Tuesday, September 16, 2008

9/16 Show Recap

Who will win BB10? Let's find out!

Let's check in on the jury! The HG were not thrilled to see Jerry become the seventh juror. Jerry thinks that Dan and Memphis aligned early and played everyone. Keesha then got mad at Jerry for not nominating Memphis alongside Dan the week Renny was evicted. Keesha and Renny like Dan much more than Memphis. Michelle and Ollie hate the way that Dan lied to them though.

Libra then pointed out that both Dan and Memphis betrayed the same people since they were aligned, so the jury needs to look at the gameplay of each finalist. Michelle then revealed to Jerry that she went on the trip with Dan just because Dan wanted her vote. Jerry thinks that Memphis used Dan to make him look like he didn't betray anyone. Renny doesn't think that Memphis deserves to win since he didn't win any HoH competitions.

As for the jury questioning:

Libra: What is your most strategic move and why?
Dan: Backdooring Michelle because I had to get someone that would have beat me in the finals.

April: Why should I vote for you to win?
Memphis: I have been a "straight-shooter."

Michelle: Why did you choose me to go on the trip? Was backdooring me your idea?
Dan: I took you on the trip to make amends with you. The plan was mine, but I made sure that Keesha, Memphis, and Renny would have voted you out had I nominated you.

Michelle: Why should I vote for you when you threw HoH competitions?
Memphis: Winning HoH wasn't the best plan for me. I turned against you because you were a big threat to me.

Ollie: Why did you put your girlfriend's name into your word?
Dan: I needed to do something for you to drop, so I hoped that by putting a loved one's name in the word, you would drop.

Renny: Name one thing you did for me in the game.
Memphis: I gave you myself and did not lie to you.

Keesha: Why did you evict me over Jerry?
Memphis: Evicting you was the hardest move for me to make, and I had to do it because you were a bigger threat than Jerry. I hate that I might have lost a friendship by evicting you though.

Jerry: Do you respect the jury?
Dan: I was only cocky after a competition win after my first HoH win, but after that, I was kind to everyone else following my wins.

Jerry: Who would you have taken to the finals had you won the final HoH competition?
Memphis: I would have made that decision when it came to that point, but I didn't make any decisions until the time came for those decisions to be made.
Dan: Maybe Memphis didn't want to win the final HoH competition.

Closing statements:
Memphis: I only threw two competitions and never lied to anyone. If you want to vote for me, then do. If not, then vote for Dan.
Dan: I aligned with Memphis, but to ensure that he would take me to the finals, I angered some of the jurors, especially Michelle and Ollie, so that Memphis would still take me to the finals.

Votes: Libra - Dan, April - Dan, Michelle - Dan, Ollie - Dan, Renny - Dan, Keesha - Dan, and Jerry - Dan. By a unanimous vote, Dan has won BB10!

As for America's Vote, America chose Keesha to win the $25,000!

Thanks for another great season!

9/15-16 Live Feeds: 7:00 PM-6:00 PM

Dan is seen here in the bathroom before going to bed last night.

Dan and Memphis competed in the "Olympics" - a series of games given to them by BB. Memphis won cards, Dan won chess, Memphis won boccie ball, Memphis won poker, and Dan won card toss. Since Memphis beat Dan in 3 out of 5 events, he won the Olympics.

Memphis thinks that Dan will win the game. Dan thinks that Jerry will win the America's Vote jury prize. The final two went to bed at around 1:25 AM. BB woke the HG at around 10:00 AM this morning and then blocked the feeds for the remainder of the day. That's all folks!

Monday, September 15, 2008

9/14-15 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-7:00 PM

Dan and Memphis are seen here eating some of the Japanese food that BB gave them for dinner tonight.

Dan and Memphis think that April was stupid to give away part of her $10,000 to other HG just because they were in her alliance. The HG played more games, including beer pong, and fed moths to Ted the spider. Dan and Memphis went to bed at around 12:40 AM last night.

Memphis was the first one up this morning at around 11:20 AM. BB had to wake Dan up at around 12:00 PM. Memphis is looking forward to seeing the first four evicted HG at the finale but not the jury. BB gave the HG a Japanese feast for dinner.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

9/13-14 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-5:00 PM

The HG are seen here playing cards this afternoon on the dining table.

How interesting the feeds are in the final days! There really has been nothing to update on because there is obviously no strategizing going on. Dan and Memphis talked about various topics and played games before going to bed just after 2:00 AM. Memphis woke up this morning at 12:00 PM. He made breakfast for himself and layed around until Dan woke up nearly three hours later. Again, nothing has happened today.

Note: As for tonight's show, I will not be posting a recap of it since it won't include any new game information, just never-before-seen footage as well as the season's most outrageous moments. Due to football, the show will not be starting until around 8:45 PM on the east coast.