Sunday, August 5, 2007

8/4 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

The excitement rolls on into the evening! With a new alliance developing, can Daniele find her other vote to get Eric out of the house? Here's what happened this evening inside the BB house!

Dick and Jen shook hands and agreed to work together from here on out. Dick said that he is still worried about trusting Kail, but Jen assured him that he has nothing to worry about. Dick wants their new alliance to all call Eric out tonight. Jen says that Kail shouldn't help and that Dick should start it so Jen can chime in. She says if they all go after Eric, it will look like they are working together.

The goo some of the HG have to pour on their head is DISGUSTING. The feeds were mainly on Jen during it as she showered the grotesque mess off her. Dick told Jessica that Jen told him that she used to be aligned with Eric. Dick is extremely frustrated that Eric had the whole house played thus far. (This is all an act.) Jessica immediately told Jameka about this, and they agreed to talk to Jen. Dick later told the house that he made up with Jen and that they are stopping their bickering.

Jessica talked to Jen about her supposed alliance with Eric. Jen said that she never said that and that other HG are putting words in her mouth. Jen says that she liked Eric and talked to him at the beginning of the game when nobody else would. She never formed an alliance with him though. Jessica talked about how she has just realized how sneaky Eric has been. She says that after she saw the banner, she began to realize that he has been lying the whole time to her. Jessica can't wait for him to be nominated now. Jen tells Jessica that Dick wants to confront Eric, but Jessica thinks that would make everyone feel uncomfortable. Jessica told Jen that she will not vote for Eric to stay now. She keeps talking about how shocked she is to find out that the closest person to her in the house has been lying to her the entire time.

Way to go Jen! I think she has Jessica convinced now. Jessica later told Dustin that she believes what Daniele and Dick have been telling her about Eric now. Dustin isn't so sure about Eric and that he will be shocked if it is true. He doesn't buy Jen liking Eric or the Dick and Jen truce though. He agrees that tonight will be very awkward once Dick goes off on Eric. Daniele told Dustin about how mad she is at herself for Dick not believing her about Nick. She is extremely upset that everyone believed Eric over her, especially since he has been lying this entire time. Dustin doesn't know what to do about all of it because there is no proof yet, just assumptions.

Amber is mad that Daniele has been saying that she (Amber) is the reason that Nick left last week. Eric is sick of Daniele as well. Jessica told Jameka that Dick is planning on calling Eric out at dinner tonight. Jameka doesn't buy that Eric has been lying to them. Jessica says that Dustin doesn't either. She thinks that Daniele and Dick are trying to get the LNC to turn against Eric, but it will not work.

Dick didn't call Eric out at dinner, much to my displeasure. Time for another goo dumping! This time, everyone was shown getting showered with the disgusting substance. Jameka didn't even bother rinsing her hair since she will be doing it again in an hour. Dick complained at how rank the house will be smelling tonight.

Dustin asked if Kail trusts Eric. Kail said that she only trusts Dustin and Jen and that Eric never made an agreement with her like Dustin was implying. Dustin tells Kail about Daniele and Dick suspecting that Eric casted the extra votes. He tells her that Daniele and Dick want Eric out this week. Kail is shocked and says that she needs Eric in the house to take out Dick. She wonders who will vote for her to stay if Eric goes up instead of Zach. Dustin tells Kail that she should have fought harder in the HoH competition. Kail is shocked and can't believe that Daniele lied to her. Dustin talks about how weird the Dick and Jen truce was and that it is because Jen is working with them now. Kail thinks it's because BB made him make a truce with her. @@ - They can't make you do anything!

Kail is convinced that Daniele wouldn't lie to her. Dustin says that Daniele is playing Kail. He tells her to convince her to nominate Zach this week instead of Eric. Otherwise, she will not stay in the house. Kail doesn't know what to do, and Dustin tells her to wait until tomorrow before talking to Daniele again. Dustin tells her that Dick thinks Eric has been leaking info to her, but Kail denies it. She claims she has nobody to tell her anything in the house. Dustin goes on about how fishy Dick and Jen's truce was and about how Dick has been trying to turn the house against Eric. Dustin says that Daniele and Jessica have told him that Jen has been getting info from Eric and relaying it on to Kail. Kail is shocked by it all and says that it is not true. Dustin says that he wants to keep Kail, but that it can only happen if Zach is nominated this week. He wants to talk to Jen about all of this as well. Him and Kail are both very confused about what is going on this week.

Kail thinks that Jessica is the leak and not Eric. Kail claims that she will go home no matter who she is nominated next to now. Dustin says that if Eric is nominated, the vote would be 4-3 for Kail to be evicted, but she will stay if Zach is nominated. Kail says that Jessica is the deciding vote. (She's right!) Kail thinks that maybe Daniele is trying to trick her because she feels strongly that Daniele would not break her word to her. Dustin thinks Daniele is cocky and vicious just like Dick.

Time for another goo blast! (This is becoming very entertaining.) Jameka cheated this time as she poured the goo down her back instead of on her head. Jessica grilled Eric on his lies. When Eric complimented her on being smart, Jessica asked him if he told everyone that. Eric looked confused and surprised at her comment, but said that he did! (Is he nuts?) Jessica then asked him about things Daniele told her about him. Eric of course denied everything Jessica asked him about. @@ She continues, asking him about his conversations with Jen and Kail today. Eric claimed he didn't even talk to Jen today. (I'm sure.) Jessica asks Eric if he is lying to her, and he pleaded with her to believe him. He says that he has always wanted to take her to the finals with him. Eric then says that he is going home this week, and Jessica said that he will not. Eric goes on about why Jessica should trust him, until she finally agrees to vote to keep him. (I'm hoping this was just to get him to shut up!)

Dustin confronted Jen about her truce with Dick. Jen said that it was just so that she would stop making fun of Daniele in exchange for politeness from Dick and perhaps her vote. Dustin asked if Jen knew anything about the replacement nominee this week, and Jen said no because she isn't aligned with Daniele. Dustin keeps saying that Jen is being vague, but Jen is claiming that she just doesn't know anything that is going to happen this week. He tells her that she is the most vague person in the house, but then goes on about how she is America's favorite HG because she is such a good competitor.

Amber is sure there are only 28 days in August. @@ She tells Jameka that God HAS to give HoH to her and Jameka. (Should we just eyeroll this whole conversation?) Dustin told Amber and Jameka that he told Kail to push for Zach to be nominated this week. He can't believe how stupid Jen is still acting.

I think that was my longest update yet! The feeds have become pretty interesting as the quest continues to get Eric out of the house. It's so hard to see what's happening with the situation because things change on a dime in the house! I guess we'll know soon enough.


MissRed said...

As I am watching the Showtime BB show I know know that Eric is so full of bologna! If Jess does not see through his lies then she is not as sharp as I thought she was--and Dustin is turning into a real jackass. I think that a grouping of Dick, Daniele, Zack, Jen and Kail is oddly neat. How about Jamika? Sold out for ten grand...guess God lead her to that decision...right?

Anonymous said...

hopefully now kail and jen will see the lies rolling off of dick and dani.

can they not see that they are totally being dick would really want an alliance with jen and kail....puh-lease!

get rid of zack. hes totally useless anyway

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for a great update!


Anonymous said...

Watch it on showtime last night

I Don't Know if Jessica is or NOT

She did give him eric that look like you are one big fool!


if eric is evicted will they tell everyone what he has been ACP before he walks out the door?


Anonymous said...

why do you hate eric so much?

Anonymous said...

Who was Eric instructed to try to get nominated this week?

Anonymous said...

How has Jessica lasted so long and been so dumb (her voice alone;()? Also, is Amber joking with all that crying (it seems sooooooooooo fake)?

Anonymous said...

sick of people judging Jamika's faith led decisions. Being in this situation is hard enough. I thought the whole point of being on BB is to win money, right? They are not just going through all of this for the fun of it.

Anonymous said...

I'm not that much of an Eric-hater; just can't figure out why he lies so much.

Amber talks out of both side of her face, when the tears aren't streamimg down of course... so unstable.

The truce with Dick and Jen is really odd to me. There's more to this and I doubt it was Jen's idea!

Anyone think today's alliances will hold? I think Dick & Dani might be the strongest; the others are out of the convenience of the moment.

Better question: do any of the HG have any integrity at all?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy the updates on what is happening since I dont have much time to watch tv. Thank you for keeping me updated.

Anonymous said...

Obviously Dick & Danni is the only alliance that will withstand any pressure. With Dick intimidating everyone else in the house, it's hard to really get a read on what everyone else would do if he's not around. Everyone is trying to stay under his radar so that they are not the next target of the dynamic duo. It would really be interesting to see what would happen if he was gone, but I don't know if everyone has the ...alls to put him up and vote him out, because they are afraid if he stayed that he'd come after them!

Win Big Eat More said...

Thanks for the site..........Eric sucks as America's player. He's gotten very cocky

Anonymous said...

i liked danielle at first but she is just like her father. they way they are playing, someone needs to get them out of the house, danielle is a strong player and dick is a person who can persuade anyone. i want eric till the end, but wtf would send a banner like that? its AMERICAS player, some people are just ridiculous

Anonymous said...

Eric doesn't suck as America's player. It just that the rest of the people in the house are a bunch of nimrods. I mean seriously how are you going to put the same two people up three weeks in a row and fail to get one of them out. They spend to much time whining about who the second vote was for kail (danielle and dick) that they lost track of the fact that jen and kail made a serious effort to bounce them from the house. stupid stupid so so stupid!!! oh and Amber cries way too much she need to go!

wildgal said...

I commend you on how well you keep us informed on the dailies in the house. Jen and Kail are truly the two that need to get out ASAP. After watching BB Afterdark on a nightly basis, I think that Eric full of it. If Jess doesn't open her eyes, then it's her own stupidity. I think this should be the week that Kail says bye bye to the house.

The players I hope makes it to the end are Dick, Daniele, and Dustin. I truly hope that they survive to the end. I especially like Dick because he'll honestly speaks his mind and isn't afraid of it. What other house guest does that?