Wednesday, February 13, 2008

2/12-13 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-3:00 AM

BB has returned! Before I get into my first update of the new season, I have just a few items of note. Jacob and Sharon were the first couple evicted of BB9, and Alex and Amanda won the next HoH competition. They have yet to do nominations for this week.

Parker knows that Jen and Ryan are dating. Jen tried to convince him that the game is more important to her than Ryan at the moment. Jen says that she won't nominate him but will vote against him if she has to. Parker is furious that Jen has a boyfriend in the house and thinks it will cost them both the game. He says that if they do not come to an agreement on voting that they do get a penalty nomination. He basically went on a rant throughout the night, flipping off the cameras and "thanking" BB for matching him with Jen.

Amanda told Parker that the more he acts like an ass, the more likely he will be evicted this week. Ryan told Jen that she needs to win PoV this week or she will be voted out. He thinks that he, Allison, Jen, and Parker will be nominated. (Two couples are nominated, making four people on the block each week.) Jen thinks that James is close to them but isn't sure about Chelsia. Jen appologized to Parker about their misunderstanding. She told him that she is honest when she says that she is here for him and not Ryan. Parker seemed to believe her and appologized as well.

BB has given the HG alcohol, which many of them enjoyed a little too much. As always, the HG enjoyed a night in the hot tub complete with flirting and the like. Allison was really drunk but attempted to discuss Jen and Ryan's situation. She says that she heard them kissing and really wants Jen out of the house as soon as possible. Amanda and Alex talked privately about nominations (which apparently are in a few days), and they seem to want Allison, Ryan, Jen and Parker nominated. Amanda wants Jen and Parker out more. Amanda thinks that Jen should have told everyone about dating Ryan when Sharon told everyone that Jacob was her ex.

Chelsia thinks that Jen will cost him the game. She is angry that BB didn't pair Jen and Ryan together because it basically screws their partners. Jen and Parker are still up whispering in bed. All other HG are asleep. It looks like when nominations occur (probably Friday), that Allison, Ryan, Jen, and Parker will be nominated, with the target being on Jen and Parker. We'll see what happens!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the updates as always. I'm afraid this season is shaping up to be a stupid one!

Anonymous said...

Love your updates!! No more word about the spaz cougar and her very UN-PERFECT match???

Anonymous said...

Where's the variety of people? They are all superficial and Adam (?) just one thing on his mind.
And if this is going to be one huge sex orgy, well, then forget about it! I'll watch American Idol, Survivor and reruns on cable!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again for the updates!! This season is going to suck. I cant believe BB didnt put Ryan & Jen together.

Anonymous said...

I meant ALEX, not Adam!