Saturday, February 16, 2008

2/16 Live Feeds: 6:00 AM-6:00 PM

Sorry for my lack of updates today. It's just that nothing is going on in the house. BB let the HG sleep in and lounge around pretty much all day today; therefore, they haven't talked a whole lot of strategy. Sheila was the first one up today around 9:15 AM. She was the only one up for well over two hours and spent most of the morning sunbathing. Alex and Matt finally rolled out of bed after 11:30 AM, shortly before a BB wake-up call. Alex trashed Amanda yet again, complaining about her acting like a whore. On the flip side, Amanda complained once more about Alex "touching" her last night. These two are perfect for each other - they fight just as much as regular couples do!

Parker thinks that BB is racist because he hasn't received requested items while other HG have. @@ - So calling them racist will get your way. The other HG scolded him, saying not to play the race card. Parker continued to gripe. Natalie complained about Matt ignoring her lately. Amanda thinks that Matt is ignoring her because he thinks that Natalie wants to date him after the show. Natalie insists that is false. Amanda continued to go on about Alex's touching last night. She was at the point where she was saying that he nearly raped her, which is completely out of context. The other HG are beginning to ignore her now.

Sharon told Natalie that they need to evict Jen/Parker since Amanda/Alex are bickering over Amanda's feelings towards Parker. Natalie says that she will not be using the PoV because of the situation. Amanda and now Natalie continued to complain about their partners. Sorry guys, but this was the main news for today! Surprisingly, Sheila seems to be most content with her partner, which was the direct opposite only a week ago. Hopefully things will pick up tonight. More later!


Anonymous said...

aww i was hoping it would be an exciting day. ahh well:/ thanks for keeping us updated!:]

BBIX said...

No problemo