerk, but who wouldn't be? she was so insulting and crying. poor ugly guy.