Monday, August 6, 2007

8/5 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

The goo dumping may have ended for some of the HG, but the drama hasn't! Tonight was a night full of info and interesting bits of knowledge. Here's the evening news from inside the BB house!

Dustin told Kail that Jen told Daniele and Dick some stuff about her to get on their side. He thinks that Jen has really became good friends with Daniele and Dick over the past few days, so Kail may be screwed this week. Dustin thinks that Jen is a liar now. He says that Jen told them that she would still vote for Kail to stay, but she felt that Kail was dishonest with her regarding the MRA.

Dick tells Daniele to nominate Eric and get Kail to tell Dustin that if he doesn't vote for her to stay, then she will go home this week. Daniele says that Jameka and Jessica are against Kail. Daniele doesn't understand why everyone cannot see how Amber and Eric are so close all of a sudden. Dick says that he and Kail will try to influence Dustin to vote their way. Daniele says that she can talk to Jameka about Eric setting Nick up because she knows Jameka feels guilty about using the PoV last week. Daniele goes on about how she hates everyone in the house. Dick tries to cheer her up, but it doesn't work. Dick says that if Kail goes this week, they still will have Jen and Zach. Daniele likes Jen but isn't sure if she can trust her. Daniele thinks they should nominate Amber and Dustin next week. (They should have done that this week!)

Jameka and Jessica told Eric about the meeting. Eric laughed at what they have to say since he knows they are making a dumb game move by nominating him. Eric says that he will defend himself if Dick goes off on him. Jessica hates that Daniele and Dick argue with anyone who tries to talk to them. Jessica doesn't think BB will give them alcohol tonight because there are "psychos" in the house. Dick FINALLY went off on Eric. Dick told him that he has figured out his game plan of lying and playing all sides. Dick tells Eric that he will be nominated, but Eric doesn't care. He wants everyone in the house to make the decision on their own. Eric says that he will not go home this week if he goes up. Eric says that Dick will be the first one of the LNC to go, not him.

Dustin asked Daniele if she would nominate Dick. @@ Of course, Daniele rejected the idea. Kail tells her that she never had a deal with Eric. Kail is upset because she knows she will go home if Eric is nominated. Jen is upset because Dustin blamed her for the Dick and Eric blow-up because she confirmed everything Daniele and Dick thought about Eric. She told Jessica to tell Eric that she was sorry for Dick yelling at him. Dustin wants to threaten Daniele into nominating Dick. Dick tells Amber that Eric manipulated the LNC into voting Nick out last week. He tells her that he has never lied to her and that he is telling her the truth now. He thinks Amber is lying that her and Eric don't have an alliance. Amber swears that she is telling the truth. Dick tells her that Eric is going up tomorrow.

Dustin told Eric and Jessica that he tried to get Daniele to nominate Dick. He says that she can't control him and that he's running her HoH this week. Kail says that Daniele and Dick have to be nominated next week. Dustin agrees. Dustin says that Daniele will never make it to the finals if she doesn't nominate Dick. Jen tells them that Daniele will not put Dick up. Eric says that Jen sold him out to Daniele and Dick. Jen says that she didn't lie to them about anything. Jessica says that she feels stupid for even talking to Daniele and Dick. Jen says that everyone will be after them after this week. Jessica agrees and says that it is better to keep Eric this week.

Daniele and Amber cried about voting Nick out last week. Daniele told Amber that Eric had convinced them all to vote Nick out, and they hate him for that. Amber says that she didn't even think when Eric was convincing them to vote Nick out. Daniele doesn't understand why Jen thinks she was so close to Nick. She asks Amber if she would vote Eric out, and Amber says that she needs time to think about it. Amber says that she will tell Daniele the truth about her vote before the eviction though. Amber says that Daniele and Jen talking seems awkward to her. Daniele says that it is only because Jen won PoV.

Dustin tells Dick that Daniele has used Dick's attitude as HoH this week. Dick tells him that Daniele doesn't need him and that she can run her own game. Dustin tells Kail that he is glad she has realized that she will go home if Eric goes up. Kail wants Eric safe if he is nominated. @@ Dustin tells her to tell Daniele that nominating Eric would be breaking the deal she made with her. Dustin says that he threw the PoV competition because he knew Daniele had some sort of plan this week. Dustin and Kail spent a lot of time trashing Daniele and Dick.

Jameka and Jessica are nervous that what they have heard about Eric might be true. They aren't sure if they can trust Dick or Eric now. Jessica wants to talk to Jen some more about it. Jameka points out that Eric is very nervous now. They agree that they cannot change their vote this week even if Eric cannot be trusted. Jameka points out how aggressive Dustin has become this week. Jameka thinks that Daniele and Dick want to keep Kail this week because she can't win HoH and nominate them. Jameka says that she might vote Eric out because he was the sole reason for evicting Nick last week.

Zach told Dick that he would do whatever he wanted him to do this week. Dick tells him that Zach is safe for a few weeks. Zach tells him that he will stay true to his word for the entire game. Daniele says that she would like to see Dustin out soon. Dick says that Kail needs to go soon too. Daniele wants to see Kail on the block for the next five weeks and then send her out. Zach says that Kail will crack within the next few weeks. Dick thinks the vote will come down to Dustin. Daniele says that she cannot be evicted for the next two weeks so she can be in the house for her birthday. @@ Daniele told Dick that Dustin told her to put Dick up. Dick can't believe that. Zach says that he saw Kail eating a cookie (she's supposed to be on slop). Dick wants to tell BB so she will get booted. Daniele thinks that people see her as a bigger threat than Dick. Dick says that Jameka knows he is not lying to her.

Eric says that none of the LNC will vote for either Daniele or Dick to win. He trashed Amber to Jessica, saying that Amber has had two abortions and faked two more to her boyfriend. Jessica is upset at how concerning the banner was. Eric says that it doesn't matter how many times people tell him that he's safe because he still will be nervous. Eric envisions the final five to be him, Daniele, Dick, Jameka, and Jessica. He thinks Jameka would make it to the final three with him and Jessica, but him and Jessica would be the final two. Jessica says that Eric is freaking out about the vote when he shouldn't be.

Kail asked Daniele if she was sure that she had four votes to save her. Kail said that the LNCNH are all telling her that she will not have the votes to stay if Eric is nominated. Daniele tells Kail that it is not her intention for Kail to go this week, but that she will do what she wants regarding the replacement nominee. Kail tries to get her to nominate Zach instead of Eric. Dustin said that he is done with Daniele and Dick. Amber told Dustin and Jameka everything about her conversation with Daniele. (After she just told Daniele that she wouldn't tell anyone about it - LIAR!)

That does it for the night! I'm not so sure about the vote now, but anything can happen before Thursday! PoV ceremony tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

what a bunch of backstabbers....including AMBER!!!! the big crybaby!!! Love Danielle, and am OK with her Dad...really miss Nick...the rest...a ship of fools....

Anonymous said...

I totally agree why didn't they nominate Amber / Dustin prior, how many more backpeddling second guessing will this group continue to take?

Anonymous said...

Getting rid of Nick will prove to be the biggest mistake Dick and Daniele made in this game.(Probably one of the dumbest moves in BB history!) He was an alliance of theirs and would never have "backstabbed" like they did.

What I don't understand about this group is there seems to be zero loyality. At least in past BB shows there were some true alliances and people that were actually loyal to one another.

This groups "blabs" everything. I could tell on day one Jessica was a girl that could never be trusted. Caddy and the type that likes to gossip. YUCK! I thought Daniele and Dick were smarter than that.

I have a feeling Dick and Daniele are in serious trouble. It angers me to know that the LNCNH will probably take control of this game.

I can actually say I'm rooting for Jen to win it all.

Anonymous said...

When Eric got his marching orders from America. He should have walked right up to the HoH room and said after thinking about it. My vote is for Kail. You guys can vote how you want. It would have saved him a lot of trouble this week.

Anonymous said...

Jessica NEEDS to tell anyone but she needs to go to Amber about the abortions and he said drugs cant remember what type but he said this was all in the last 6 months but if that gets back eric is up the road because Amber would be that 4th vote!



Anonymous said...

I think Dick wants Eric out because of the time him and Jess spend together. He always makes comments about her being so nice. I think she just tolerates him.

Anonymous said...

There are hardly any likable players in this season's Big Brother. As many have lamented, they are all a bunch of liars and backstabbers. I initially like Danielle and her dad, but Evil Dick has to learn some restraint (although I admire his honesty) and I lost respect for Danielle when she selfishly chose to evict Nick. Amber is a totally annoying cry-baby and liar, while Kail is like a coiled viper that is fooling her housemates. Jessica's voice is totally grating and she has proven herself to be a liar (promises to keep things to herself and then quickly runs to another person to blab. Eric, though he is America's player, is turning into America's LIAR. Naive Jameka will be praising God, even when she's walking out the Big Brother door. Jen is turning out to be less hideous than they made her out to be, but still obnoxious. Zack is strange, but he seems fairly true to his work up to this point in time. There is truly nobody to like here, and sadly nobody to cheer on to the finish.

Anonymous said...

They need to move BB to a dome and prevent the overhead hints from a few, who can afford to pay a plane to fly over! It's wrong that they can sway the outcome of the game. Eric should've been allowed to tell the housemates what he had to do for America to end all the bull about what he has or has not caused. From what I recall Eric did want Nick out but he was forced to campaign against Kail because of the America's Player popularity contest. America is not playing the game, they are just voting for people they don't like, instead of doing what will keep Eric in the game long enough to win. This has been the most rediculous "twist" so far and poor Eric has to pay the price.
Dick is the worst excuse for a human being...he needs to take off the makeup and polish and act his age. What an idiot! Although I guess the bigger fools would be anyone who would follow him. Wake up HG's, he's not the Wizard of Oz! Follow another brick road if you want to actually win the game that you signed up for!

Anonymous said...

I don't get everyone's infatuation with Nick. Pretty to look at, but that's about it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, true, but who's the "eye candy" now? The tiny little troll?

Plus, are any of them that interesting??

Jen, maybe.

Anonymous said...

I finally get it! The voters are placing Eric in strategically difficult situations. It's got to be the supporters of the OTHER HG who are doing this. The last few directives have been terrible. He's hanging on for his life because of what he's be TOLD to do. Maybe now, CBS should release him and let him play on his own!!!!

Anonymous said...

Amber and Jameka are two bible punching foul mouthed bitches who should be removed from the house!!! Its not often you can lay in bed and talk to GOD while listening to music and crying. Was it her music or Dick that made amber whine?