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8/11 Live Feeds: 11:00 AM-7:00 PM

Like I said, Dick has won the PoV! How will the HG react to this? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

Dick mocked Jameka by faking like he was praying. He spent much of his time before the PoV competition taunting her since he knew she would be his toughest competition. Dustin talked about how embarrassed Dick's mother must be. He also made fun of Dick for being a bartender at age 44. Jameka says that Dick is easy to ignore. Jessica thinks he will move on to her soon because the people he is taunting now aren't fighting back. Jen points out that Daniele and Dick are becoming closer by being alone in the house. Jen told the LNCNH that Dick threatened her life when he attacked her two weeks ago. Eric says he did the same to Amber. He agrees that they will need bodyguards in the jury house. Dick stole Dustin's tattoo sleeves. Daniele told him that he should steal all of Dustin's stuff before he gets evicted so he could wear them in the jury house.

The feeds were blocked for a four hour period between 1:20 and 5:20 PM. Daniele was seen talking with the LNCNH about how alone she feels in the house and the like. (I assume she was trying to save her ass here since Dick won PoV.) They discussed Dick's attacks on everyone. Daniele says that she feels bad because she's his daughter, but she can't do anything about it. Amber assumed that Dick would use the PoV on Daniele. Daniele talked about how it sucks that one of them will go home this week.

The PoV competition involved drinking a variety of substances: tea, hamburger water, steak, bacon and eggs, in addition to others. After drinking, the HG would then have to play croquet. It sounded similar to the BB6 Snack Shack from Hell PoV competition. Dick told Daniele that he would use the PoV on her. Daniele then cried about how it sucks that he will be going this week. She talks about how everyone hates her and will torment her without him around. Dick said that he would stop tormenting all the HG since he accomplished his goal this week (ensuring Daniele's safety). Dick then went off on Dustin again.

Daniele told Jameka that people say very bad things about her (Daniele) and Dick when they aren't around. (During this, Eric goes on about how Daniele will be pregnant with Dick's baby this fall. @@) Jameka told Daniele that she lost her trust with other HG by spending most of her time with Nick. Daniele claimed that Nick was one of the best friends she's had in a long time. Daniele then cried because after this week, she will have nobody to talk to. Jameka comforts her and says that she will never tell anyone about what her and Daniele talk about. Jameka returns to the LNCNH, and Dustin asked if she had a good conversation with Daniele before bashing her again. @@ He said that she brought all her loneliness on herself by spending time with Nick and that he doesn't feel sorry for her.

Eric tried to convince Jessica again about throwing Dick a pity vote, because he knows that America will vote to keep Dick. Jessica doesn't think it's a good idea. Jessica wondered if Amber could win HoH. Eric hopes she won't because she would constantly brag about it. (I agree!) Eric claims that BB is trying to recreate Janelle with Daniele, so he'd rather have Janelle in the house. Dustin thinks that Zach threw the PoV competition because he is good at both croquet and drinking.

That does it for the afternoon! It is official that Dick has won the PoV, but he is planning on saving Daniele, so he would be evicted this week. Dustin looks to be the replacement nominee at this point. We'll see what happens!

Veto Winner

After 4 hours of feed block, the feeds are back on and the winner of the Power of Veto is Dick.

More updates later!

Dick's Latest Rants

Here's some videos of Dick's latest rants!

8/11 Live Feeds: 8:00-11:00 AM

In the last post, I left off with everyone sound asleep but....DICK! Oh, if you thought Dick couldn't get any worse for these HG, he did by a landslide! Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Dick attacked Dustin at around 9:00 AM, waking him up by banging pots and pans. He said that he wasn't going to let people forget about the trip and money he took two weeks ago. He refused to let Dustin sleep any longer to screw him up for the PoV competition. (Dick's plan is to rattle everyone except Daniele so she can win the PoV.) Dustin refused to say anything back to him. Dick continued to annoy Dustin until he woke up. Dick tells Dustin that he will do this every morning to him until one of them leaves the house. Dick called Dustin out on his gonorrhea and said that he probably was lying about that too. Dustin finally wakes up, and Dick moves on to Amber. He called her out on being on drugs and working at Caesar's Palace. He was mainly just intimidating her, and Amber also refused to respond to him. Dick also made fun of Amber's ridiculous sayings, like "That's that" and the like. Following this, he went to the camera and screamed, "God that felt good," much like Amber did following her confrontation with Eric. Dick reminded everyone that he would never stop until they get him out of the house this week.

Dick apologized to Zach for waking him up, but Zach said that he was already awake. Eric and Jen told Jessica about Dick's latest rant. They also trashed Daniele for not saying anything and laughing occasionally at them. Dick then yelled a prayer at Jameka, taking a stab at her as well. Dick continued to trash Amber, and Dustin, and Jameka until they ran to the HoH bedroom. Dick says that he's glad they are up there so Daniele and Zach can talk in peace. Dick says that he will torment them again if they try to come downstairs before the PoV competition.

Eric told Amber that she handled herself well with Dick. Amber said that her nerves cannot take too much more of Dick. He thinks that Daniele helped Dick think of ways to trash the LNCNH last night. Dick received a warning because he made sexually explicit comments. Daniele called him an idiot. Dick said that he knew. He then apologized to Jen for waking her up today. Jameka prayed once again for strength today. The PoV players were just picked, and it's Daniele, Dick, Dustin, Jameka, Jessica, and Zach. Dick is elated with the PoV players because he tormented the hell out of Dustin and Jameka this morning.

That does it for the morning! The feeds should be blocked in about 30 minutes for the PoV competition. I'll have the scoop when they return! Any thoughts regarding Dick's latest spiel?

8/10-11 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

With almost the whole house against Dick and Daniele, what will happen in the Big Brother House?

Dick keeps yelling at Jameka about how God is going to save her and how he is going to get the magical ping pong ball tomorrow for PoV. He tells her she is a disgrace to the Christian Faith Etc. She continues to practice croquet as he heckles her. Soon many houseguests are outside practicing because they believe PoV could involve it.

Once everyone goes back inside, Dick and Daniele continue bashing the other houseguests excluding Zach and Jen. They talk about how Eric is ugly and a little man. Jameka is a disgrace to Christians -Etc. This continues all night of course- here and there. Later in the night Dick finds one of Dustin's shirts and throws it on the roof.

Amber and Jessica talk. Amber says she will not be played by a gay guy. Amber thinks Dustin and Eric have a secret alliance to the end. Jessica then changes the subject to who should be evicted. She wants Daniele evicted because she is more of a competitive threat and could go far in this game. She believe if Daniele leaves Dick will have nothing. Amber tells her Dustin thinks Dick needs to go- the house can't take anymore of it.

The basic chit-chat continues all night between Eric and Jessica, and Jessica and Eric. Eric talks about panties and other nonsense. Once Eric leaves Jameka and Jessica talk about Daniele and how she needs to keep Dick's mouth shut. They also think Daniele's nominations were based on weakness. They keep chatting until FINALLY they go to bed.

Thats about it. All houseguests were asleep until.......

Find out in the morning update coming VERY soon!

8/10 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

With Daniele and Dick as the new nominees, how will the HG scheme this week? Will Jen and Zach stay with the Donatos or will they move to the LNCNH? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

The LNCNH still agree that Dick is their target this week. Jameka thinks that the PoV competition will be endurance because BB wants it to make for good TV. Eric thinks that BB wants Daniele to win the competition. Dustin, Eric, and Jessica all agree that Dustin should be the reaplcement nominee if PoV is used. Dustin says that they don't need to make an enemy out of Jen or Zach this week since Dick is going anyway. Dustin is sure the vote will be 5-1 for Dick to be evicted if Daniele comes off. Jessica thinks that Daniele is mad at her for being nominated. She wants to tell her that she is not the target this week.

Dick wants Daniele to win the PoV tomorrow. He will do everything he can to make sure she wins the competition and not him. Dick thinks the competition will have to do with the croquet set BB gave them last week. Dick says that if the LNCNH tries to hide the set, he will throw all the food away. Dick says that Jen will be nominated if PoV is used because Jessica thinks that Zach will protect her in the game. Daniele thinks that the LNCNH will try to backdoor her next week if they win HoH. Daniele is mad that they haven't had a luxury competition or America's Choice yet. Dick tells Daniele to not trust anyone after he is evicted. He says to only trust Zach a little because he is playing for himself in the game. Zach wants Dustin out more than Eric. Dick told him that Eric is the most dangerous one in the house. He told him to watch out for Daniele after he is gone this week. Dick says that he feels bad about giving Jen the slop pass instead of Daniele.

Amber told Jameka that Dick wants Daniele to stay this week. Jameka suggested that they target Daniele this week because she's the smarter one out of the two. They also agree that Dick would have nobody if Daniele left the house. Amber says that by evicting Daniele, her relationship with Jen would also be broken. Jameka then goes on to say that Dick would nominate her and Amber, so it probably isn't best for him to stay this week. They agree that the best thing is for the nominations to stay the same, so they have time to decide who is better to be evicted between the two. The LNCNH seems to be split on who they want out this week. Amber and Dustin want Dick out, while Jameka and Jessica want Daniele out. Eric is pretty much on the fence. Zach told Amber that he has been waiting for the opportunity to oust Dick.

Dustin told Daniele that people perceive her and Dick as one person instead of two. Daniele says that only Eric thinks that, and she thinks that him and Amber are the same person too. Dustin told her that she put herself in the position that she's in. Daniele said that she knows because she trusted people who lied to her but understands that it's a game, so she doesn't care about it. She goes on about how sick she is of people blaming her for Dick's actions. She hates how Dustin talks about her behind her back constantly. She doesn't care that people don't like her hanging around Dick, but he's her father, and he will probably leave this week. Dustin apologizes for being mean to her for the past two weeks. Dustin then went and told the LNCNH about his talk with Daniele.

Daniele asked Zach if he thinks they could get Jen out this week instead of Dick. Daniele wants Zach to stay in the little room with the LNCNH so he could keep them from talking this week. Zach says that the LNCNH will talk, even if he is sitting next to them. Zach told Dick that he doesn't want him telling people what he (Zach) tells him because it hurts him in the game. Zach told Dick that Jameka was the leader of the LNCNH. Dick said that he would pick on her from now on then. Zach said that he doesn't want to use PoV if he wins it, so he agrees to throw the competition if he gets picked to play. Daniele plans on picking him if she can. Daniele and Dick then practiced croquet in anticipation for the PoV competition tomorrow.

That does it for the night! Nothing really has changed regarding the game. I think Daniele has a good shot at winning the PoV competition tomorrow though, especially if it deals with croquet. We'll see soon enough!

Friday, August 10, 2007

8/10 Live Feeds: Nominations

The feeds were blocked for a little over an hour before just recently returning. Daniele and Dick have been nominated for eviction this week.

8/10 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

With nominations only a few hours away, how will the HG sway Jessica's decision? Or will they even bother? The feeds were boring for the most part this afternoon, and here are the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

It looks like Daniele, Dick, Dustin, and Zach are on slop this week. Jen was awarded a slop pass for the week as well. Apparently, Dick was originally awarded it, but he decided to give it to Jen. It seems that Jameka praised God following the competition for not putting her on slop this week. Dick threatened to pour honey on her Bible. Daniele says that if he does, she will know he did it. Daniele isn't sure that she can trust Jen anymore because Dick walked in on Amber and Jen talking strategy. Daniele says that Zach is the only person she can trust in the house other than Dick. Daniele says that the LNCNH will try to throw her off her game by telling her that she is the target this week.

Amber told Jameka that she wished she hadn't told Dustin that she would take him to the final two because she knows that she can't beat him in the finals. (I don't think she can beat anyone in the finals!) Amber says that Dustin won't care since he won those prizes. Amber goes on about God telling her that she will win the next HoH. Jameka thinks it's amazing that Amber can tell the future. @@ - And she was serious! Give me a break. Eric told the LNCNH that Dick sneezed into one of the bathroom towels, but he made a point to say that he wasn't making accusations. He went on for about five minutes about it. @@ Jameka ran to tell Jessica about it shortly after.

Jessica is planning a ladies slumber party tonight. She hopes that Daniele will come too because she just wants to have fun with the girls in the house. Eric and Dustin were jealous. Amber did a Jameka and praised God for about ten minutes, thanking him for doing well in the food competition and the like. She told Jessica that Dick won't harass her like he has everyone else in the house this week.

Eric and Zach talked about Dustin saying that he (Dustin) is the weakest link of the LNCNH. They would love to see him on the block next to Dick this week to see Dustin panic. Eric tried to convince Jessica to nominate Dustin as a replacement nominee. Jessica liked the idea of Dustin not feeling like he's safe this week even though he would be. She said she would think about it. (Dustin could be evicted if he is nominated this week if America tells Eric to evict Dustin. Wouldn't that be a lovely surprise for the LNCNH?)

That was pretty much it for the afternoon! The feeds have been blocked since 4:50 PM for the nominations ceremony and have just returned. Expect Daniele and Dick to be nominated, but I'll have the scoop when I know for sure!

8/10 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Talk about a boring morning! The feeds were blocked for much of the morning due to the food competition, and they were all but exciting when they were on. Here's the little bit of news from inside the BB house!

Dick was the first one up today at 9:50 AM. A few other HG arose before the 10:10 AM BB wake-up call. Daniele told Amber and Jameka that she would like to talk to them later today.

That's about it for the feeds! They have just returned after being blocked for almost two hours for the food competition. It seems like the competition involved smashing things. I'll have more regarding that in my next update. As for nominations, expect them later tonight as well!

8/9-10 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

Unfortunately, the drama in the house couldn't continue after the evening hours! Who else did Dick go off on before he checked out for the night? Here's the late-night info from inside the BB house!

The LNCNH claimed Dick took things to an extremely personal level tonight. @@ - I love how fake these people are. Amber and Jameka were saying the exact same things with reference to his family as well, yet they think they are SAINTS. Give me a break! They spent much of the night trashing Daniele and Dick. Amber wants to win the PoV to ensure that either Daniele or Dick will go this week. Dustin volunteered to be a pawn if PoV is used. Amber and Dustin want to work Dick up following his eviction so he can be upset for his interview with Julie. The group agrees to work as a team so either all or none of them are on slop this week. I couldn't take too much more of these clowns.

Daniele told Jen that she would work with her until the end, much like what Dick told her last week. Jen told her that the DR kept trying to convince her to keep Eric this week. (See, this is where I don't like AP. This isn't the first time I've heard this, and it's just dumb! Why does CBS need to convince the HG to keep Eric in? I don't see why being AP gets him credit with the production staff.) Daniele told Jen that Zach is on their side, even though he is hanging out with the LNCNH. They say that the LNCNH is sucking up to Zach because they know Daniele, Dick, and Jen will not vote for any of them to win in the finals. Jen thinks that she will be the replacement nominee if PoV is used. Dick says that he will go out with a bang this week. Daniele said that the DR told her to expect another twist during week 7. (Daniele, you are NOT allowed to talk about your DR sessions with other HG! But we are glad you did.)

Daniele, Dick, and Zach want to bring Jessica to their side, but they think that's impossible because of close she is to Eric. Zach thinks he might be able to do it, but Daniele and Dick tell him that Jessica hates Zach and won't listen to him. Zach says that they have to do something if they can't win HoH each week. They agree that Jen is hiding something from them because they don't understand why she's there if she doesn't need the money. Daniele says that she still hates Jen but not as much as before. Zach is sick of Dustin and agrees that they should have kept him instead of Joe. (You and I both Zach!) He goes on about how stupid the LNCNH is. @@ - This is coming from the man who was SURE there were 30 days in July. Dick tells Daniele and Zach to vote him out this week.

Dustin told Zach that the LNCNH will evict him, Daniele, Dick, and Jen one by one until they are all evicted. He goes on to say that the house will cheer when Dick is evicted this week. Zach says that Dick is screwing Daniele's game up. Dustin agrees. Way to go America! Dustin was voted to be nominated this week! Eric tried to convince Jessica to nominate him, but Jessica assumed he was kidding, so they just laughed about it. Eric gave up after that. What a crappy AP! Eric suggested giving Dick a sympathy vote, but Jessica doesn't think that would be a good idea. (I think Eric is thinking that America will vote to keep Dick, so he's getting this out now.)

Dick told Daniele that he hopes he doesn't see her in the jury house, but if he does, they will get to vote together for the winner. Daniele says that being in the house was different than what she was expecting. Dick says that when he knew he was going to be in the house with her, his priorities changed completely. His goal was to repair his relationship with her, not to win the money. He feels like he has accomplished that goal. (Me too. Daniele is happy with him now, more so than any other HG.) Daniele thinks the extra votes were from Amber and Dustin now. She says that she doesn't care about it now though.

Daniele and Dick were the last ones in bed at around 5:20 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this. Oh, how I am so over the LNCNH. Anyone else with me? Get ready for a power trip times five with that group this week! @@ Expect a wake-up call within the next few hours for the food competition!

8/9 Live Feeds: 5:00-11:00 PM

With Jessica as the new HoH, how will the house change? The evening was filled with excitement and drama, and I have the scoop! Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Dick called Dustin out on lying to him about voting Eric out. Dustin told Dick that he finally got what he wanted with Kail out. Dick asked Dustin why he lied, and Dustin said it was to throw Dick off for the HoH competition. Dick said that everyone already knew about it, so it didn't matter. Dick then went off on Amber, calling her a liar as well. He says that he cannot wait until Eric lies to her again. Eric then chimed in, and him and Dick went around in circles once again. Eric says that everyone in the house must be a liar except for Dick.

Daniele hates that Kail went home this week and that her goodbye message to her wasn't any better. Daniele says that Kail is lucky because she gets to go home now. Daniele goes on about how she is done with the game, hates everyone in the house, and wishes that she could go home this week. She's mad that Zach is sucking up to the LNCNH now. Dick says that the best thing is for Jessica to nominate him and Zach so that Daniele could save him with the PoV. Daniele goes off again about wanting to go home. She says that the LNCNH is an extremely fake group of people that have lied the entire game. Dick says that she will be better off once he goes this week. He says that she can still talk with Jen though. Daniele still wants to go home. Daniele wishes she had nominated Amber and Dustin last week. Dick told Daniele to get Dustin out before anyone else. Daniele is upset that the last question was about Carol because Jessica would of course know it. (I agree!)

Eric and Dustin can't wait to get Dick out of the house this week and Daniele next week. Dustin is worried that the other side will win HoH next week since they only have three people from their side competing. Eric tells him not to worry because he can work Jen and Zach over to his side for next week. Jen told Daniele that she would have nominated Dick and Dustin if she would have won HoH. Daniele looked at her weird, and then Jen said that she didn't know what she would have done. (Does Jen ever think before she speaks?) She says that Kail would have wanted her to nominate Dick. Daniele says that if Jessica is smart, she will nominate both her and Dick.

Jessica told Eric that she told Zach that she wouldn't nominate him this week. Eric says that was fine because they could nominate Jen if PoV was used. Eric says that she should bring Jen and Zach in and tell them that they want Daniele and Dick out for the next two weeks. Zach told Dick that he should try and make Dustin look very bad this week. Dick agrees and says that they have to win HoH the next two weeks to make the sides even. Daniele wants Jen to win if she makes the finals. Dick and Zach agree.

Dick went off on Jameka, calling her a hypocrite for her religion. Jameka called Dick's mom a bitch, and Dick went off on her for that since Dick's mother is an ordained minister. The two went around and around, arguing about overall ridiculous topics. It was interesting to see Jameka get into it though.

That was pretty much it for the evening! Expect much of this petty arguing between Dick and the rest of the HG for the rest of the week. Dick wants to ensure that he goes this week, so he wants to go out with a bang. We'll see how things go!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

8/9 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Eric is confident that he will stay this week. Kail felt safer being nominated against Jen than Eric. Daniele wants Eric gone because he is the biggest threat in the house. Dick is hopeful that they will get another vote to get Eric out. Amber swore on her daughter's life that she would keep Eric this week. Dick told Kail that she needs as many friends in the house that she can get, but he has a problem trusting her. Dick told Kail that she owes him one if she stays this week. Dick told Amber about Eric telling him about Amber's abortion secret. Dick wants to do everything to make sure Eric is gone this week. Amber was floored that Eric told Dick about that. Dustin tried to convince Amber that Eric is not a threat to him. Amber wants Eric out very badly now and is upset that she swore on her daughter's life for him. Amber promised Daniele and Dick that Eric would go this week. Dick made a deal with Amber and Dustin that if Dustin would vote Eric out, he wouldn't put them up next week. Amber informed Dustin about this deal, but Dustin wasn't for it. After a strong push from Amber, Dustin agreed to vote Eric out. Amber went off on Eric for using her secret against her. She was down-right FURIOUS.

Julie questions! Jameka said yesterday was stressful after the Amber blow-up until everyone had dinner together. She said that she wished she hadn't given up the next five HoH competitions. Jen says that she wasn't here for the money, so giving up half the money wasn't that big of a deal. Dustin says that he is consistent, so he always wears the same gray T-shirt. BB talked to some of Dick's celebrity friends about him. They all agree that he takes things as they are and will tell you what is on his mind. Daniele talked with Julie. She says that being in the house is hard with Dick, but things are getting better as time progresses in the house. She says that it's hard being in the house with other HG comparing her to him. She feels that she gets the brunt of everyone's anger because people are afraid of Dick. Daniele says that she is almost positive that Eric were the two votes to evict Kail but still knows that he is the biggest threat in the house.

BB talked with Kail's family! Her husband Darin thinks that her "real-estate agent" strategy is working for her. He doesn't mind Dick yelling at Kail if it's all in strategy. He says that Kail is much more religious than how she plays off in the house. Darin thinks that if Kail makes it past this week, she will make it far in the game. Time to begin the live voting! Kail told the HG that this week is no easier than the past weeks and asks for her continued safety in the house. Eric told the HG that he has enjoyed meeting everyone and hopes to continue and repair his relationships in the house. He almost cried during his speech. Votes: Dick - Eric, Jen - Eric, Jessica - Kail, and the rest will be revealed when we come back!

The vote is 2-1 for Eric to be evicted, and here are the rest: Zach - Eric, Jameka - Kail, Dustin - Kail, and Amber - Kail. By a vote of 4-3, Kail has been evicted from the BB house. Dustin lied to Dick about voting Kail out. Kail told Julie that being the first HoH killed her in the game. She doesn't think that Dick taunting her was completely strategy. Goodbye messages: Dustin hoped that he changed her mind about homosexuals. Dick and Jen weren't expecting to see Kail evicted. Jameka says that the MRA killed her. Daniele is glad that Kail enjoyed her latest week in the house.

HoH competition: Welcome to the BB Bar! The competition is in duel-like mode. It involves questions about HG DR thoughts. A correct answer will allow you to stay in. An incorrect answer will eliminate you. Question 1: Dustin VS Eric - Dustin eliminated. Question 2: Dick VS Zach - Zach eliminated. Question 3: Eric VS Jessica - Eric eliminated. Question 4: Dick VS Jen - Dick eliminated. Question 4: Amber VS Jessica - Amber eliminated. Question 5: Jen VS Jessica - Jen eliminated. Jessica is the new HoH! Bleh.

Who will be nominated? Find out Sunday!

8/9 Live Feeds: 1:00-5:00 PM

The feeds were rarely on this afternoon, and when they were, nothing exciting happened. Is America's Player safe for sure this week? Here's the afternoon update from inside the BB house!

Daniele suspects that something is up, but Dick assures her that they have nothing to worry about this week. (My, how wrong they are!) Daniele felt bad about her goodbye message to Kail because she assumed that she wouldn't be evicted this week.

Eric hopes to win HoH tonight.

That's pretty much it from the feeds! They have been blocked pretty much all afternoon and don't seem to be returning until after the live show. See you in the chat during the show tonight! I'll have the full recap following the live show here on the east coast.

Come Chat

Come chat with me during the live show! I have added a chat room on the sidebar- to the right, I will be in there between 8pm-9pm EST filling you in on whats happening during the live show- so for all you central and west coasters- spoilers will be given for evictee and hoh as well as if any twists occur. Also come to chat it up with fellow BB fans about the show.

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You can login there or below- just give yourself a nickname and login!

8/9 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Ah, how much I enjoy Thursday feeds...not. The feeds were accompanied with much cleaning and the like, as per the usual Thursday routine. Here's the little bit of new info coming from inside the BB house!

Kail was the first one up today at around 9:30 AM. BB woke the HG up at around 10:15 AM to wake up the remainder of the house. Jameka asked Dustin if they will still voting Kail out, and Dustin said he was. Jameka says the house will be split after this week.

That was pretty much it. The HG spent the rest of the morning cleaning and talking amongst themselves. The vote still looks to be 4-3 with Kail being evicted. We'll know for sure tonight!

Assuming Eric stays...

It seems as if Eric will stay and Kail will go home. If he were to win HoH who would you want him to nominate and why?

8/8-9 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

Just when the vote seems to be locked, BAM! Eric was at his manipulating ways again, and the vote may just have turned in his favor. Here's the late-night events coming from inside the BB house!

Eric tried to convince Zach for the longest time. He said that the claims made against him aren't true and that Zach would have a jury vote if Eric were on the jury. Zach told Eric that he would tell him tomorrow if he was keeping him or not. If he decided to evict him, it was because he was a good game player though. Zach left to talk to Kail for a little bit, but they didn't talk about much. Zach did tell her that he would vote to evict Eric this week though.

Eric moved his begging tactics to Jen. He says that his target isn't her and that it is Daniele and Dick. He wants to ensure that Daniele and Dick don't have a shot at winning the game. He says he would nominate Zach if PoV is used. He tells Jen that if he makes it to the end, he won't win. He also goes on about how he has always looked out for Jen in the game. @@

The HG felt a mini-earthquake, which was actually a magnitude 4.5 earthquake centered just north of Chatsworth, CA. Dustin tried to convince Amber that keeping Eric is a better move for them in the game. He says that Kail wants to go home and they need Eric to have the numbers to take out Daniele and Dick. Dustin continues to put the blame on Daniele and Dick for the break-up of the LNC, not Eric. Amber seems to agree with him and tells him to do what he wants to do regarding his vote. Dustin tells her that keeping Eric is the best thing for them to do. Jameka joins them and agrees that Eric will stick with the group until Daniele and Dick are evicted. Amber points out that evicting Eric would leave Dustin the lone guy in the house with the exception of Dick. Jessica joins them and agrees with keeping Eric. Amber says that they will all vote to keep Eric this week, but they will not tell him about the vote.

Dustin says that the one-week deal with Daniele and Dick is worth breaking because one week means nothing in the house. They are both thrilled that Eric is staying in the house. Jessica tells Amber that Eric will still fight for them, and they will have more numbers for the HoH competition tomorrow. Kail told Jen that she was nervous when Jen was talking to Eric. Kail doesn't think that Jessica would nominate Daniele and Dick, but Jen thinks that Amber and Jameka would convince her to. Kail says that she is okay with not being able to win HoH and floating for the next five weeks. Daniele and Dick agree that Kail has been much happier this week. Dick wouldn't mind keeping her around for the next few weeks. They agree to take out Dustin soon because they could then ally with Amber. Daniele says that Dustin is the biggest threat in the house aside from Eric.

In other news, don't forget to do your week 6 fantasy picks! Please e-mail with the week 5 evictee and week 6 HoH, nominees, PoV winner, whether PoV will be used, and the replacement nominee. Good luck!

Dick was the last one in bed at around 5:25 AM. Now it looks like Kail will be evicted by a 4-3 vote. Sigh. Amber and Dustin may reconsider their deal with Daniele and Dick though. The live show is still many hours away!

8/8 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

After an explosive afternoon, the feeds continued to be somewhat exciting throughout the evening. Eric is desperate for votes, but does he have any chance to stay in the house? Here's the evening events from inside the BB house!

Eric told Jameka the same story he told both Daniele and Jessica. He told her that he did not cast the votes to evict Kail or play the mustard prank. He told her that he has played the game very little. Jameka told Eric that she would vote for him to stay, but she would have a hard time trusting him in the future should he stay. Eric tried to convince Jameka that Dick was the liar, not him. Eric says that Daniele planned to get revenge for Nick this week by targeting him. He says that he would never vote to keep him when he was the one who convinced everyone to vote Nick out in the first place. Eric tells Jameka to tell Amber sorry for the whole situation because she won't speak to him now. He apologizes to Jameka for any harm he may have caused her this week because it was completely unintended. Jameka says that he hasn't harmed her, but she understands that if he stays, he will probably be nominated again next week. Eric says that someone would have targeted him sooner or later; if Daniele and Dick hadn't done it, then Dustin or maybe even Jameka would have.

Amber told Jessica that she will get over Eric within the next few days. The same thing happened to her with Nick. Jen asked Eric if he told Dick about Amber's secret. Eric says that he won't tell her because she will probably tell the rest of the house his answer. Dustin told Amber not to go back on her word to keep Eric this week. He swore on his family's life that he will still vote Eric out this week. Dustin is worried that Daniele and Dick won't keep their end of the deal with them. Amber says that they will but agrees that they will go after them following next week. Amber says that if Eric stays this week, she is done with the LNC.

Dustin and Eric agree that Eric still has the votes to stay this week. Dustin says that he has enjoyed his time with Eric thus far, and there is nothing Eric can do to change that. Eric told Dustin the same things he has told everyone else regarding the votes and the mustard prank. Eric doesn't understand why he had to be nominated the way he was. Dustin told him that he still has a chance to stay in the house. Dustin wants everyone to have dinner together tonight. He plans on making a speech prior to the meal.

Jen asked Dick if anyone was changing their mind about voting Eric out this week. Dick says no because they have already made their goodbye messages to him. Dustin told Kail that she would be going home if he hadn't decided to change his vote to evict Eric this week. Kail says that she has learned never to trust Dick. Daniele told Amber that she feels bad about the way Eric is going out this week. Amber informed her about Dustin swearing on his family's life that he would vote to evict Eric. They then talked about BBAD and agree that it must have been canceled because they are so boring. (Amen to that!)

Eric apologized to Zach for not talking to him until now. Eric pretty much told him everything he told to everyone else. Zach told Eric that he listens to everything before making decisions in the game. Zach tells Eric that it looks like he dug a big hole for himself and isn't sure if he can bring himself out of it. Zach says that he always wanted to talk game with Eric but hasn't had the opportunity to do so. Zach says that he would only vote to keep Eric if his vote would matter. He thinks the vote would be 5-2 for Eric to be evicted. Eric says that people will still target him after this week, so that keeps the target off Zach. Zach says that he has been alone in the house since Nick has left, but he is somewhat close with Dick. Eric continues to try to work Zach over, and it is somewhat working. Eric says that it sucks that he was backdoored this week because he never got the chance to play in a PoV competition. Zach says that he really has no reason to keep Eric because he could evict Kail at any given moment.

Dick walked in on Eric and Zach's conversation and wants the vote to be lopsided for Eric to be evicted because he is worried about Zach switching. He tells Kail that she needs to talk to Zach as soon as she can. Daniele says that she will talk to everyone tonight as a group. Amber isn't sure if she wants to go back on her word to Eric. Dick says that he will make Eric's last day tomorrow Hell if he continues to try to manipulate everyone in the house.

That does it for the evening! The vote still looks to be 4-3 for Eric to be evicted because Zach never committed to voting Kail out this week. I'm pretty sure that will stand for the eviction tomorrow. We won't know for sure until the live show though!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

8/8 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Whoa! Just when the feeds started to get boring, BAM! The feeds were explosive this afternoon, and I have the complete scoop! Here's the afternoon info coming from inside the BB house!

Amber WENT OFF on Eric. She exploded at him, screaming and crying all the more. She called him out on his lies and can't believe he would use a personal story (her abortions) against her. She says that she hates him and wishes that she hadn't sworn on her daughter's life she would keep him. She wants him out more than anything else now. She talked about Eric setting Nick up and how he should be in the house this week instead of Eric. The house (including Eric) was shocked and speechless by Amber's opening up. She stormed off saying how good it felt to finally express her anger towards him. Dick told Eric that he got what he deserved. After that, Eric realized that he was sure to be evicted this week.

Eric told Kail that he never told anyone about Amber's secret. He says the vote will be unanimous for him to be evicted now. Eric congratulated Kail on being safe this week. Eric told Kail that he is pulling for her, Dustin, Jameka, and Jessica in the game now and will tell them anything they want to know. He tells her to get Daniele and Dick out as soon as possible. Eric wishes he had aligned with Kail and Mike when people were accusing him of doing so. Kail tried to lift Eric's spirits by telling him he still had an entire day before the vote.

Eric spent hours in the DR following his attack. Some of the HG speculated that he might have been casting his DOR. Dustin figured he would stay in the DR until his eviction tomorrow. (I feel really bad for him now, especially since he had no control over much of his actions in the game, regarding the votes to evict Kail. The banner plane also didn't help him at all. Had those not come into play, Eric wouldn't have been in this position. Looks like being AP isn't so good after all!)

Eric had a long heart-to-heart with Daniele. He told her that the game has gone far too personal. He told her that he was not the extra votes to evict Kail the past two weeks. He says that he didn't play the mustard prank either. (He should just tell everyone he is AP. He has no chance of staying, so he might as well let everyone know. Julie will sooner or later!) He also states that he never had a relationship with Jen or Kail. Daniele says that Eric is the best game player in the house, which is why she nominated him in the first place. She tells him to blame her for his nomination because she thought of the whole plan in the first place. Eric says that she could have waited until after the jury to target him though. He tells Daniele that he wasn't targeting her and that he targeted Nick because Nick told him that he wanted him out. Eric goes on about how he is being evicted for personal reasons and not game reasons. He was very emotional during this talk and still is perplexed about the whole situation.

Daniele told Eric that she would talk to Dick and other HG to lay off him for the remainder of the week. She says that the game has gotten personal when it doesn't need to. Eric is worried that nobody will talk to him for the remainder of the game or after the game is over for that matter. He hates that he never was given a chance to stay this week and cannot believe how people have been treating him lately. He tried to convince Daniele to change her thoughts about him, but Daniele continues to say that he was nominated for game reasons despite everyone attacking him. Eric says that he probably won't be able to watch the feeds when he goes home because he won't have any money or a place to stay. Daniele says that she doesn't have a place to stay either after the game. She lets Eric stay in the HoH bedroom while she tells the other HG to tone it down a bit.

Kail is still clueless about the current game situation. (What is wrong with her? She is CLUELESS!) She tells Jen that she has to win HoH because she isn't safe with Amber, Daniele, Dick, and Dustin back together after this week. @@ Jen tries to tell her that they will be safe next week, but Kail doesn't get it. Kail gets jokingly upset that Jen knows way more about the game than she does. (Everyone does, Kail.)

Eric told Jessica pretty much the same thing he told Daniele. He denies saying anything bad to anyone about her (lie), casting the votes to evict Kail (lie), playing the mustard prank (lie), in addition to others. (This is where I don't feel bad for him. Just say you did already! You have nothing to lose!) Jessica tells him that he still has her, Amber, and Jameka because they all gave their word to him. She isn't sure about Dustin though. Eric tells Jessica that he really wants to be in the house with her and that he wanted to take her to the finals with him. Jessica doesn't believe him and that he would be stupid to pick her over $500,000. Eric says that he doesn't care. He asks Jessica if he has a chance at staying, and Jessica isn't sure. She told him that he can't get Zach's vote because Daniele and Dick have brainwashed him. Eric is upset that he couldn't even make the jury rounds.

Dustin is afraid that Daniele and Dick will go after him after their one-week deal. Amber says that she will save him with PoV if she has to. Dustin asked Amber why she told everyone that he was the leak to Kail. Amber says that everyone already knew about it, so she was just being honest about it. (Amber has been very careful to be honest since the banner plane incident.) Amber told Jameka that she was talking to Eric the other day about death, and Eric told her that he was afraid of death, so he's obviously a liar and going to Hell because of it. She then goes on about how she doesn't lie, so she will go to heaven. @@ - Are you kidding me?!

That does it for the afternoon! It seems blatant that Eric will go, still by a 4-3 vote though. I have confidence that Dustin will keep his word, especially seeing how badly Amber wants Eric out now. Whew, I'm still shocked at how upset she was with him. It was BAD. It looks like tonight will be boring and very awkward for much of the HG. I'll have the scoop later!

Here's two videos (different angles) of the Amber blow-up:

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8/8 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

With Jessica staying up pretty much all night, you would think the feeds would be somewhat exciting. Wrong - unfortunately, nobody else joined her so she was the only one up for much of the morning. Here's the little bit of new info coming from inside the BB house!

Kail was the only other one that woke up before the 10:50 AM BB wake-up call. Dustin told Jessica that she should still nominate either Daniele or Dick if she wins HoH next week. Jessica says that they suck if they cannot win HoH next week because they have five out of six playing for them. (They still think Jen and Zach will nominate Daniele and Dick if they win HoH.) Dustin wants to win HoH really bad. He also wants either Daniele or Dick out next week. Dustin says that everyone will be sad when Eric leaves. Jessica says that she won't and wants to vote him out. She can't believe how blindsided she was to Eric playing her. Dustin says that he wants to be the only one from their side to vote Eric out. (Wonder why?) Jessica really wants next week to be a double-eviction week so both Daniele and Dick could go in the same week.

Jessica talks about Dick telling Kail she would be safe last night. Both Dustin and Jessica feel that Kail wouldn't vote them out. Dustin told Jessica that Dick promised Dustin he wouldn't nominate him or Amber if he voted Eric out this week. Jessica says that only leaves her and Jameka, and Dick wouldn't nominate them, so he would probably nominate Kail and Zach. Dustin then becomes worried that after next week, he would be only one of the final two guys left in the house. Jessica plans on avoiding Eric for the rest of the week. Dustin says that she should tell him that he has been acting weird around her lately (trying to sleep with her). Dustin thinks a luxury competition will happen next week since they made the jury rounds.

Jessica wants to talk to Daniele today because she has been avoiding her ever since she told her about the plan to evict Eric. Dustin says that she has been avoiding everyone this week because she is still upset about Nick. (I agree. Janelle was kind of the same way when Howie left last year, but she got over it in a day. Daniele is STILL grieving.) Zach told Kail that people have been telling him to keep Eric this week, and he doesn't know what to do. (Daniele and Dick haven't told him that everyone is voting Eric out now.)

Jameka told Amber that she cannot let Zach win HoH next week.

On a side note, I accidentally deleted about 10 comments that were posted within the last two hours. If you happened to be one of those commenters, please comment again! I apologize for this inconvenience.

8/7-8 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

It was another late night for the HG, and the feeds proved that! Can another vote be secured for Eric's eviction, or will Kail still be the one to go? Here's the late-night info from inside the BB house!

Amber told Dick that she couldn't vote Eric out because she swore on her daughter's life that she wouldn't. Dick said to tell Eric that she made a mistake then. Dick said that if Dustin votes Eric out this week, then he will make a one-week agreement with Dustin. The next time Dick wins HoH, he will not put Amber and Dustin up if Dustin follows the same guidelines for his next HoH. Amber doesn't know if Dustin will go for that, but she will talk to him about it. Dick says that Eric is using Dustin just how he used Jen. Dick says that Eric's plan is to pit Amber and Dustin against each other while him and Jessica coast to the finals. Amber then says that if she cannot get Dustin to vote Eric out, then she will do it herself. Either way, Eric will be gone from the house. Dick thanks her and goes on about how well Eric manipulated most of the house. Amber tells Dick that Eric has been telling others that Dick played the mustard prank. Dick says that he would have played it in front of Jen.

Daniele thinks that Dustin may lie to her, saying that he will vote out Eric when he really won't so Amber wouldn't vote him out. They think they should just tell her to vote Eric out. Dick says that he would nominate Kail and someone else if he wins HoH, but he would keep his deal with Amber and Dustin if Eric goes this week. Daniele hates how Eric wanted Kail in the jury house so she would miss her wedding anniversary. She realizes how ruthless Eric has become. Daniele says that this HoH would be the best ever if Eric goes home.

Amber tried to convince Dustin to vote Eric out by explaining the deal Dick offered him. Dustin seemed reluctant at first, but Amber did a pretty good job on him. Dustin says that he wants Dick out more than Eric, so he doesn't want to accept the deal. Amber tells him that either he votes Eric out or she would. She starts screaming that Eric will go this week no matter what. Dustin tells her to calm down and to reevaluate her thoughts. He tells her that they need Eric to have the numbers in the house. Amber stated that there wasn't any numbers since Daniele and Dick aren't after them. She states that people think that Dustin and Eric are aligned because Dustin is trying really hard for Eric to stay this week. Dustin doesn't think that Eric needs to go this week. Amber thinks Eric will turn on them soon enough. Dustin says that he needs to talk to Daniele and Dick but doesn't want to vote Eric out this week. Amber says that she would then. Dustin then says that he will vote Eric out because he doesn't want Amber taking the fall for it. (BS! Don't fall for it!)

Daniele and Dick talked with Amber and Dustin regarding the deal. They say that Eric made them vote Nick out when they didn't need or want to. Dustin says that Dick is to blame for the breakup of the LNC, not Eric, because of the way he talks to people. Dick doesn't understand how that can be true when Eric has set himself up each week so that he will be safe and then convinces the group to follow suit. Dustin then gets mad at Daniele for pulling his key out first. @@ - Would you rather have been nominated? He says that by saying "Thanks for not nominating me" meant "Thanks for voting my best friend out." Dick then brings the discussion back to Eric, and Dustin agrees that he will vote Eric out because he does not want Amber going back on her word. Everyone agrees to the situation. (Dustin seemed honest here, but I'm not totally sure. Someone send a banner plane!) Amber says that she may vote Eric out because she's not sure if Dustin will keep his word. They all plan to give awful goodbye messages to him. Dick says that Eric's biggest mistake was voting Kail out last week because that was when he was caught. (Looks like we ruined Eric for him. I'm proud to be an American!)

Yes! Eric's next AP task is to flatter DICK! YES! Eric told Dustin that he would kiss Dick's ass just for laughs tomorrow. He told Jessica that Daniele and Dick had been talking to Amber and Dustin for almost three hours. He is nervous about the vote now.

Daniele doesn't know why America called Amber a liar. Dick says that they need to get the women out of the house because the men are outnumbered 6-3 going into the jury. Dick says that he might nominate Jameka next to Kail if he wins HoH. Daniele says that Jameka doesn't have the votes to go. Daniele thinks that Jessica will get revenge if she wins HoH next week by targeting her. She agrees that Jameka and Jessica need to go soon, especially Jameka because they probably couldn't beat her in the finals. Daniele hopes that Zach wins HoH, so he could get rid of Dustin for them. They say that Amber would be mad if they voted against him next week. Daniele says that Dustin thinks he's smarter than he really is. Dick says that he will nominate Jameka and Jessica if he wins HoH. Daniele and Dick are glad they campaigned for Kail because Kail does more bad than good when she campaigns for herself. (I totally agree.)

Amber told Jameka that they are getting rid of Eric this week, and both of them are excited. Daniele and Dick joined them, and the four of them celebrated. Dick woke Kail up and let her know that Eric was going for sure. Kail thanked him for his efforts. Dustin told Jessica that Eric was going to be evicted, and she seemed cool about it. She is getting sick of Eric because he's been trying to sleep with her lately.

The HG stayed up ALL NIGHT. Everyone but Jessica was in bed by 8:00 AM, but Jessica stayed up because she slept earlier in the night. She is the only one up as I post this. As it looks, the vote will still be 4-3 with Dustin being the 4th vote to evict Eric. However, everyone is happy to see Eric go, including Jessica. It seems official now!

8/7 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

Finally - the vote looks to be changing! Could Eric be on his way out of the house? Here's the evening events coming from the BB house!

Amber told Jameka that they need to vote Eric out this week. She wants to tell Dick that she will talk to Dustin about it too. They aren't sure if they should tell Jessica about it though. Amber says that she will tell Dustin that voting out Eric would get Daniele and Dick off his case. Jen told Daniele that Amber and Jameka are questioning the vote this week.

Amber talked to Dustin about voting Eric out. She wants him to vote Eric out for her since she swore on her daughter's life that she would keep Eric this week. She says that Daniele and Dick won't come after him if he votes Eric out this week. Amber says that she cannot trust Eric, so she doesn't want him in the house anymore. Dustin wants no part of voting Eric out. Dustin says that if Eric goes home this week, he will go home next week. Amber says that getting rid of Kail is dumb because she cannot play in the next five HoH competitions. She doesn't think that Eric will nominate Daniele and Dick, so he might put two of the LNCNH up. Dustin says that she shouldn't believe anything Jen has told her because she is a liar and has been telling Daniele and Dick info. Dustin says that Dick will nominate him even if he votes Eric out this week. He still refuses to keep Eric safe this week. Amber then goes on about how whatever they do this week, they have to keep their relationship in tact.

Eric says that he's getting rid of his faux-hawk tonight. In other hair news, Jameka braided Amber's hair. It looks really good in my opinion. Zach told Jen that neither Eric nor Kail has asked him for his vote this week. He thinks that is strange, especially since he's still on the fence this week. He still doesn't like Kail for selling out the MRA, but Eric has never talked to him while being in the house. Jen told this to Daniele and Dick and says that they may not have Zach as much as they think they do.

Dustin and Jessica agree that they need to keep Eric this week. They don't care about the things he's allegedly done because BB is a numbers game, and they need him. They don't care if he has deals with both Jen and Kail because Jen has gone to Daniele and Dick, and Kail will be evicted. Dustin knows that once Eric is gone, he will be the next target. He thinks that Daniele and Dick will nominate him and Amber once Eric is evicted. Jessica tells Dustin that she would keep him over Eric because of all the lies Eric told her. Dustin says that he cannot trust Jen anymore since she is so close with Daniele, Dick, and Eric all of a sudden. He tells Jessica that Jen has been feeding BS info to Amber in an effort to get her vote. Jessica really wants to win the next HoH competition.

That does it for the evening! With regards to Eric, a hot comment discussion has developed on why people don't like him even though he is AP. Honestly, I don't care if Eric goes or stays this week. I would prefer him going just because I don't like him. I've stated since week 1 that I don't like his mouth or his willingness to lie. Eric is the biggest liar, even aside from the AP tasks. He reminds me of James, and I couldn't stand James! I hope he gets evicted this week, and it looks like he might.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

8/7 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Jen or Kail? Let's find out!

Kail isn't so sure if she will be safe this week. Jen wasn't surprised that she was nominated and thinks that her and Kail will be safe again this week. Dick tried to get in Jen's head by calling her an idiot. He doesn't want Jen knowing that she will probably be safe again this week. Eric and Jessica informed Amber and Dustin about Daniele and Dick's plan to nominate him. Jessica says that she does not believe what Daniele and Dick are saying about Eric. Dustin says that Jessica needs to keep playing along with Daniele and Dick and appreciates her being honest with them. He says that the five of them (Amber, Dustin, Eric, Jameka, and Jessica) need to stick together. Eric told Jameka that he will probably be backdoored this week. Jameka was shocked. Eric says that it doesn't matter because he has the votes to stay. Amber doesn't know why Daniele and Dick want Eric out more than Jen and Kail. Jameka is sure that Jessica will stay loyal to the original LNC. Daniele plans on getting revenge for Nick by sending Eric out. Zach told Daniele that he will do whatever she wants him to do for her. Dustin says that if Daniele nominates Eric, then it will be her and Dick against the rest of the house.

Time to pick the PoV players! Daniele picked Zach (random), Jen picked Dustin (random), and Kail picked Jameka (HG choice). Daniele picked Amber to host the affair. As for the competition, the backyard had been turned into an oasis! Eric did not like sitting out of the competition. The competition was called "Numbers Don't Lie." The competition consisted of a series of tasks that involved betting numbers on (very similar to the week 3 PoV from BB7). Task 1: How many hours are you willing to wear a bunny suit? Daniele, Jen, Kail, and Zach all picked 120, so they won that task! Dustin was eliminated for putting the lowest number. Task 2: How many times are you willing to be dumped with gunk? Everyone put 24, so everyone remained in the competition. Task 3: Who is most willing to win $10,000 in exchange for elimination? Nobody wanted it, so everyone remained. Task 4: How many hours are you willing to eat slop? Jen and Kail both said 720, so they won that task. Zach put the lowest number, so he was eliminated. Task 5: How many HoH competitions are you willing not to participate in? Jameka and Kail both said 5, so they won that task. Daniele put the lowest number, so she was eliminated. Task 6: How much of the $500,000 grand prize money are you willing to forfeit? Jen wrote $250,000 so she won the PoV!

Jameka found it hard to not being able to be HoH for the next five weeks. She doesn't think Daniele is sorry for targeting Eric this week and that she is a liar just like Dick. Jen told Daniele that she will vote to keep Kail. Daniele told Jen that she was going to nominate Eric because he has manipulated everyone in the house. She is sure that Kail will stay if Jen keeps her. Dick offered Jen courtesy if she would stop belittling Daniele. Dick apologized for his actions to her, and Jen was grateful. Dick says that he is sick of everyone feeling safe while Dick and Jen go after each other. He wants Eric out of the house for lying to him and everyone else in the house. He says that Nick got screwed because of Eric. Jen wants to work with Daniele and Dick but doesn't know if she can follow through with it. Daniele says that the gunk was a lot worse than she thought it would be. Dick told Jessica that Jen feels the same way about Eric as they do. Jen told Jessica that Eric has been playing everyone in the house and telling them the same things about keeping them safe. Jessica realized that Eric has played her for a fool. She now realizes why he had been acting weird around her. Jessica told this all to Dustin, but he still doesn't believe what he is hearing. Jameka doesn't either. Jessica is still on the fence.

Time for the next AP task! America chose Jessica (Why?) for Eric to promise the final two with. Eric followed through with his outrageously easy task. @@ Jen claimed that the gunk didn't smell bad but that it smelled like manure. Then she said that manure smelled bad. Oh please. Dick called Eric out on his lies. He says that he has a deal with Jen and Kail, which is why he wanted Nick out so bad. Dick told him that he would be going up, and there's nothing he can do about it. Eric told Daniele that nominating him would be a bad decision for her. Dustin suggested that Dick be nominated and complained about Dick running the house. @@ Daniele brushed him off and doesn't understand why Dustin has the right to tell her what to do.

Time for the PoV ceremony! Kail told Jen not to sacrifice her safety for her sake. Jen then used the PoV on herself. Daniele nominated Eric in her place because he set up Nick for eviction, who was her best friend in the house. Eric thinks Daniele and Dick are going after their biggest threat. Kail isn't sure that she will be safe this week. Dick was ecstatic that Eric was nominated and that the LNC was over. Jessica says that she is the swing vote this week. Next AP task: Who should Eric flatter incessantly in order to ensure his safety in the house?

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!

8/7 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Another Tuesday in the BB house. The feeds lacked interest, and the votes don't seem to be changing anytime soon. Here's the afternoon scoop from inside the BB house!

Kail said that Eric has never lied to her. Daniele told her that Eric wanted her to be first in the jury house so that she couldn't see her family. Jen confirmed this as well. Kail says that she has a hard time seeing if people are lying to her. Apparently, the HoH competition will have something to do with the croquet set BB gave them last Friday. Jen thinks that Dustin wants to keep Eric in the house so the target would be on him instead of the other LNC members. Daniele thinks that Dustin wants to keep his alliance in tact. Daniele thinks that Eric would go home if he was nominated alongside Dustin because Eric is a better game player. Kail thinks Eric is smart for sticking with Jessica in order to get her vote. Jen thinks that Jessica has a hard time trusting them. Dick thinks that Jameka is the odd person out of the LNCNH. Kail said that Amber told her that she wanted the final four to be Amber, Dustin, Eric, and Jameka. Kail doesn't understand why Dustin won't keep her this week, and Dick thinks it's because Dustin has a side deal with Eric. Kail admitted that Dustin was the leak to her.

Jameka and Jessica still want to keep Eric this week, but they are still skeptical about what they have heard about him. More banner planes have been flying over the house. Eric thinks the planes won't stop for the remainder of the season. He thinks the next plane will say that America loves him and hates Daniele and Dick. @@ - Keep thinking that Eric! Eric says that he will go after Kail if she campaigns against him. Dustin and Jessica say that they have to give her a chance since she's been nominated three weeks in a row. (Eric is so full of himself! I can't STAND him!)

Eric told Kail that whoever stays between the two of them will have a good chance to win the game because nobody will vote for Daniele, Dick, Jen, or Zach to win. @@ - I highly doubt that. Kail told Eric that Daniele told her that she only has three votes to stay this week. She thinks that Daniele thought she had four when she nominated Eric. Zach said that the bunnies can take their suits off during the day on Thursday but must put them back on for the live show and HoH competition. Eric says that the HoH competition must be a trivia one then because BB wouldn't make them wear the suits for a physical competition.

Daniele told Kail not to stress out about the vote because she still has two more days to win people over. Daniele says that she will try to win Amber over by making her feel guilty about Nick's eviction again. She goes on about how everyone hated her for keeping Nick all to herself. She then talks about how Amber and Dustin are using each other in the game. Daniele thinks it's funny that everyone is talking to Zach now since they don't want to target him anymore.

Jen worked Amber and Jameka to vote Eric out. She told them that Eric told Amber and Jen the same things (regarding them being the closest person to him) and that Eric would not nominate Daniele and Dick if he won HoH. Amber and Jameka started thinking about whether she should keep Eric or not. Go Jen!

That does it for the afternoon! Don't forget about the show tonight! It starts in just a few minutes here on the east coast. It should entail the PoV competition and PoV ceremony. Expect a show recap from me in about an hour!

8/7 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

After the HG finally started to wake up, the feeds have become more interesting. Only two days reamin until the eviction, but will the votes change in Kail's favor? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

Kail was the first one up today at around 8:40 AM. Eric was the only other one up before the 11:00 AM BB wake-up call. Dick thinks that Eric and Dustin were the two extra votes to evict Kail in order to stir up the house. Daniele thinks Eric did it both weeks. Dick tells Kail that Dustin tried to make deals with him and Daniele during the first few weeks. Jen asked Dick if he knew why Dustin has been campaigning for Eric to stay. Dick says that Dustin is trying to turn the LNC against him and Daniele. Dick goes on about how he has always made his decisions based on the benefit of the LNC. Kail says that Dustin is sure that Eric will be safe this week and is already planning his goodbye message to her. Dick says that Amber, Jameka, and Jessica all know the truth about Eric.

Dick says that they targeted Mike because he was targeting him and Daniele and also to break his ties with Kail, Nick, and Zach. Dick says that he will play Dustin for the rest of the week. He agrees that Dustin lost trust with a lot of HG following last week's PoV competition. Daniele thinks that Dustin is afraid of Dick, so he is being mean to her. Daniele doesn't understand why Jameka would give up the next five HoH competitions but wouldn't wear a bunny suit.

Another banner plane flew over the house, but BB sent the HG in before they could read it. They think it had something to do with Eric again. Kail is very nervous that she will not get her fourth vote to stay this week. Her, Daniele, and Jen discussed all the lies that Dustin has told them. They agree that Dustin has tried to run the house just like Joe did the first weeks. They agree that Jessica knows Eric is lying to her but still wants to keep him in the game.

That was it for the morning! The vote still hasn't changed yet, but it sounds like Amber is cracking. Let's hope so!

8/6-8/7 Live Feeds: 11:00PM- 8:00AM

Just a couple reminders before we get started: There is daily trivia and polls to vote in. The polls and links to trivia can be found on the right side. I have also added a Donation button- and thats all its for: Donations! Now to the news from the BB House!

With the hatred between Dustin and Daniele and Dick brewing, will Dick blow up at Dustin some more or will Dustin keep all his Donato bashing to himself? Lets find out!

Daniele complains a lot to Dick. She thinks Jessica has been quite bratty to her and everyone else today. She also heard Dustin was sleeping in Nick's old bed which made her furious. She keeps complaining about everything from not having any fun to having no friends.

Jameka and Amber talk. Amber says she is glad she promised Eric her vote because Kail needs to go. Kail has no HoH for 5 weeks, slop and misses home. She thinks it wouldn't be fair to leave her here. My question: What strategy is Amber using?

Kail confronts Dustin about campaigning for Eric. Dustin says Dick drew the line in the sand when nominating Eric. Kail tells him its not about Dick and Eric but about Kail and Eric. Dustin doesn't comment and changes the subject. Dustin is trying to convince Kail to give up because she is going home. Kail won't lay down and die. Dustin attempts to do some Daniele bashing to Kail but she won't have it. Dustin is shocked. Dustin calls Daniele a Skank-Whore among other names.

Jessica and Eric continue their flirting. They want to get engaged on the live show. They then want to get a dog and name it Jameka! Jessica says she smoked at age 16 but quit when her grandmother got emphysema. This continues for awhile but nothing interesting occurs.

Kail spills her conversation with Dustin to Jen. She tells Jen Dustin wants Dick and Daniele up with Jen as the replacement. Kail tells Jen she would be the pawn just to put Dick out of his misery. Jen thinks she might nominate Dick and Dustin if she wins HoH. Jen talks about how Dustin is sneaky and can't be trusted.

Following this only Jameka, Dick and Amber are awake. No game talk occurs just a ton of general chit-chat. Amber and Jameka were last asleep before 7AM. Supposedly Dustin and Jessica are staying in bed all day today and Eric is their servant. I am not sure if this is a part of the Veto or just for fun. More when the hamsters get up!

8/6 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

Despite a somewhat eventful afternoon, the feeds were deathly boring tonight. Can Daniele convince Amber to vote her way? Here's the evening news coming from inside the BB house!

Jen says that Jameka doesn't talk game with everyone. Kail tells Jen not to tell anyone that she really is a smart game player. Dick says that he will talk to Amber right before the vote in an effort to get her vote. Dick says that Eric is a big threat. He tells Jen and Kail about his conversation with Dustin last night. He says that Jessica knows the truth about Eric but still wants to stay close with him. He tells Kail that he wants to work with her in the game. Jen doesn't like how Dick tells everyone what her and Kail tell him. Jen says that him and Daniele are the biggest targets now. Dick lets Jen and Kail know that he will go after them if he figures out that they have any side deals with other HG. Kail is glad that she cannot be HoH for the next five weeks and says that Jen should throw the next HoH too. Jen agrees. (Are they idiots?)

Kail told Zach that she still needs one more vote to stay. Zach says that he hasn't made up his mind yet. He says that he will vote however Dick wants him to. Kail says that she won't put him up for the next five weeks if he keeps her (as a joke of course since she can't win HoH). Zach told Dick that he wants to vote with the majority this week. Dick mentions that they won't be the majority if Eric stays. Dick told Amber that Eric has a huge secret about her that he is planning on telling everyone (about her abortions). Dick tried once again to convince Amber to vote to evict Eric, saying that he already has four votes but he just wants a fifth.

Amber told all this to Dustin and became upset with Eric. She agrees to vote for him to stay this week but doesn't trust him. (I don't understand these HG - they can't trust Eric, yet they still keep him in. Whereas Kail can't win HoH for FIVE weeks, and they want her out! Hello?!) Amber says that if she hadn't told Eric she'd keep him already, that she would vote to evict him this week. @@ - Like you haven't lied before. Dustin reminds Amber that Daniele and Dick need to go before Eric. Amber says that Eric is trying to get Amber against Jessica. Amber and Dustin like having Jen around because they know she wouldn't nominate them. They agree that Zach wouldn't nominate them either and would probably consider aligning with them. Amber told all of this to Jameka, which got her thinking about things. Amber isn't so sure if she should keep Eric but will if everyone else in the group does.

Dick went off on Dustin. Dick called him out about taking the prizes in last week's PoV competition and letting Jameka take the fall for that week. He gets mad that Dustin has been using other HG, including him. Dustin ignored him. Dick says that Dustin has been telling people not to trust him and Daniele.

Dustin confronted Zach because he was the only person that Dustin said to not trust Daniele and Dick. Zach said that he didn't tell Daniele and Dick that Dustin told him that. Dustin says that it had to have been him because he was the only person that Dustin said that to. Zach basically brushed him off, saying that Dustin could believe what he wanted to. Dustin says that Zach has been spending more time with Daniele and Dick, so it makes it look like he is with them now. Zach says that he spends time with everyone in the house. Dustin says that either him or Jen told Daniele and Dick that. Dustin then tells Amber that Jen is playing all sides now. He says that Jen hurt herself in the game by aligning with Daniele.

That was pretty much it for the night! Dick is doing an excellent job at calling everyone out this week on their lies. I'm just glad that even if Eric doesn't go this week, the house is clearly divided going into next week. Regarding the vote, Amber is obviously on the fence and doesn't want to keep Eric but will go along with it for the group...or will she?

Monday, August 6, 2007

8/6 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

With Eric nominated, how will the HG react? This next update contains both info from before and after the PoV ceremony. Here are the afternoon events coming from inside the BB house!

Dustin thinks that it's funny how Nick liked Jen for the first few days of the game before moving to Daniele. He feels bad for Jen because Daniele and Dick told everyone what she had told them about Eric. Jen agrees. Dustin says that he will nominate Daniele and Dick if he wins HoH. If one of them comes off, he will nominate Jen as a pawn to make Daniele and Dick mad because the person they have wanted out since week 1 will be safe over them.

Daniele was very nervous about nominating Eric prior to the PoV ceremony because she didn't want people coming after her. Dick said that she could nominate Dustin, but Daniele says that Eric is the best chance at her getting the votes to evict someone other than Kail. Daniele is sick of Kail not trusting her that she will be safe this week. Dick says that he will nominate Dustin and Jessica if he wins HoH next week. They think they might be able to get Amber to vote Eric out. Daniele and Dick are sure that they don't have Jessica's vote now. Dick thinks that Amber is their best bet for their other vote this week. Daniele says that they should put Zach everywhere they are to see how they are voting.

Dick told Kail to try to convince Dustin for his vote again. He says that Jessica is smart and will do the right thing. He tells her that everyone is still on the fence, and it won't be hard to swing just one of them over to her side. Dick comments that everyone in the house is probably lying to her. He says that he won't put her up if he wins HoH because there are bigger threats in the house. He says that he will be nominated if he doesn't win HoH though. Dick called Kail out on her knowing she would be safe the past two weeks because there was a leak. Kail says that nobody told her any info.

Jameka told Eric that she will vote for him to stay this week. Amber asked Jen about her relationship with Eric. Jen told her that Eric told her info that would help her out in the game. He also would trash Jessica to her and didn't want Jessica to interfere with his gameplay. Amber says that it looks as if Jen has been working with Daniele and Dick this week. Jen says that she just told them stuff about Eric because they wanted to know. Amber asks Jen if she was the extra votes, but Jen says that she wasn't.

Eric thinks that Daniele cost herself the game by nominating him. He says that he was glad to take the hit for the group this week. Jameka reminds him that he will not go home this week. Dustin thinks that if one of them win HoH next week, they should try to evict Dick, then point to Daniele, laugh, and say that she will be next when Dick is evicted. Eric thinks they should point and stare at her. Amber cried following Eric's nomination.

Dustin asked Zach if he had a deal with Daniele and Dick this week. Zach says that they wouldn't nominate him if he would vote their way this week. Dustin tells Zach to vote to evict Kail because she's already going home this week. Zach says that Eric has never talked to him in the game, so he won't vote to keep him. Dustin told Zach that Daniele and Dick are using him and that they will target him next week. Zach says that Kail cannot win HoH for the next five weeks, so keeping her would be beneficial to him. Dustin tells Zach that if he doesn't vote with him, then he won't use that against him.

Eric asked if Amber would let him know if he was going home this week. Amber says that he isn't. She says that she gets nervous when Jessica sees them talking. Eric wants all of them to tell Daniele that Eric isn't going home this week so that she will be upset about it. Amber told Jameka that they need to keep Eric here so he can take the hit for them when Daniele and Dick target them again. Amber told Jameka that she realized that Eric has been telling Jen the same things he has been telling her. They say that voting Nick out only helped Eric, and Amber feels horrible for that. Jameka comments that Amber said that she would never vote Nick out, and then she did. She called her a liar because of it.

Daniele doesn't understand why everyone is acting weird around her now, even Jessica. She says that Eric is extremely upset with her now. Jen says that it's because Eric knows that he is going home this week. Jen told Daniele about Eric telling Amber the same things he told her. Zach says that Dustin has been campaigning to keep Eric in the house this week. He tells Daniele that he will do whatever she wants him to this week. Daniele tells him that her and Dick have his back.

That does it for the evening! At this point, the vote looks to be 4-3 with Kail evicted. However, Amber seems to be on the fence. I think she is the best chance for Eric to be evicted this week.

8/6 Live Feeds: PoV Ceremony

The feeds have just returned after being blocked for about 30 minutes. Eric has been nominated for eviction.

Poll results for PoV ceremony: Eric - 72%, Zach - 10%, Amber - 8%, Dustin - 5%, Dick - 3%, Jameka - 1%, and Jessica - 1%.

In other news, I have created a Myspace account for the blog! It is located here: Add me to your friends!

Also, another reminder that THIS BLOG IS NOT AFFILIATED WITH CBS! Please stop sending me e-mails with your complaints and suggestions regarding the show. You can go here: and follow the instructions shown to contact CBS. Thank you!

I'll have another update later!

8/6 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

After yesterday's exception, the boring mornings have returned. However, the PoV ceremony is just hours away, and will Daniele's decision change? Here's the morning events straight from inside the BB house!

Kail was the first one up today at around 9:20 AM. She still thinks that if Eric goes up today, she will be the one going home. Jen told her that everyone is trying to make Eric feel good because they are planning on voting him out. Kail says she won't believe that until it happens on Thursday. Jen thinks that Dustin will vote for Kail to stay. They both agree that they cannot count on Jameka's vote. Kail will be shocked if she stays this week and that her and Jen have survived eviction for the last three weeks. Jen thinks that she said too much about Eric last night but that she did confirm that Eric and Kail were never aligned. Jen thinks that Eric could have played the mustard prank to set Dick up. Kail says that Eric said he did it jokingly. Jen thinks that when someone says they did something jokingly, it usually means that they did it. Jen talked about how late Eric and Jessica stayed up last night. They agree that Amber has shut off because of the banner. They think it's because she lied to Nick. Kail said that she felt bad for Eric when Dick was yelling at him yesterday. Jen complains about the gap between her teeth and that she needs a dentist bad. @@ Kail thinks that if she stays this week, the house will quit targeting her and Jen. Jen says that it depends who wins HoH. Jen thinks that people will start targeting Daniele and Dick next week. Jen thinks it's weird that Dick is being nice to her all of a sudden and that people are thinking they are aligned. Jen thinks it's because the DR warned Dick. Jen thinks that Dustin will start drama by leaking more info to Kail. Jen doesn't like how Eric tells her how to play the game. Kail is worried that everyone is afraid to nominate Dick and that she told Dustin he should have backdoored him last week. Kail says that Dustin thinks he will be safe if he is the one nominated. Kail goes on about how Dustin says that Kail will go home unless Dick or Zach are nominated.

Dustin is mad that Daniele will break her word to Kail by nominating Eric. Jen doesn't understand why Daniele cannot see that the best thing for the house is to nominate Dick. Dustin says that Kail has nothing for the best of the game because she is on slop for the rest of the month and cannot play for HoH for even longer. Dustin talks about him telling Dick that he told Daniele to nominate him because he's hurting her gameplay. Kail says that Daniele will either go back on her word to her or Zach this week. Jen says that she is willing to work with Daniele, but she would never work with Dick. Jen says that everyone knew Daniele used Nick when they saw the pictures of her boyfriend. Jen says that Dick is mad at Eric because he thought he could trust Eric and now he can't. Dustin says that they all shouldn't hold that against Eric just because Dick cannot trust him anymore.

That does it for the morning! BB hasn't even made an announcement as to when the PoV ceremony will be. It should be any time soon, but who knows. I'll have the scoop once I hear it!

8/5-6 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

Unfortunately, the feeds got boring quick after the filled evening. The HG crashed early, but some info still was uncovered. Here's the late-night info from inside the BB house!

Dick asked Dustin if he (Dick) was going to be able to trust him. Dustin told Dick that he told Daniele to put Dick up. Dick was shocked by this because he would never tell anyone to nominate Dustin. Dustin says that everyone is always an option. Dick then talks about how Amber is still upset about Nick going and how Kail should have went last week. Dick asks Dustin again if he can trust him. Dustin says that he should. Dick doesn't think so if Dustin suggested that Dick go up. Dustin claims that he told her that because he is hurting her in the game. Dick says that his actions help the group because nobody else sticks up for the LNC like he does. Dick doesn't understand how Dustin could want him nominated if he does all this stuff for the group. Dustin says that he doesn't want him nominated, but that he just suggested it as a possibility. Dick doesn't understand how Daniele would nominate the closest person she is to in the house after she just voted out her other closest ally. He comments that Dustin would never vote out Amber. Dustin agrees. Dustin says that if Eric is nominated and stays, then Daniele will make more enemies in the house than she needs to this week. Dick comments that the only reason people are having a hard time believing him about Eric is because they like him too much. The same happened with Nick, but they were convinced to vote him out last week. Dustin says that he wants a few days to digest all the info regarding Eric. Dick says again that nominating him wouldn't help him in the game. Dustin talks about the deal Daniele and Kail have this week. Dick questioned the fact that Dustin even brought that up. He doesn't understand why Dustin wouldn't vote Eric out if he wants to honor Daniele's deal. Dick goes off on Kail, and Dustin asks if he wants Kail to be the target this week instead. Dick wanted Kail out before the PoV competition, but now he wants Eric gone. Dick doesn't understand how Dustin can want Eric in the game so badly. Dustin claims that Eric is a bigger threat than Kail. Dick then goes off again about how he doesn't trust Dustin anymore since he told Daniele to nominate him. Dick says that he has said nothing but the truth since he has been in the house. Dick says that Eric and Kail have some sort of agreement, and they need to be split up. He tells Dustin that he can trust him or he can trust Eric after this week. Dustin tells Dick that he (Dick) can still trust him.

Other than that, hardly any new game talk happened. There was a lot of small talk regarding previous seasons and the like. Eric and Jessica stayed up much later than anyone else before finally crashing at around 6:00 AM. All HG are asleep as I post this!