Sunday, August 5, 2007

8/4-5 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

Unfortunately, the night toned down a bit as it went on. The HG tried to sleep as much as they could amidst the goo dumping sirens (sirens blared to notify the goo HG that it was time for their next dumping). Here's what happened last night in the BB house!

Dick promised Jen that he will stick with her until the end of the game. Dick apologized to everyone because BB is refusing to give them beer since Dick threw Jen's clothes everywhere. Amber claimed that she can throw up 20 times in a row. (What is wrong with that woman? The feeds rarely show her, but when they do, she talks like a psychopath!) Amber told Eric that she can't be fake with people like Daniele and Dick are being with Jen and Zach. Eric thinks it's impossible that just hours after Dick and Jen are at each other's throats, they love each other. (I agree that they made their truce very obvious. They should have waited until today.) Eric claims that Dick had to go through special counseling before coming into the house because of his emotions.

The new LNC (Dick's side) is referring to the old LNC as the LNCNH (Late-Night Crew/Nerd Herd). Jen asked Daniele if Jameka was trying to get Daniele out in the PoV competition. Jen then says that the LNCNH will try to get her to nominated someone other than Eric. Jen also said that Dick told Jessica about their entire plan. Jen goes on about how Dustin wanted her to get Zach nominated, but Daniele says that it's not going to happen. Daniele wonders why Kail was so eager to give up the next five HoH competitions. Jen thinks it's because she didn't want people to see her as a threat. Jen says that Kail wants Zach put up. Daniele doesn't understand why Kail doesn't trust her to keep her safe this week. Daniele and Jen think that Jessica has already told Eric that he will be going up. Daniele thinks that Eric will flip out when Dick decides to call him out. Jen says that Eric will try to get Dick penalty nominated after it, so they need to warn him about that.

Jessica told the LNCNH that Daniele and Dick think they have the votes to evict Eric this week, but they really only have three out of seven. Dustin is upset because he thinks the DR told Daniele info regarding Eric. (I doubt they did.) Amber reminds them not to talk about their DR so much so when BB yells, the other side will think it's coming from them (Dick's side). Amber thinks the vote will be 4-3 to evict Kail, but Dustin thinks he could pull Zach in too. Jameka doesn't think Zach can be trusted because she has seen him talking with Dick quite a bit. Amber can't wait until the votes come back so that Daniele and Dick can realize that their plan failed. They agree that Dick will go insane. Amber is sad that one of the five of them will be going soon. Dustin leaves, and Amber tells the group that it's good for them that Dustin is stirring the pot so he can look like the threat and not any of them.

Dick asked Dustin if he talked to Jen, and Dustin told him that Jen wouldn't confirm anything to him regarding Eric. Dick says that Jen told him everything and that she said how Eric never would think that Daniele and Dick would have figured him out.

Daniele hopes that Jessica will win HoH next. Daniele told Dick to be careful around Eric because Eric will accuse him of everything in the book. Daniele said that Dustin was on the fence, but they might be able to get his vote. Dick then explains everything to Zach. Dick tells him that everyone wanted him up this week, but that's not going to happen. Zach is mad because he tried hard to get Nick to stay last week. Zach said that he is in a great spot to help Daniele and Dick. Zach agrees to vote Eric out this week. Dick let Zach know that their agreement isn't really an alliance, just a force to get Eric out this week. Daniele thinks that Jessica will nominate Amber and Kail if she wins HoH next week. Zach claims that Eric shifts his shoulders, head, and eyes when he lies. @@

Daniele told Jameka that she feels bad about her not being able to get HoH for the next five weeks. Jameka said that it was okay as long as she could play for PoV still when she was nominated. Jameka said that she would never have taken it if the penalty involved PoV competitions. Jameka is hoping for an America's Choice soon so that she could see pictures of her family. Daniele thinks the last HoH competition was set up for Jen to win it.

The goo dumping continued all throughout the night, but the HG mainly tried to sleep when they weren't dumping. Daniele and Jameka are the only ones up as I post this, which should change very shortly with the next dumping siren!


Anonymous said...

Wow -I like zach a little more now!I'm glad he has decided to vote with the new LNC and get eric out!America's player-whatever-I hate eric....and hopefully jessica will see through him and all his lies!

Anonymous said...

I like eric. America votes and tells him who to vote for. He would probably do things differently. Sometimes I feel bad for him. I say go Eric

Anonymous said...

Eric is a dork. A tiny little troll. He, along with Amber, has got to go.

This has got to be the craziest group of people EVER!

Do any of them trust anyone?? They are constantly "back stabbing" each other and revealing all their secrets.

Dumb...very dumb!

Getting rid of Nick will prove to be a very, very bad move for Daniele and Dick. How stupid are they???

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Kail out, she is the evil one. Amber is psychologically unbalanced, but the others are just plain dumb!!! BB8 chose some real losers this time, the pool must've been very limited.

Anonymous said...

I like Eric too. He has to cover his tracks because he is America's Player. He studied all the past BB's and probably would have been a different player if he were not America's player. I can't stand Dick and can't figure out why everyone keeps him going week after week. He is rude and obnoxious. He has to go. He is a loose cannon.

Anonymous said...

Dicks power is purely intimidation and his relationship w/Danielle. Most people odn't like to be yelled at and called out on their faults. He's using that to his advantage and staying in just because most of them are afraid of setting him off in their direction. He's like an over pressurized spray paint can.... and not one wants to get sprayed!

Anonymous said...

I like Eric and want him to stay for at least a little bit longer. I think it sucks that he's only in this position because he's been doing what America tells him to do. I think it would have been interesting to see how he would have played the game if he weren't America's Player.

It's time for Kail to go. Seriously, she's been nominated three times, hasn't ever been able to get PoV to save herself, and she can't win HoH for the next five weeks anyway. If she doesn't go this week, she'll go fairly soon anyway. So it might as well be her this week anyway.

I hope Jess isn't persuaded. She really is the deciding vote this week.