Monday, August 6, 2007

8/5-6 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

Unfortunately, the feeds got boring quick after the filled evening. The HG crashed early, but some info still was uncovered. Here's the late-night info from inside the BB house!

Dick asked Dustin if he (Dick) was going to be able to trust him. Dustin told Dick that he told Daniele to put Dick up. Dick was shocked by this because he would never tell anyone to nominate Dustin. Dustin says that everyone is always an option. Dick then talks about how Amber is still upset about Nick going and how Kail should have went last week. Dick asks Dustin again if he can trust him. Dustin says that he should. Dick doesn't think so if Dustin suggested that Dick go up. Dustin claims that he told her that because he is hurting her in the game. Dick says that his actions help the group because nobody else sticks up for the LNC like he does. Dick doesn't understand how Dustin could want him nominated if he does all this stuff for the group. Dustin says that he doesn't want him nominated, but that he just suggested it as a possibility. Dick doesn't understand how Daniele would nominate the closest person she is to in the house after she just voted out her other closest ally. He comments that Dustin would never vote out Amber. Dustin agrees. Dustin says that if Eric is nominated and stays, then Daniele will make more enemies in the house than she needs to this week. Dick comments that the only reason people are having a hard time believing him about Eric is because they like him too much. The same happened with Nick, but they were convinced to vote him out last week. Dustin says that he wants a few days to digest all the info regarding Eric. Dick says again that nominating him wouldn't help him in the game. Dustin talks about the deal Daniele and Kail have this week. Dick questioned the fact that Dustin even brought that up. He doesn't understand why Dustin wouldn't vote Eric out if he wants to honor Daniele's deal. Dick goes off on Kail, and Dustin asks if he wants Kail to be the target this week instead. Dick wanted Kail out before the PoV competition, but now he wants Eric gone. Dick doesn't understand how Dustin can want Eric in the game so badly. Dustin claims that Eric is a bigger threat than Kail. Dick then goes off again about how he doesn't trust Dustin anymore since he told Daniele to nominate him. Dick says that he has said nothing but the truth since he has been in the house. Dick says that Eric and Kail have some sort of agreement, and they need to be split up. He tells Dustin that he can trust him or he can trust Eric after this week. Dustin tells Dick that he (Dick) can still trust him.

Other than that, hardly any new game talk happened. There was a lot of small talk regarding previous seasons and the like. Eric and Jessica stayed up much later than anyone else before finally crashing at around 6:00 AM. All HG are asleep as I post this!

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