Sunday, August 5, 2007

8/5 Show Recap

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated?

Kail knows that she will be nominated each week unless she wins HoH this week. Dustin thinks the LNC can win because they have double the chance that Jen, Kail, or Zach have at winning. Daniele is extremely upset that Nick is out of the house because she now feels all alone now. Kail doesn't want to be used as a pawn anymore after this week's eviction. Amber was in a fit. Dick thinks he made a horrible game move for him and Daniele by evicting Nick. Eric says that he has taken out a huge threat of his.The HoH competition is in full swing! Amber was the first to fall, lasting only six minutes. @@ - So much for God telling you that you would win HoH! Eric was next off, being disqualified for bringing himself over the bar. He was out after only nine minutes. Jameka fell off a minute later. The banner plane! Amber was floored that America thought she was a liar. She started crying about it. Eric said the plane would hurt him in the game. After seeing the plane, Daniele realized what has been happening in the house. After 32 minutes, Zach dropped out of the competition. Jameka was ecstatic that Zach couldn't win HoH. Dick fell after 44 minutes. Amber started to get nervous that Jen and Kail were still in. Jessica fell after 59 minutes. Daniele knew that the competition relied on her now.

Kail was mad that nobody was cheering her or Jen on in the competition. Dick told Kail that she was a poor example of Christianity. Jameka scolded him, saying there was no need for that. Dick brushed her off. Jen claimed that she wouldn't nominate Daniele if she won HoH, but Daniele wasn't believing a word she said. Dick and Jen went on for quite a while about Daniele. Eric then stood up for Daniele, who appreciated him for that. Jen dropped after 91 minutes. Kail was disappointed. Daniele told Kail that she would be safe if she won HoH. Kail tried to tell Daniele to fall, but Daniele said that Kail already had her chance. Daniele promised that would not let Kail go home this week. Kail then dropped after 96 minutes. Dick embraced Daniele for her HoH win. Kail was upset that she might be nominated again this week. Jen wasn't upset that she might be nominated this week because she claims that the replacement nominee is the one that usually goes home. Daniele was so upset that they could have had the votes to evict Kail last week. Daniele asked Amber if she was the vote, and Amber told her that she voted Nick out. She made sure everyone in the house knew that. Eric doesn't want to talk about it.

Daniele received pictures of her boyfriend and grandmother. Dick knows that his mother is proud of Daniele and Dick growing closer. Daniele told Dick that she thinks Eric was the other vore to evict Kail last week because of the banner. She knows they did the wrong thing now. She thinks that Eric wanted Nick out because Nick knew Eric was the other vote. After listening to Daniele, Dick realized how dumb he was to believe Eric. Daniele and Dick told Jessica about Eric being the extra votes. Daniele thinks Eric has an alliance with Kail since week 1. Jessica didn't know what to do because she has trusted Eric for so long. Daniele told Jessica not to tell anyone because she doesn't want Eric knowing that they are coming after him. Of course, Jessica told Eric about everything Daniele and Dick told her. Eric became extremely upset and immediately wanted Daniele and Dick out more than anything. Time for the next AP task! Who should Eric promise to take to the final two? Hmm...this should be interesting.

Dick called Eric out on all of his lies, and Eric tried to defend his case. Eric didn't know why Dick was accusing him when he never even considered himself as a possibility. Everyone else watched around in confusion at the recent breakthrough in the house. Jen was excited that Dick was finally going on someone else in the house! The argument continues for much of the segment.

Time for the nominations ceremony! Daniele considered being HoH an honor but a huge responsibility. Order of keys: Dustin, Eric, Jameka, Amber, Dick, Jessica, and Zach, leaving Jen and Kail nominated again! Daniele told Kail that she was a strong competitor. She told Jen that she nominated her because Jen told her to. Daniele doesn't like Jen's accusations against her though. Kail says that her strength is running out on being a pawn. Jen doesn't care that she was nominated again. Daniele's real plan is to backdoor Eric though!

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Jen or Kail?


AbsolutelyJo said...

The plane has seriously hurt our America's player, Eric. Now he is being attacked just because of an outside influence. CBS needs to do something - we do not want to lose our player.

Jimmy said...

After watching the show, I'm a little confused about America's player. The question tonight was who do we want him to promise that he's going to take to the finals. In your recaps, one of them says that he told Jessica that he always wanted her to go to the finals with him. If the show comes out on Tuesday and Jessica is America's pick, then it kinda seems like the whole America's Player thing could be fixed.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe America is going to get America's Player voted out! Poor Eric. Everything was going smoothly until that banner showed up!! I don't understand why the banner called Eric a liar anyway. I don't recall him lying to anyone-except for the incidents America tells him to do!! Who would do such a stupid thing and spoil the game?

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of crap!!! Nick is a complete sore loser bonehead. Only him and his "associates" would do something as ridiculous and wrong as flying a banner message in the air so how the houseguests could see. This now has completely screwed up Eric chances!!! How ridiculous and unfair!!!
This only proves that Nick is an arrogant, selfish jerk who only thinks of himself. He has no respect for the game. We should've known what a bonehead Nick was when he continued to hit on Danielle, knowing full well she has a live in boyfriend. What a jerk!! Glad he's gone, hopefully we never see him again!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

does eric have the option of ignoring americas choice and voting for his own everynow and then. bc i seriously wouldnt mind, i would rather he made his own choice and stays in the game

Anonymous said...

I really don't think it was Nick who had the banner flown. It sounds more like something Dr. Will would do! And ... though the phrase 'Nerd Herd' was coined at an earlier BB, it was Dr. Will (Evil who used it again in the all~stars BB. Definitely sounds like Dr. Will did this to create havoc in the house.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the last comment. It does sound like something the evil Dr. would do. (Love it!)

I have a hard time believing Nick had anything to do with it.

As far as Nick hitting on Daniele, I didn't see her turn him away. She obviously has feeling for him as well...boyfriend or not!

Let's not throw Nick under the bus completely. It takes two and Daniele needs to assume some responsiblity for what happened in this relationship.