Saturday, July 28, 2007

7/28 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

With Jameka in control of the PoV, how will Jen and Kail influence her decision to save either one of them? At this point, she hasn't made a decision, but that could all change at any moment! Here's what happened this afternoon in the BB house.

Dick was very upset about what some HG did in the PoV competition. Apparently, Dustin won a trip and $5,000. He thinks that Dustin didn't try hard enough to win because he went for a luxury. Dustin said that he took the prizes because he felt like it didn't matter who went from Kail's side this week. Dick is also upset because he thinks that Jen threw the PoV competition to Jameka. Apparently, Jameka was winning, and instead of trying harder, Jen just threw it to her because she knew that Jameka would save her with the PoV. Jen also seems to have won a prize as well. Dick complimented Eric, saying that he did a good job hosting the competition. Dick told Nick that he is sick of Amber and Dustin and wants them out as soon as possible. He said that he wants Kail gone this week. Dick tells Nick to put Dustin up so that both Amber and Dustin will fall apart. Dick continued to go off on Jen throughout the afternoon, much like he did Kail last week.

Jameka told Amber that she will use the PoV to save Jen. Jameka keeps saying how God allowed her to play for PoV for a reason, and since Jen picked her name, she feels obligated to save Jen. Amber tells Jameka that Jen doesn't deserve to be saved since she threw the PoV competition, but Jameka said that everyone is deserving of God's grace. @@ Give me a break. Jameka says that if she says something, she always follows through with it. Amber then starts crying because Jen will be saved this week. @@ - I really should keep a counter of how many times Amber has cried in the house thus far. It has to be close to 100! Jameka continues to repeat that she gave her word to Jen already. Jameka then reads the Bible to Amber to try to calm her down. I'm gagged out.

Apparently, Jessica and Kail did terrible in the PoV competition. I think it came down to Jameka and Jen, and that is when Jen threw it to Jameka. The competition had something to do with betting points for certain prizes. Whoever stayed in the longest won PoV (similar to the week 3 PoV from BB7). Apparently, Dustin would have won the competition had he not gone for the prizes.

Dustin thinks that everyone hates him now since he went after the prizes. He thinks that he fractured his relationship with Jameka because he told her that he was playing to win the PoV, and he instead went after the prizes. He tells Eric that he doesn't care who goes this week now because he is the only one that wants Zach out this week. Dustin thinks that Jameka would have saved whoever picked her to play, even if it was Nick or Zach had they been nominated. Eric thinks that playing a reality game is stupid if you bring God into it. Eric says that Dustin needs to really lay low next week since he has made himself a target through the PoV competition today. Dustin tells Eric that he told Kail that she will be a pawn. Therefore, if she stays, she will owe Dustin, and if she goes, it won't matter because she's not in the jury. Eric says that Dick keeps making himself a target through his words and actions.

Jessica is really excited for the next endurance competition. Dick tells her that they already had one (last week's PoV competition), and she sucked at it. Jessica says that one didn't count because it involved balancing. Dustin tells Dick that Kail is a wreck again. Dick says that Amber is mad at Dustin for not following through with his PoV plan (trying to win). Dick says that Amber will always be whining to Dustin about it, just like she did to Dick when he won the plasma TV during week 2.

Kail tells Dustin that Jameka has to use the PoV for her to stay. She tries to get Dustin to backdoor Dick, but Dustin says that wouldn't be good for the house. Dustin tells her that he wants Zach out and her to stay this week. Kail thinks that Daniele is the one that voted with Zach to vote her out last week. Kail talks to Jen, and Jen doesn't think that Jameka will use the PoV to save her. Jen thinks that nobody is mad at her for throwing the PoV to Jameka. (Please tell me she's playing dumb again!)

That's it for the afternoon! It seems clear that Jameka will use the PoV to save Jen, and then Dustin would nominate Zach. If that happens, Zach will most likely be evicted unless Dick can convince Dustin otherwise. I'll have more on the evening later!

7/28 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Like I said earlier, Jameka has won this week's PoV. Little went on before the feeds were blocked for the competition. Here's what happened this morning in the BB house.

Kail wanted to throw the PoV to Jen so that she could save herself and Zach could be nominated. Kail doesn't want to go through another entire week being nominated though, even though she has confidence she will stay in the house. Kail says that if she wins PoV, she has to save herself because it would look bad otherwise. They think Dustin may backdoor Daniele but don't think he will nominate Dick. They thought the PoV competition may be a maze, but Kail says that the house isn't big enough for one. Kail didn't want to drink too much in case the competition was endurance. They are shocked about Daniele saying that she would shave her head to win the PoV. Kail says that one of them needs to win PoV and save themselves. Kail says that Daniele cannot win the PoV. Jen doesn't want to think too far into the competition.

Amber says that Kail is the biggest liar in the house. Her and Dustin agree that Jen and Kail are still close. They are fine with either Jen or Kail leaving this week. Dustin told Kail to try to win the PoV. He also said that things will be better for her next week. Kail says that if she does not win PoV, then Jen needs to, so she can vote for Kail to stay.

The feeds were then blocked for nearly two hours before returning. Again, Jameka has won the PoV. I'll have another update later recapping the afternoon feeds!

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto is in progress. We got feed block about 1 hour ago and then trivia appeared meaning the competition is in session. We still currently have block. For you non feed watchers out there try to answer these trivia questions they give us while we wait:

UPDATE: After two hours of Feed block it seems Jameka won the PoV. I will update you if anything changes.

7/27-28 Live Feeds: 9:00 PM-8:00 AM

Even though the HG went to bed a few hour earlier than normal, last night was filled with new information! With the PoV competition looming, how will the HG prepare, especially since they have already picked the players? Here's what happened last night in the BB house.

Daniele had Nick had another drama spell. Nick could tell that something was bothering Daniele, but she refused to let him know anything. @@ Daniele mentioned that she will be playing in today's PoV competition. Jameka was also mentioned as playing. (Therefore, the PoV players are Daniele, Dustin, Jameka, Jen, Jessica, and Kail.) Dick asked her if she knew what was up with Amber. She tells him to leave her alone for a few days. Dick says that she will be the first out of Dick's side and points out how everyone is getting sick of her. Daniele says that Nick is mad at her because Amber told him that Daniele was mad at him, even though she really isn't. Dick says that he is sick of Kail and wants her gone this week. Daniele agrees. Dick is ecstatic that Jen and Kail are nominated again this week. Dick tells Daniele that she has to be careful when whispering to others. He says that someone told him that her and Nick were whispering under the covers one night.

Kail told Jen that Jameka plans on trying for this PoV. Jen said that Jameka would either try for the PoV herself or give it to her (Jen) because she was the one who picked her. Jen also said that Jameka would save her if she won PoV. Jen mentioned that the HG would be locked out of the house beginning at 8:00 AM today. The PoV competition would then begin sometime between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Everyone is assuming that it will be an indoor competition. Jen talks with Dick, and he tells her that Kail will be evicted if the nominations stay the same.

Dustin complained about Dick's wanting to get Kail out this week. He thinks that it's his HoH, so he should get to choose who he wants out this week. Amber whined to Dustin for not picking her to host the PoV competition. @@ Dustin said that they already do everything together, so he wanted to give other people a chance to do stuff this week. Dustin says that Nick lied to him because he knew about the deal Amber, Dustin, and Zach made during the first week. (I'm still not sure what that was.) They agree that he is a liar and that he needs to go. He still isn't sure whether to nominate Nick or Zach if PoV is used.

Jameka complained about Dick not liking her idea to save Jen this week. (She felt obligated to save her since Jen picked her name to play.) Eric reminds her that there is no bad scenario this week and to not cause tension within their group. Dustin tells all of Dick's side that the plan is to use the PoV this week so Zach can be backdoored. Eric suggests letting Jen and Kail battle it out for it. Jameka and Jessica both want to win it, but they agree to use it if they win. Jameka says that she told both Jen and Kail that she will save Jen if she wins PoV. Dustin asks everyone if they want Kail or Zach out more this week. Daniele, Dick, and Jessica would rather see Kail go. Eric says that he doesn't care. Daniele says that if she won PoV, she wouldn't use it. Dustin says that if he wins PoV, he will save Jen. Jameka thought the plan was to have Kail as the pawn, not Jen. Daniele says they have plenty of time before the PoV ceremony, so they shouldn't stress about it now. They then talk about how if Zach goes this week and one of them wins HoH next week, Jen and Kail would be nominated again. They then said that the same thing could happen next week if Nick is voted out. Jen and Kail would be nominated the following week too. Eric, Jameka, and Jessica don't trust Nick. They would like to see him backdoored this week instead of Zach. Eric says that he is the only one that causes problems for their side.

Amber told Jameka that Eric has convinced her that Nick needs to go. She agrees that she needs to stop being selfish and get him out. Amber says that Zach needs to go this week because he will put people from their side up. Amber says that Nick will nominate Kail and Zach, but Jameka doesn't believe that. She says that Nick will go next week. They agree that Jameka should save Jen if she wins PoV because Jen would be a vote for them to win in the jury.

Dick was the last one asleep at around 3:45 AM. Daniele, Eric, and Nick were the first ones up today at around 7:00 AM. BB locked the HG outside shortly later. The PoV competition still hasn't started yet, but I'll keep you posted on it!

7/27 Live Feeds: 6:00-9:00 PM

My next update is coming a little earlier because I have to work very early tomorrow morning. Thankfully, I'll be working while the HG are asleep so I won't miss much. Expect the late-night update a little later than usual before I can get back on track though. Now, on to the evening events in the BB house!

Like I said earlier, Jen and Kail have been nominated for eviction. Jen cried for quite a while, secluded from everyone in the bathroom. Kail told Dustin that she has no hard feelings about him nominating her. Dustin told her that Jen will be evicted if the nominations stay the same. (I'd doubt that, considering everyone wanted either Kail or Nick out this week.) He tells her that she will have the votes to stay, but reminds her not to tell anyone that she is a pawn this week. He says that Amber, Daniele, Eric, and Jameka will all vote Jen out, and she only needs four votes because Dustin will vote to keep her. He also says that Zach will go up if PoV comes into play. He tells her that nobody knows she is a pawn except for them. (This is also a lie I'm guessing.) He said that if she hadn't wanted to go up as a pawn, that she wouldn't be nominated though. Kail says that she understands and won't use this against him if she stays and wins HoH in the future.

Kail tried to console Jen by telling her that she was shocked by Dustin's nominations. Jen says that she would never have put Dustin up, so she doesn't understand why he put her up. Kail tells her that she will survive just like she did last week. Jen says that she is crying because she has lost her trust in Dustin, not because she was nominated again. She says she wants Dustin out now because he didn't even let her know that she might be going up.

Amber thinks that Jen is putting on an act. She also mentions that Nick was trying to console her. Dustin thinks it's weird that Nick never talked to him before nominations. He really wants to backdoor him now. Amber seems to think that Jen and Nick are in an alliance for sure now, and her and Dustin agree that Nick should be backdoored. (Is she finally seeing the light?) They agree now that Nick was the leak to Kail about the vote last week. Dustin repeats how he wants either Jen or Nick gone this week. (What happened to Zach? Get him out, not Jen!)

Nick told Dustin that Zach told him about having a deal with Amber and Dustin since week one. Nick says that Zach would never put Dustin up, and if Dustin would put him up, he would immediately try to get Dustin out of the house. Dustin tells Nick that Kail was a wreck after the nominations. (I don't think she really was. She was fine when the feeds came back, which according to Nick, was about five minutes after the ceremony.

Dick told Zach that it would be in his best interest to leave the nominations the same if he won PoV. (Hmm...) Dustin told Jen that he nominated her and Kail because they both have caused drama with their relationships with other HG. He says that she made amends with people after being nominated last week, and this week will be another chance for her to do that. Jen says that being nominated last week really doesn't count because it was only for a day. Dustin says that he doesn't have a lot of enemies in the house, and he didn't want to create any through this week's nominations. Jen tells him that she wished she had more notice before the nominations. She hates that people think she is with Nick and Zach. She says that she won't campaign against Kail, but she thinks Kail might campaign against her. Jen says that she will try to make a deal with Jessica because Jessica isn't close to anyone.

Jen told Kail that she wants to trust Dustin. She thinks that he put her up because he knows she won't hold a grudge against him. Kail says that Jameka is making her mad because she is a major floater in the game. Jen mentions how Nick and Zach were the first people to talk to her after nominations. Kail says that she wants Jen to win PoV because she would vote for her to stay. According to Jameka and Jen, tomorrow's PoV competition will be inside.

Apparently, the HG already picked players for the PoV competition tomorrow as the feeds were blocked for about 25 minutes. Jessica confirmed that she is playing in the competition and that Eric is the host. It looks like the competition will be early tomorrow morning. Some of the HG are talking about going to bed early for it. Jen and Kail think that the competition may be an endurance one if they are planning for it tonight (allowing the HG to go to bed earlier than normal for it).

That seems to be it for now. I'll have plenty to tell you tomorrow morning!

Friday, July 27, 2007

7/27 Live Feeds: Nominations

The feeds have just returned with Jen crying and Kail talking to Dustin about her being a pawn. Could it be any more obvious that they are nominated? More later.

7/27 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

The feeds just went out for the nominations ceremony, so expect them to be back up shortly. I'll have the scoop as soon as I know, but I expect Jen and Kail to be nominated. Here's what happened this afternoon in the BB house.

Dustin told Amber and Dick that he plans on nominating Kail and telling her she is a pawn. He wants to backdoor someone else though. Amber and then Dick talk about Dick's constant picking on Amber. Dick says that she has been acting like a bitch lately. Amber says that it's because of him. She then storms out. Dustin tells Dick not to mess around with her because she takes it seriously. Dick tells Dustin to straight-up tell Jen and Kail that he is nominating them because it's what the house wants. Dustin says that he will call them out on their alliance as well.

Amber then cries to Jameka about the whole ordeal. @@ Amber says that Dick brings out the bad side in her, and she doesn't like it. She says that Dick knows that everyone loves her, so he tries to bring the bad side out of her. Oh please - can I get another eyeroll? Amber is very grateful that Jameka is still in the house to comfort her. They hope they make the final two together.

Daniele is not on slop as she was seen eating earlier. (Thanks Ky for that!) Dustin confirmed that him, Amber, Daniele, Eric, and Jameka are the only ones not on slop this week. Apparently, BB told them to go to bed early tonight and to expect a surprise tomorrow morning. (Perhaps for the PoV competition? Last year during this week was the wake-up calls!) Some of the HG think it will be a luxury competition.

Dustin doesn't know what to say in his nominations speech. He wants to tell Jen that he's nominating her because she causes too much drama in the house. He doesn't want to tell them that he's trying to break them up though. He wants to tell Kail that she is a pawn after the nominations. Amber wants to win HoH next week. She says that Nick wants it bad too. Jameka joins them, and she wants to gain an ally (they want to get Jen) after the PoV competition. Dustin didn't like Amber telling Nick that they were planning on nominating Zach if PoV is used. Dustin tells her not to tell Nick any more info unless he demands it out of her. They think that Nick's hatred towards Jen is fake. Dustin says that his order of keys will be Amber, Jessica, Zach, then the rest. He thinks Jameka should be last since she was first the first two weeks. Dustin wants Zach out this week, and Nick out either next week or the week after.

Dick and Eric want Amber and Nick to go. They agree that Amber and Daniele have been telling Nick about their plans. Eric doesn't like how Amber feels jealous when he hangs out with other people. He also thinks that Dustin has been acting shady this week. Dick says it's because he's trying to avoid Amber. Dustin talked to Jen and called her out on the mustard prank and her voting to evict Kail (both done by Eric). Jen states that the person who played the mustard prank is the same person that did the vote. (Way to go Jen! She is much smarter than she plays off - I'm starting to like her.)

That was it for the afternoon. Hopefully the feeds will return shortly!

7/27 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Time for the food competition! The feeds were blocked for a good chunk of the morning as the next food competition was being played. Little went on beforehand. Here's what the morning brought us from the BB house.

Kail was the first one up today at around 9:00 AM. Nick woke up about an hour later, and he was shortly followed by Dustin, who told Kail that she may go up as a pawn. Kail says that she trusts Dustin and knows that she is not his target this week. Kail tells him that he is making the house happy this week by going after her, Nick, and Zach. Kail tries once again to get Dustin to nominate Dick. Kail thinks Nick has the best chance of winning right now because everyone is afraid to nominate him. She tells him that if he nominates her against Daniele or Nick, that she will go home. She then says that if he nominates Dick and Zach, that Daniele and Dick would be mad at him.

Kail says that Daniele and Dick talk all the time and that they are definitely in an alliance. She tells him that their fights are fake as well. She then mentions that Dick would win against anyone in the finals. Dustin asks her if she is still with Jen, and Kail says that the only reason she likes Jen is because Jen mainly talked to her when Kail was HoH. Kail says that she only talks game with Amber, Dustin, and Jen.

BB finally woke the HG up just before 11:00 AM. Daniele told Jameka that Dustin and Kail talked all morning. They think that is weird, especially considering how Dustin campaigned for Kail to stay last week. They agree to look after Dustin.

The feeds were blocked for about an hour, beginning at 11:30 AM. When they returned, Jen said that she was sad because her and Kail are on slop this week. Daniele and Dick also seem to be on slop. Eric, Jameka, and Jessica seem to have food this week. Amber was dressed as the Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland. Apparently, the competition involved putting egg-shaped puzzles together. Nominations should be happening in a few hours. I'll keep you posted!

7/26-27 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

It was a late night for the HG despite their talks of going to bed early in preparation for today's food competition. Dustin's decision is on the way, so how will his fellow HG try to sway his decision? Here's the scoop from last night in the BB house.

Zach feels depressed because he doesn't have an Amber in the house like Dustin does (close ally). He says that there are people in the house that don't deserve to be there. He talks about missing work as well. (I think he's catching on that nobody in the house likes him.) He feels confident that Dustin will keep him safe this week.

Eric thinks that the wrong person went home this week. He doesn't understand how they kept someone who openly told them that she was going after them. Jessica points out that Kail cracks under pressure and that she doesn't want to win HoH anymore. Eric thinks that is all just an act. They then talk about how Kail didn't even talk to them until the second week when she was campaigning against Dick. They agree that she is hiding something as well. Him and Jessica both feel that they are safe this week. He is worried about Daniele because she is sneaky. Jessica says that she talks to Daniele only because she's 21 and blonde like she is. Eric thinks that Nick will be the next one to go. Eric thinks that Kail is a threat now because Amber, Dustin, and Jameka all plan on using her in the future. They also realize that Daniele and Dick will not vote each other out.

Jessica thinks Jameka may have told Kail last week about how Jessica was upset that Kail never talked to her last week. She says that she only told Eric and Jameka that she was upset, but Eric says that he didn't tell Kail. Jessica asks Eric who he would have put up had he won HoH, and he says Nick and someone else. Jessica says she would have nominated Daniele and Dick. (I doubt that!) She then corrects herself, saying she would nominate Kail and Nick. @@ Jessica says that she completely trusts only Eric in the house. They say that when they are HoH, they have to nominate either Amber and Dustin or Daniele and Dick, then team up with the pair they decide to keep. Eric warned Jessica about the God-alliance between Amber, Jameka, and Kail, but Jessica doesn't think that alliance could ever happen. (Me either.) They agree that it might be a good idea to bring Jen closer to them because she feels that nobody likes her and wants her out. Eric says that he likes her better than anyone else on Kail's side. They agree to wait until after Nick leaves before bringing her in. They mention how Nick wouldn't vote for either of them in the finals, so it's best to get him out either this week or next.

Eric is glad that Dustin is HoH now because he isn't sure that Dustin would keep him safe in the future. Daniele agrees. Daniele is nervous because Amber keeps saying that she will be in the final two. She then talks about how she knew she would be safe week 1, and she knew that Dustin would win HoH. Eric is really nervous about Amber, Dustin, and Jameka pulling Kail into an alliance, which is why they wanted to keep her so bad this week. They want her to take out Daniele and Dick for them.

Amber tried to convince Dustin to keep Nick this week and go after Zach instead. She says that Nick would go after Jen and Kail with them. She wants Dustin to nominate Kail and Zach. Dustin says that he wanted to backdoor Zach. He then tells her that he doesn't like how she is still loyal to Nick. Amber says that her relationship with Nick helps them out since she gets info from him. Amber says that there are two sides to their side. On one side, there is Amber, Daniele, Dustin, and Jameka. On the other side is Dick, Eric, and Jessica. She tells him that Dick's side will try to get Nick nominated while her side will try to get Zach nominated. Amber wants Nick in the jury because he would be a vote for either of them to win.

Dustin decides to talk about the vote openly amongst his side (with the exception of Amber). He said he wants to put up either Jen or Kail and either Nick or Zach. Eric thinks that Nick leaked the plan to vote Mike out to Jen. He believes Nick was the other vote to get Kail out. Dick agrees that Jen and Kail are still close. Eric thinks he should nominate Jen and Zach and say that he has nominated the two people who voted for Kail to stay. Then, Jen would sell Nick out as the real vote so they can backdoor him. Dustin doesn't want this week to be that dramatic. Dustin says that if Nick won HoH next week, he would automatically be nominated. Daniele says that they need to backdoor Nick then.

Everyone seems to want Kail and Nick nominated, which was Dustin's original plan. Dustin points out that he still wants Zach to be the target this week. Dick says that he enjoys playing with Kail's mind. Eric repeats that Nick has to go if he is nominated. Everyone agrees that Nick should go this week, then Kail, Zach, and Jen in that order. Dustin says that he doesn't want to deal with Nick once he's nominated. Daniele repeats that he needs to be backdoored so they only have to deal with him for a few days as opposed to a whole week. Dustin then announces that he will nominate Jen and Kail and then backdoor Zach. Everyone agrees with that decision. Amber then joins the group and says that Nick could help them this week, but nobody believes that. Eric says that all he is doing is feeding Jen and Zach info. Eric reminds the group not to listen to anything Kail's side has to offer. He then says that they should fight against them in the food competition tomorrow. (Obviously one of them would have to join their side so the teams could be even.)

Of course, there are still doubts among Dick's side, so they continue to talk. Everyone seems to want either Kail or Nick out. Therefore, Dustin doesn't want to nominate Zach if nobody wants him out. He now thinks that maybe they should backdoor Nick instead of Zach. Dick says that they should still talk to Nick to make him feel part of their group. They agree on Jen and Kail as the nominees with backdooring Nick if PoV is used. They then talk about the latest prank they played on Kail (pouring M&M's in her bed). They suggest hiding her underwear for their next prank.

Amber thinks that Eric doesn't like her anymore. Eric says that she thinks that because he doesn't like Nick and she does. He reminds her that he voted against Kail to cause drama in the house. Jameka says that Eric and Dick should let Amber finish her thoughts when she wants to say something. Amber says that they shouldn't nominate Nick because he still feels that he is part of their group. They think he should be the last one to go from Kail's side. Eric says that Nick isn't a threat to Amber, but he's a threat to him. Amber says that she could influence Nick away from their side. Amber says to get Kail and Zach out first because then Nick won't have anyone to be alligned with. Eric points out that Nick wanted Jen to nominate either him, Jameka, or Jessica when she was HoH. Eric then says again that he was the leak to Kail about the plan to evict Mike. Dick and Jameka agree. Dick also says that he doesn't trust Nick with Daniele.

Eric says that he wants their side to be the last seven standing, and Nick could ruin that. He says that there will be a physical competition soon, and Nick would dominate at that. Dick tells Amber that her reasons for keeping Nick are personal and not strategic. Amber doesn't understand why they won't get Zach out because everyone hates him. Dick then says that Nick on the jury would be good for him too, but not for the group, so he wants him out. He also says that Jen or Kail would never vote for him to win, but they would for anyone else, so he is keeping them in. Eric points out that Zach has no influence over the group, whereas Nick does, so it would be better to get him out this week and Zach out next week. Eric says that Daniele will be more easily trusted if Nick is gone. Dick again points out that Nick voted with Zach today (even though he didn't), so he cannot be trusted. Eric says that Jen and Kail will be nominated, and Kail will go if the nominations stay the same. Dick says that Kail has been telling Daniele that he is a bad father to her and her brother.

Most of Dick's side stayed up extremely late before all collectively going to bed at around 6:30 AM. All HG are still in bed as I post this. As for today's events, expect a wake-up call soon for this morning's food competition. Nominations are also later today. I predict Jen and Kail to be nominated. More on that later!

7/26 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

With Dustin as the new HoH, how will he decide who he will nominate this week? The feeds were relatively exciting as they always are on Thursday nights. Here's what has happened so far tonight in the BB house.

Dustin told Amber to pack her stuff so that she can move into the HoH room. (I thought BB put a stop to that after BB6?) Daniele and Nick think that Mike had a good speech before the eviction and are sad to see him go. They mention Kail crying after his speech. They think that Jen and Zach were the two votes to evict Kail. Dick told Amber that he could not believe how she cried again before the eviction. Dustin is really excited about winning HoH and thinks that Joe is spazzing out right now. Eric told America to vote for Kail to be nominated. Dick said that nobody can trust Kail and that she will be out soon enough.

Amber is sure that Nick was the one who voted to evict Kail (other than Zach). She thinks this because Nick apparently rushed over to her after the eviction and told her that he thinks Jen voted to evict Kail. Amber also thinks that Nick wanted to stay loyal to Zach because they are still alligned. Dustin joins them and says how he knew he would win HoH today. He tells them that he is planning on nominating Kail and Zach. Eric says that Jen overheard Nick saying that he was the other vote to evict Kail. (Obviously, this is a lie since Eric was the other vote.) Daniele agrees that Nick voted that way. They all want to backdoor him this week.

Amber cried because she is so happy for Dustin. She knows and is happy that the HoH won't go to Dustin's head like it did to Dick. Daniele says that Kail thinks that Daniele voted against her. Daniele thinks that Nick has been telling Jen and Kail that. Daniele is not happy with Nick at all and wants him out this week. FINALLY! Jameka thinks that Nick has been sucking Daniele in. Daniele tells her that she realizes that Nick isn't trustworthy and that she is playing him just as much as he is playing her. She wishes Nick had won HoH though so that everyone would see the real side of him.

Amber says that everyone on Dick's side wants Nick out this week. Amber tells Daniele that she wants Dick to go before Nick though because of Dick's behavior towards her lately. Daniele doesn't care which one of them goes first. Daniele doesn't like having to show that she is loyal to both Dick and Nick. They both think that Nick is trying to re-create the MRA, especially through his vote this week. Amber says that they shouldn't try to get rid of Nick this week, but that they need to do it within the next few weeks. Amber thinks that Nick has been leading Jen on to make him feel safe with her. Daniele thinks that the only reason Nick is still in the house is because of her. She then goes on about how he is following her around and that it is starting to creep her out. Amber thinks that Daniele will be better off once Nick is evicted. Daniele tells Amber that Nick's gameplay is very sloppy.

Dick and Jameka applauded Eric on correctly predicting the new HoH the last two weeks. Daniele thinks that Dustin should make it look like he won't nominate Zach this week. They then talk about how Zach told them they both are threats in the game. Amber says that Zach thinks he is alligned with her. Amber can't believe that Mike is gone already. Jen is upset about being first eliminated in the HoH competition. Eric told her that he eliminated her first because the house sees her as a threat. Dustin thinks that the cameras will be all over him this week. @@ Daniele wants to know why they haven't had a luxury competition or AC. (Umm...did she watch last season? They never had those!) Amber says that when she wins HoH, her letter from her sister will be brutal. (God, I don't even want to see her after reading that.)

Dick and Dustin celebrated Dustin's HoH win. They both agree that Nick voted for Kail to be evicted. (I love all the false impressions Eric's AP tasks have imposed on the HG! The mustard prank, this vote, what's next?) They also agree that Nick was the leak to Kail about evicting Mike this week. Dustin says that he wants Zach out this week, and if he can't get him out, then Jen or Nick is next. Dick says that they should make Nick think he is safe until he is nominated. Dustin says that he wants to talk with everyone as a group before making a final decision on his nominations. He doesn't want Daniele up there though because he thinks she might tell Nick what they are planning on doing. Dick agrees with him. They think that Eric was too excited about the HoH when he answered early on the question that eliminated him. (That's what Eric has been telling everyone. It was totally obvious that he threw it!) Dustin is worried about Jessica, but Dick claims that she can be trusted. Dustin doesn't understand how Jen, Kail, and Nick can play the game so badly. Dick is happy that this week he can chill and relax without having to worry about anything. (Good! Maybe he can lay low this week. That would help him.)

Jen and Kail really want Dustin to nominate Dick for them this week. Kail thinks that Daniele and Zach were the votes to evict her. Kail began to work on Dustin shortly after. Kail told him that Daniele and Dick are working together, but Dustin claims that the two nevet talk game. He asks her what she thinks about Jen, Nick, and Zach. She tells him that she has no loyalties to Nick or Zach but that her and Jen are good friends. She also says that she feels comfortable with him, Amber, and Jameka. Kail tells Dustin that she thinks Daniele and Zach were the two votes to evict her this week.

Dick still thinks that Jen played the mustard prank on herself. Daniele says that she wants HoH really bad because of the pictures. She talked about how fast they came into the house. Apparently, Daniele and Dick knew about each other going into the house beforehand. Daniele says that she knew because she is only 20, and the age requirement for BB is 21. She then talks about how she won't have a place to live after BB since Kris is moving in with his family. She also mentions that he doesn't have a lot of money. Dick says that he will help her find a place to stay after the show. They talk about a lot of personal stuff and surprisingly aren't fighting. They then joke about a family trip. (I'd like to see that on TV!) Daniele mentions how beer and wine are nasty but that she likes margaritas. (I love how BB still lets her drink even though she's underage!)

Amber tells Nick that he needs to be careful when he talks to Daniele because Zach might be fake sleeping and listening to them talk. She also advises him not to cut Jen off completely because she is obsessed with him. She tells him how Dustin thinks she (Amber) will make it to the finals. Nick thinks that Jameka and Jessica have a good chance at making the finals too. Amber asks Nick if he thinks that her crying is ridiculous, and he doesn't think so.

That wraps things up for the night! At this point, it looks like Dustin will nominate Kail and Zach tomorrow, then Nick if PoV comes into play. His target is definitely Zach this week though. I'll have another update in the morning!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

7/26 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Well Dustin is the new HoH, but some news went down in the house before Mike was sent packing. Here is what happened this afternoon in the BB house.

Kail told Zach that nobody would tell her if they were voting for her to stay or not.

Dick told Dustin that it feels so weird being nominated last week and then being HoH this week. Dick then told Daniele that he let Kris know oin his HoH blog that Daniele still loves him. He says that no relationship in this house can be real. Dick reminds her not to get too close with anyone in the game because people are watching.

Jen thought that the HoH competition tonight could be an endurance one.

That was pretty much it! I'm sure the evening will be much more exciting as it is the beginning of a new week. I'll have more on that later!

7/26 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Kail says that it's hard to be nominated against Mike and has a strong feeling that she will be evicted this week. Mike thinks that Kail cannot handle the emotional struggle this game brings. Zach feels confident that Kail will be evicted this week. Dick and Nick think that Mike would be the better evictee this week because Kail is so emotionally distraught. Jameka thinks that Mike would target her if he would win HoH. Jen thinks that Kail and Mike shouldn't campaign against each other. Jen thinks that Kail has a good chance of staying because he doesn't have any connections with anyone. Jen is angry that Kail never told her about the MRA. Jen thinks that Kail will probably dig her own grave again this week. Nick thinks the same way. As for the AP task, America wants Kail out of the house! Eric says that he will try to get Kail out of the house even if everyone wants Mike out. Eric pleaded his case to Amber, Daniele, Dick, and Dustin. He seemed to have Dick worked, but Dick doesn't have a vote. Dustin wants to stick with voting Mike out. Dick says that Kail can manipulate anyone at any given time.

Julie asked Zach why he streaked across the backyard. He said that he was feeling down, so he decided to do something to make him feel better. Jameka thinks that CBS has done a great job of incorporating multiple personalities in the house. Jen doesn't care about who played the mustard prank on her. Julie asked Eric how it felt for him to lose to Jen in their wrestling match. Eric says that he's up for a rematch! Ooh...just what I wanted: A talk with Daniele's boyfriend Kris! He says that their relationship is very serious, and they even have discussed getting married. Kris hopes that Daniele is just playing Nick. He says that Daniele told him that he needs to trust her while she is in the house. Kris thinks that Daniele is just confused right now. He has confidence that Daniele will never screw up their relationship. Time for Dick's talk with Julie! Dick says that his relationship with Daniele is going in the right direction. Dick says that he doesn't trust Nick at all. Dick says that his arguing with everyone is total gameplay and nothing personal.

BB talked with Jen's mom, and she says that Jen has done a bad job of making a good first impression. She says that Jen is much smarter than she puts off and that she got straight A's in school. Jen's friend says that she freaks out about bad pictures because she's a model, and that's what models do. She also says that she told Jen to play dumb in the house before she went in. Her mom hopes that Jen sticks around long enough to show everyone what she is really like. Julie announces that the nominees have one last chance to speak to everyone before they vote. Mike gave a SUPER-LONG speech about integrity, honesty, blah, blah. Julie cut him off before he could even get to the point. Kail said that she hopes to strengthen her relationship with everyone in the house if she stays. Time for the votes: Zach - Kail, Jameka - Mike, Jen - Mike, Dustin - Mike, and we will be back for the rest!

So far, the vote is 3-1 for Mike to be evicted. 5 votes left: Eric - Kail, Amber - Mike, Nick - Mike, Daniele - Mike, Jessica - Mike. By a vote of 7-2, Mike has been evicted from the BB house. Julie asked Mike why he stood up against Dick in the PoV competition. He said that he wanted to show everyone how honest he was with both Jen and Kail. As for his goodbye messages, Zach said that he stuck to their alliance with his vote. Kail will miss him. Dustin is upset that Mike never opened up to anyone. Amber says that he will make a great husband for someone one day. Jen said that he was one of the most honest people in the game. Dick thinks that his actions in the PoV competition shows that he was a horrible game player. HoH competition next!

HoH competition: Ahh, the return of the Eliminator! It involves questions about previously evicted HG. 1st out - Jen (outed by Eric), 2nd out - Zach (outed by Dustin), 3rd out - Kail (outed by Nick), 4th out - Nick (outed by Jameka), 5th out - Jessica (outed by Dustin), 6th out - Amber (outed by Eric), 7th out - Daniele (outed by Eric), 8th out - Eric (outed by himself). It's down to Dustin and Jameka, and Dustin wins HoH!

Who will Dustin nominate? Find out Sunday!

7/26 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Before the next update, I'd like to inform you on a few things.

I have decided to turn on comment moderation for this blog. That way, I can read all comments before they are published. It seems this is the only way to block spammers from posting on the blog. Therefore, if you would like to comment (Please do!), just be aware that it will not publish until I approve it.

With regards to the fantasy league, I have updated the fantasy blog recently ( If you still would like to be a part of the fantasy league, please e-mail with your week 4 picks (week 3 evictee, week 4 HoH, week 4 nominees, week 4 PoV winner, week 4 PoV decision, and week 4 PoV replacement nominee [if neccessary]). I will update this blog after each Thursday show with current standings.

Now, on to this morning's feeds!

Talk about boring. Nobody arose before the 10:30 AM BB wake-up call. They reminded Dick that he had one hour to leave his HoH room. They also reminded the HG to clean up the house in preparation for the live show tonight. The feeds should be thrilling today!

Dick tells Daniele that he has heard about her being the leak to care regarding the plan to evict Mike this week. Daniele starts to become upset about that. He also thinks that Nick should go next week. Daniele says that there are more important people to get out of the house than Nick. Daniele says that she won't nominate Nick if she gets HoH next week. Dick says that everyone wants Nick out next week, even Dustin. Dick says that he wants Kail out this week but he's letting her stay, so she should evict Nick even if she wants him to stay. Dick says that the plan is for everyone not to make eye contact or talk with Kail today. Daniele continues to say that she was not the leak to Kail. She thinks that Dustin could have been the leak.

Daniele tells Nick that he needs to try for HoH tonight. She then talks to Eric about Kail, and they both would like to see her go this week.

That was pretty much it for the morning. The HG just finished cleaning up the house, so now they are getting ready for the show, which is still four hours away. Speaking of the show, don't forget about it tonight!

7/25-26 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

I think this has been the most interesting Wednesday on the feeds thus far! Last night proved to be full of information once again, but don't expect today to hold much. Here is the latest from last night in the BB house.

Amber thinks that if they keep Kail, she will pick from Dick, Nick, and Zach for nominations. She then talks about how obsessed Jen is with Nick. Her and Dustin both think that Jen is smarter than she looks. (I do too. Dick caught her earlier on knowing more about BB than she says. I think it's part of her strategy.) Dustin says that Kail wants everyone to feel sorry for her, but Jameka thinks there is more to Kail that they haven't seen yet. Dustin thinks that Kail has had plastic surgery because she does not look like she has had three kids. (Umm, she mentioned having stretch marks earlier!)

Kail tells Dick that she never wants to be HoH again, but Dick tells her that she is going home tomorrow. Kail tries to convince Dick that she will change if she stays this week and that she can forgive anything he's done to her. Dick says that she will still come after him and he will still come after her if she stays, and nothing will change that. Dick continues to ask Kail why he should keep her, but she never really gives him a direct answer. Dick says that Mike has never lied in the house, so he doesn't see him going. Kail said that she doesn't care if she goes or stays now.

Eric thinks Dick is popular with America because he is like an evil villain. He sees Jen as the HG America hates. (He knows this as a fact too!) Jen asks Eric if he thinks that she nominated two people that shouldn't have been nominated last week. Eric thinks that they were the big personalities in the house (Dick and Joe), so he thinks she did. He then says that taking out Joe was a good move though. Jen thinks the opposite happened this week with Dick's nominations.

Amber dyed Dick's hair. She tells him about Kail targeting her the first week because she was a single mother. Dick thinks that Kail has no class and really wants her gone now. He thinks that Nick is nervous about next week. Amber says that Nick is obsessed with Daniele. Dick starts talking about their latest reltionship troubles and how Nick told him that Daniele was impossible to deal with. Dick says that Nick thinks that nobody trusts him. Amber thinks that Daniele is being fake with Nick.

Kail tells Jessica that the reason she hasn't spoken with her yet is because she doesn't need her vote. Jessica tells her that she is voting for her to stay anyway, so she doesn't have to worry about talking to her. (Earlier, Jessica told Eric that she would vote for Mike to stay, so I'm pretty sure she's lying here.)

Dick's side (except Daniele) talked about who they are voting out for sure. Eric pointed out how weird Nick has been acting lately again. Jameka thinks that Nick gets very animated when he talks game, and that is something to watch for. Eric doesn't understand how if Nick doesn't need the money, why is he trying so hard? (Because that's all just an act!) They all agree that Nick is still with Jen and Zach. Dustin again told everyone how Zach thinks he (Dustin) is a threat and how he asked him (Dustin) to be in an alliance with him. Dick and Dustin both think that Jen is a strong competitor. Jameka thinks that Jen should be backdoored. Amber doesn't want Kail in the jury because she will try to convince everyone to vote a certain way.

As for the vote, they seemed to have agreed that Mike should be evicted. However, Dick reminds them that they need to fluster Kail before the HoH competition tomorrow. Amber doesn't want Kail to think that she succeeded in staying; she wants her to find out when Julie reads the vote. Dick tells everyone that Zach is planning on getting the HoH tomorrow. As for next week, they want Kail and Nick nominated, with Nick being the one evicted. Jessica really wants Kail evicted in the next few weeks because she doesn't like her. She reminds everyone not to forget about her. Jessica thinks that both Jen and Nick should be backdoored because they could win PoV.

Dick and Eric think that Kail could bring Amber and Dustin over to her side if she stays this week. According to Dick, Daniele told him that Dustin leaked the plan to evict Mike over to Kail. Eric said that he would have tried harder to get Kail evicted, but he doesn't really care who goes this week. Dick agrees. Eric says that he's sick of everyone thinking about jury votes because it is only week three. He also mentions how Dustin is acting like the game is all about him. Eric thinks that Amber, Daniele, Dustin, and Nick could be together. Therefore, taking Nick out would make them stay with them. Eric says that the only bad thing about Kail staying is that she could easily sway someone from their side over to her side. Dick agrees.

Dick says that the only reason he is still talking to Amber is because he needs her on his side. Eric thinks that she is being fake in the house. Eric thinks that Zach is afraid of him (Eric) because Eric plays the game like Zach would if he knew what he was doing. Eric says that if Zach ever asks Eric to allign with him, that Eric will target him. Eric says that they need to watch Nick because he used to be a professional athlete. They agree that Jessica could very easily float to the final two because anyone could beat her in the finals. Dick thinks that Jessica would nominate Kail and Nick as well and that Daniele would back them up in getting Nick out. They agree that they are two of the best players in the house right now.

That pretty much wraps it up! It was a late night for Dick as he stayed up until almost 7:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this. Expect a whole lot of nothing today as it's Thursday!

7/25 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

After a quite interesting afternoon, the feeds were fairly excited as the evening went on. The eviction is less than 24 hours, and things are beginning to look up for Mike, or are they? Here's what has happened this evening in the BB house.

Eric tried to convince Dick, Dustin, and Jameka that Kail needs to go this week. He says that she is more active than Mike which makes her more dangerous. They agree that Jen will play more for herself without Kail in the house. Dustin thinks that while Jen and Kail are over, Jen and Mike are still together. Eric continues to push, saying that Kail stirs things up in the house much more so than Mike. Eric mentions Kail not wanting to win HoH again, and Jameka doesn't believe that about Kail. Dustin says that being HoH ruined Kail. Dick says that they need to talk with Amber, Daniele, and Jessica before officially making a decision.

Eric continues (He really works it during this conversation!), saying how Mike deserves to be in the game more and how dirty of a player Kail is (selling out the MRA, offering to go up as a pawn for future weeks to get others out, etc). Jameka is fine with Kail going up to get others like Nick and Zach out of the house. Eric also mentions how honest Mike is and that they could use that to their advantage. Dustin continues to push for Mike's eviction by bringing up his relationship with Jen again and how Kail has nobody left in the house. Eric thinks Jen and Kail are very much still together, so they need to get Kail out this week. He says that they can target Mike, Nick, and Zach next week. Dustin says that Zach wants to keep Mike this week. Dick and Jameka both think they are still alligned. According to Eric, Kail and Mike told him that Nick and Zach's relationship is fake. They think that Nick making fun of Zach is fake, but they agree that they do have some sort of relationship.

Eric reminds everyone how much of a threat Nick is. Jameka mentions how impatient he has gotten lately and talks about him going off on her for no reason. Eric thinks that Joe had been keeping him calm (by flirting with him and such), but now that he has left, Nick is completely out of control again. Everyone is suspicious that Nick talks about Jen and Zach quite a bit. Dustin complains that Zach has asked him three times to be in an alliance with him. Dustin even says that Zach threatened him, saying that he (Zach) would nominate Dustin if he would not allign with him. Dick thinks they should tell everyone about that, while Jameka thinks they should keep quiet about it. Eric says that he would immediately target Eric if he ever threatened him. @@ - I'm really sick of all that "I would kick their ass" crap Eric says. I highly doubt that, especially since he is a floater.

Everyone seems to want Nick and Zach nominated next week. They agree that Nick is the new Kail and that Zach is very sneaky and has already planned his moves for the next few weeks. Eric mentions how Zach doesn't have the support to follow through with his moves though. Dustin wants Zach out next week, while Jameka thinks Nick is the bigger threat. Dick says that he publicly argues with other HG in order to get information out of them, which has been working lately. According to Eric, Zach wants Amber out. Dick says that he has talked with Zach, and he told him that he (Zach) wants Daniele out. Dustin continues to push for Kail to stay this week. He suggests nominating her and Nick next week and then backdooring Zach. It seems that is what everyone wants to do now.

Or is it? Eric STILL will not give up on evicting Kail. (He is doing great at being AP!) Jameka brings up the fact that they don't know Mike, so they should evict him while they have the chance this week. Dick is worried that Mike might go back to Nick and Zach next week. Dick then says that Kail could do the same thing with Jen and Zach though. Eric refuses to give up and says how Kail could bring people in with her and Jen next week. Dustin doesn't think so because Kail is a horrible liar. Dustin says that he has been breaking her down by telling her that she is alone in the house and that she has her work cut out for her. Eric doesn't like how they are shifting from their original intent, which was to get Kail out. He thinks that by getting rid of Kail, they hurt Jen, but by getting rid of Mike, they don't. Dustin says they should get rid of Mike this week, Nick next, then Kail the following week. Dick wonders about evicting Jen. He is worried about her and Kail floating longer than they want them to.

The talk (Does it ever end?) shifts to trashing how Kail wants to know how everyone is voting. They don't think that is fair since she never told anyone if they were safe before her nominations. Amber joins the crew and says that Mike should go because he is much more sneakier than Kail is. Her and Dustin continue to make the case that Mike will team up with Zach if he stays this week. (I agree.) Eric continues to push hard for Kail's eviction, and Dick seems like he is buying what he is saying. (It's all truth what Eric is saying though.) Eric doesn't understand when Mike has been a threat and knows when Kail has been a threat. Everyone agrees that they are missing something about Kail because she came close to being on both BB5 and BB6.

Dustin and Jameka seem to want Mike out, while Eric is pretty much the only one in the group that wants Kail out. Amber and Dick are torn. Dustin comments on how easily it is to mess with Kail's head, which is another good reason to keep her around. Dick then complimented himself on how he really messed with Kail before the PoV competition. @@ Eric then points out that everyone except Dick and Jen were all shaky when they put their glasses on that they all were eliminated within a few minutes' time. Jameka mentions how Kail gives out information when she feels nervous and Mike doesn't. Eric thinks that Kail would win against anyone in the finals, and Dustin disagrees with him. Dick says she would have to do a lot to get there. Dick thinks that if they do vote Mike out this week, they need to shake Kail up for next week. Dick, Dustin, and Jameka agree that someone told Kail about the plan to evict Mike this week because her confidence level is way higher today. (I believe Zach told her.)

Dustin says that he is voting to evict Mike because they have Kail wrapped around their finger. Dick says that they need to vote as a unit, so they need to make a collective decision before claiming they are voting a certain way. According to Daniele, Mike plans on putting two people who the house wants up for nominations should he win HoH. If Kail would win the next HoH, she thinks her and Dick would be nominated. The talk FINALLY breaks up after about 90 minutes of talking.

Eric fills Jessica in on the talk (She was the only one not present from Dick's side). Jessica says she is planning on evicting Kail because Mike tried to get her vote and Kail didn't.

Nick told Daniele that he heard she was on the fence about the vote. Daniele gives him the silent treatment again. Nick yelled at her because she doesn't look him in the eyes when he tries to talk to her. Daniele said that Nick doesn't need to talk to her like that, and Nick storms out. Nick then asks Dick why Daniele is so hard to talk to, and Dick doesn't have an answer for him. Nick then parades around the house, saying how Daniele hates him now. @@ Dick then informs Daniele that she has made Nick flip out again. Daniele tells Amber that Nick can come and talk to her if he loses his attitude.

Nick and Zach think that Dick is scared of them because he has been avoiding them lately. Amber thinks that Dick will try to suck up to Kail next week if she stays. Amber goes off on Dick because he always has to get the last word whenever he is arguing with someone. She also is still upset that he wouldn't let her take pictures earlier. @@ - Give me a break. Amber says that Jameka is like God being there with her. Jameka then calls Amber her angel. (These two are just too religious for me!) Amber says that the only people she likes in the house now are Dustin, Eric, and Jameka. She says that she doesn't like Kail because of how she did the order of keys when she was HoH (putting Nick's key last to throw everyone off). She also thinks that Kail wanted her out because she was a single mom. She is extremely upset with Kail now. Amber thinks that Mike was chosen for BB since he cooks and cleans. Amber is sick of dealing with everyone in the house. Jameka just listens to her rant.

Whew! Today has been jampacked for being just a Wednesday. At this point, I think Mike will be evicted, despite Eric's pressuring. Everyone agrees that they can easily control Kail next week while Mike is loose if he is safe. As for sides in the house goes, it seems that on one side there is Amber, Daniele, Dick, Dustin, Eric, Jameka, and Jessica; while on the other side, there's Jen, Kail, Mike, Nick, and Zach. Therefore after this week, it will be 7 against 4. Personally, I would like to see someone from Kail's side win HoH next week (especially Zach) so that the sides could even out. I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

7/25 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

I knew the HG would eventually open up! The afternoon proved to be far more enjoyable than the morning, and I have the scoop! Here's what has happened this afternoon in the BB house.

Dustin tells Daniele that he wants to be honest with Mike when he talks to him this afternoon. Daniele went on again about how creepy Zach is and that he is a liar. Dustin thinks that Zach is starting to figure out that everyone isn't fond of him. He says that he is comfortable with letting Zach know that he is going home if he ever gets nominated. Daniele says that Zach will believe whatever someone tells him. According to Dustin, Zach thinks that he (Dustin) is a threat. Dustin says that he refuses to lie in the game because he has been honest since the beginning, and it has worked for him thus far. Daniele tells him that he shouldn't confirm or deny anything if he doesn't want to lie to anyone.

Mike tells Dustin that it is hard to campaign against Kail since they used to be alligned together. He tries to get Dustin's vote by showing how honest he has been throughout the game. Dustin says that Mike is a strong competitor but wonders why he protected Jen in the PoV competition. Mike said that it was beyond the alliance and that he did it to show everyone what kind of a person he is. Mike tells Dustin that he told Kail to stick to her word and be the sole vote to vote Dick out last week. (Umm...that's a lie. Kail thought Mike was voting Dick out too.) According to Mike, everything Dick has said about Kail throwing the MRA under the bus is false. He says the only reason why Kail told everyone about the MRA is because she thought everyone already knew. He doesn't like being nominated alongside her. Mike says that the only reason he is still protecting Jen and Kail is because they kept him safe when they were HoH. Mike says that he will repay anyone who keeps him safe when they are HoH. Mike said that he will play the game solo from here on out and that if he wins HoH next week, he would nominate two people that the house wants out. Dustin likes that idea. He really doesn't know how to vote because Kail and Mike are in pretty much the same position. He does think that Kail isn't a very good game player because of her actions last week. He thinks that Mike has been more honest and consistent throughout the game. He is concerned with Mike's waiting until this week to open up though. Dustin says that he still doesn't know how he will vote but that he will vote strategically and not personally. Mike then says how important it is to have someone like him on the jury because he won't take things personally when choosing the winner. Dustin says that he voted for Dick to stay last week because he is very honest with his game play. (I'd have to disagree with that after this week!) Dustin says that he hasn't made a decision yet. He also says that the only reason he has been spending a lot of time with Kail is because he has been consoling her.

Dustin tells Nick about his conversation with Mike. He says he left Mike with the thought that his vote is leaning towards his way. Nick thinks that is good so that Mike won't question Dustin anymore. He appreciates the fact that Mike has never lied during the game. Nick points out that Mike has rarely talked throughout the game. Dustin lets Nick know that Zach really wants HoH next week. Nick thinks that Zach will go home next week if he doesn't win HoH. Dustin thinks Zach would put him (Dustin) up because Zach told him that he was a threat. He says that he needs to allign with Zach in order to ensure Zach not putting him up. Nick says that Zach told him that he would put Kail up. Nick says that he hates Kail for screwing up the MRA. Nick says that if he wins HoH, he would choose between Jen, Kail, and Zach.

Kail asked Jen how she was voting, and she said that she will vote with the house once she figures out who everyone wants out. Kail lets her know that she would feel horrible if her vote is the one that sends her home. Jen doesn't really reply to that comment. According to Kail, Dick has been telling everyone that Jen played the mustard prank on herself.

Mike tells Eric the same things he has told Dustin about keeping him safe this week. Eric tells him that he wouldn't have been targeted had their alliance stayed together. Mike agrees because Jen said that she was with Eric and that he would keep them safe. Eric says that he has been getting to know everyone and not letting anyone know who he is targeting. He is worried about being nominated against Dick next week if one of the remaining MRA people win HoH next week.

Dick received his HoH camera and spent much of the afternoon taking pictures with the other HG. Amber whined that Dick wouldn't let her take any pictures. @@ Dick yelled at her about her constant whining, calling him out in front of other HG, and her butting into his and Daniele's relationship. Amber then whined to Dustin about her latest fight with Dick and vows to convince the whole house to vote Dick out the next time he is nominated because everyone loves her. @@ - Gotta do one there!

Eric tried to convince Daniele to keep Mike. He tells her that she doesn't have to do what Dick tells her to do in the game. Daniele says that Mike wants to talk to her later. Eric says that Mike has a lot of good things to say to people. Daniele thinks that all the voters should talk about who they should vote out this week. Eric then talks to Kail, and she tells him that she could be used as a pawn to get Zach out in the future. Kail tells him that she only trusts him, Amber, Dustin, and Jameka now. She mentions that Jen has been treating her differently now. Eric tells her that the house isn't agreeing with Dick on the decision to vote Kail out this week. They agree that Dick has been egocentric this entire week. Kail says that Dick is giving her the impression that the house is with him. Eric says that he is going to continue to build relationships before targeting other HG.

Daniele tries to talk to Mike, but of course Dick keeps interrupting them so he can take pictures with them. @@ - I'm so sick of Dick! Why can't he just let Daniele play the game? Get him out of there!

Zach tells Nick that he will most likely be nominated alongside Daniele instead of Dick because everyone is scared of Dick. He also says that he will vote Kail out this week. Nick says that he hasn't made a decision yet. They agree that they will never allign with Kail again if she stays because they cannot trust her. Zach then talks to Mike and lets him know that he will evict Kail this week. He is still upset that Kail outed the MRA and has not apologized for doing so. Zach says that he wants HoH so he can sleep in the HoH bed. @@ He also mentions Dick and Kail talking a lot recently, so maybe they are closer than everyone thinks. Mike thinks that Dick will never go back on getting Kail out. Zach spilled about Dick wanting to keep Mike this week. Mike says that he will talk with Dick later. Zach then talks about how stupid Jen is and how they can use that to their advantage. They agree that they cannot trust her though.

Whew! That pretty much does it. I'm liking the fact that things are changing though. It seems undecided about who will be evicted now. Eric has done an excellent job about trying to get Kail evicted instead this week, and I think it may happen. Now all they need to do is get Dick out of the house, and I love them! We'll see what happens. I'll have more later!

7/25 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Thankfully, BB woke the HG up earlier than usual today. However, this morning has been all but exciting. Wake up HG! I think they could use some of the wake-up calls from BB7 in that house. Here's what happened this morning inside the BB house.

BB woke the HG up at around 9:00 AM by playing the Star Wars theme song. Few arose, so they sent them on an outdoor loockdown to get them out of bed. Finally, they are laying the law down for these lazy HG! Amber, Daniele, Dustin, and Jameka played volleyball during the lockdown, which was pretty much the main morning excitement.

Amber thinks that Dick is jealous of her spending time with the other guys in the house. Jameka says that Dick thinks that Amber is closest to him, so he doesn't feel she should be close with anyone else. Amber goes on by saying how Dick got mad at her for hanging out with Eric for most of the day yesterday and for being close with Dustin. She then says how Nick is the same way. She doesn't understand what has gotten into Dick lately. She says that he has been playfully bullying her even after she has told him to stop. She then gets mad at Dustin because he thinks she has been rude to Dick lately. She thinks that Dick is the one being rude. Jameka wonders if Daniele would ever vote Dick out, and Amber thinks she would. She would have to talk to her about it first though. Amber continues talking about Dick, saying that Jen told her that he has been trashing her (Amber) to Jen. Ambr can see Dick targeting her because she would beat him in the finals.

Zach told Dustin that he really wants to win HoH tomorrow. Oh, I'd love to see that! Wouldn't that put the house on edge? He says that he really wants to start playing the game. Dustin says that they can't do anything more until after tomorrow's eviction, but Zach says that's why they need to talk now. It seemed like Zach was trying to set up an agreement between him and Dustin in case someone on Dustin's side wins tomorrow's HoH. Zach then mentions that the chess pieces upstairs were missing. Him and Dustin talk about things around the house that have gone missing. (Dustin, Eric, and other HG have been hiding things around the house as pranks.) Dustin is excited because Mike wanted to talk to him later today. He is interested to see what he has to say because he has never privately talked to him before.

Other than that, little has happened this morning. BB let the HG back inside a while ago, and most of them have returned to their beds. Looks like another exciting afternoon in the BB house. @@

7/24-25 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

The evening excitement didn't last long. Most of the HG checked in early, and even Dick went to bed much earlier than normal. What is happening to these HG? They sleep in late and then go to bed early! BB, do something! Here's what happened last night in the BB house.

Most of the HG played quarters (two people spin quarters, and the last one standing wins) as their entertainment tonight. They would then have to drink as penalties if they lost. It was fun for a while, but got fairly boring early on. Other HG talked about their IQ, and Kail thinks she was a 30. @@ - The lowest you can be is around 70 or so, and that is if you are mentally handicapped! The HG also played volleyball well into the night. Joy.

Jessica became upset at the DR because she feels they took advantage of her being drunk. The other HG tried to cheer her up, but it didn't seem to work. After she returned to normal, her and Eric talked about how Dick is starting to annoy them since he is always getting into everyone's business now.

It seems that America wanted Kail to be evicted, so Eric tried to convince the other HG to vote with him to evict Kail. He says that just because Dick wants Mike out, it doesn't mean that everyone should vote him out. Eric says that Kail wants the floaters out, and he suggests that all the voters talk about their opinion on the vote. Dustin thinks they should do it tonight, but Eric suggests waiting until Thursday. Eric realized that Dustin and Nick (not Amber, oops!) have been stealing his clothes, so he plans on taking some of their clothes in revenge.

The talk shifts to the mustard prank. Dick and Eric claim they would have used either red wine or ketchup. Jen says again that she doesn't care about it and wants them to stop talking about it. They then talk about the possibility of Zach switching rooms. Dick said that nobody wants him to switch rooms, so he can't. According to Jen, Jessica is planning on switching beds with Zach since he is so tall. Jen refuses to sleep in the same room as Zach. (All of the HG think that Zach is extremely creepy and that he smells.) @@

Jen and Mike rehash why Mike stood up for her in the PoV competition. Mike says that soon people are going to see who they want in the jury house, so he felt he should start showing his honesty in the game. He asks her if she knows how the vote will go, and she doesn't really give him an answer.

Dick once again stayed up past everyone else doing his usual talking to himself while cleaning the house up. He things it would be a miracle for him and Daniele to be the final two. He mentions that Daniele seems to be good at competitions. He says that Mike should be evicted and that something is up with Amber. He is happy that nobody cried today. He thinks that Nick played the mustard prank and that he has been badly treating Jen and Zach ever since the HoH room ordeal.

Dick was the last one in bed at around 4:30 AM. All HG are still in bed as I post this. Today should be another thrilling day, but it seems Thursday will be another live vote. Therefore, we should have (hopefully) plenty of scheming and the like today. I'll have the scoop later!

7/24 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

Well tonight wasn't as boring as last night, but nearly as exciting as Sunday night. The nights are numbered for Mike, so will he do something to possibly save himself? I doubt that, just adding suspense to the update. Anyway, here's what has happened tonight in the BB house.

Amber and Dustin have been hiding Eric's clothes, and he has figured out that they have been doing so. He plans to get them back, but doesn't mention how. He tells Jessica that Dustin has been campaigning against Amber and wonders why he would do that. He says that there is a God-alliance between Amber and Jameka, which amused me. He jokes that Jessica wouldn't take him to the final two with her because she would lose to him. Or is it a joke? Eric wants Nick out because he has been shady since the game began. They agree that Daniele and Dick would never turn on each other in the game. Eric says that more people need to be aware of their close relationship. Jessica hopes that someone on their side wins HoH so Daniele can be nominated. Jessica says that she wants to be the only blonde in the house. @@

The two of them continued to talk about "What if?" situations. Eric thinks he may be nominated as a pawn alongside Dick. He is sure that Zach would nominate him, but Eric doesn't think that Zach could win HoH. Eric says that he could never trust Daniele or Nick. Jessica thinks that Zach would put her up too. Eric wants to nominate Nick and Zach to see if they are really together. Eric says that if Nick is up, he will vote him out. He also says that if he (Eric) is ever nominated, he would be evicted. Eric thinks that him and Jessica are safe next week. Jessica says that she could be nominated. She mentions the possibility of Dick, Jen, and Kail making a truce to stop the drama.

Some random news that has gone on through the night: Eric thinks that Mike is the most boring HG this season. I agree! Jen told Dick that she lost her virginity when she was 15. She says that she was drunk at the time. What a great story to tell millions of people. @@ Amber complained some more about her doing all of the housework. Kail wants a tattoo to cover up her stretch marks. BB gave the HG their beer. Wonderful. Dick is sick of Amber's stories. He called her a mental case. He then slandered her about all of her medical problems. Nick wants Kail nominated again because he's sick of her.

The HG talked about America's Choice possibilities. Nick hopes that it's a phone call and that it is a three-way between him, Daniele, and her boyfriend. They wonder who America's favorite HG is. Daniele thinks it's either Dick or Eric. Amber thinks it's her. @@ - Heavens no!

That's pretty much it for the night. As for the game, it seems evident that Mike will be the one evicted on Thursday. Dustin and Eric seem the most gung-ho about winning the next HoH. I'd like to see Dustin win. He'd be the one to rid us of Jen! I'll have another update in the morning!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

7/24 Show Recap

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will it be used to save either Jen or Kail? Let's find out!

Jen is not surprised that she was nominated since she nominated Daniele and Dick last week. Kail isn't surprised either but is sad because she wants to stay so bad. Kail says that Dick thinks he has this eviction all wrapped up and doesn't consider the possibility of Kail staying. Zach streaked across the backyard, to much of all the HG's amusement. They proceeded to lock him out after he jumped into the pool. Mike told Jen and Kail that he would be totally cool with saving either of them this week. Mike thinks that one of them as a good chance of winning the competition. Kail says that she has to win, not Jen. Dick told Kail that she wasn't a very good player and that her life is in her own hands. Kail says that she has nobody in the house now. She tries to save herself by telling Dick that Jen is going after Daniele. Dick says that Jen will go very soon, but he wants Kail out this week because of what she did last week. He tells her that the only way she will stay is if she wins PoV.

Time for the next AP task! Eric was thrilled to know that America hates Jen just as much as everyone in the house does. While Jen was asleep, Eric slid a bottle of mustard from the storage room under her bed. When she awoke, he squirted it all over one of her shirts that she was using as a pillowcase. Jen didn't care too much about it, but the other HG did. Nobody figured out that it was Eric though! Time to pick the PoV players! Dick picked Zach (random), Jen picked Jessica (random), and Kail picked Nick (random). Dick picked Eric to host. Kail knew that she would be all alone in the competition. Dick tried to do all he could to emotionally weaken Kail before the PoV competition. He did a fairly good job, prancing around the house and saying that Kail tried to throw Jen under the bus last night. Of course, he embellished their talk and acted like Kail completely trashed Jen while talking to him, which wasn't true. Jen didn't seem to care about it.

Time for the PoV competition! Eric comes out, and he is dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland! All of the PoV players are dressed like other Mad Hatters. The object to the competition was to balance a glass on your head while standing on a pedestal. Like the HG said, Kail was immediately ousted. It was clear that she was a mess, and afterwards, she ran inside to her bed. Ahh! The other HG have arrived to distract their fellow HG! Everyone immediately teamed up on Jessica, and she started to laugh, which made her crack. They then moved to Nick, who was also eliminated. Zach was next, leaving only Dick and Jen. Kail returned outside to cheer Jen on. Dick tried to strike a deal with Jen, but he did a lousy job as he called Jen stupid a number of times. Kail and Mike worked together to get Dick distracted. Nothing seemed to work though. Dick questioned why Mike was even trying to distract him. Dick then stepped off, saying that Mike would be nominated. Therefore, Jen wins the PoV! Mike said the reason he tried was because he wanted to show his loyalty to the house. Dick said that Mike was the stupidest player in BB history, even after Marcellas.

Kail hopes that people see who she is, not who Dick sees her as, when they vote this week. When Dick saw that Zach was in the HoH room, he became furious that him and Jen were up there with Nick. He then proceeded to kick Nick out of the room and then fight with him outside. Dick says that he already doesn't trust Nick because of his situation with Daniele. Nick says that he has no alliance with Jen or Zach. Dick says that Daniele and Nick are already a target, and there is no need for him to be hanging out in the HoH room with Jen or Zach. Daniele expressed her feelings about Dick's bullying to him. She doesn't want him to make a target out of himself or her for that matter. Dick comes back with asking Daniele why she didn't tell him about the MRA. Daniele says that she didn't feel it was neccessary. Dick tries to talk to her more about Nick, but Daniele doesn't want too. She says that she doesn't want to fight with him. Dick asks her how he wants him to talk to her, and Daniele storms out. He wants them to go to family counseling after the game. Dick talked to Eric and Jameka about getting Nick out of the house. He suggested nominating Nick.

Time for the PoV ceremony! Kail told Jen to use the PoV on herself because she deserves it. Jen then asked herself if she should use the PoV on herself (@@), and she proceeded to use the PoV to save herself. Dick then nominated Mike. Dick called him an idiot for what he did in the PoV competition. Mike knows he is a target and isn't surprised at the nomination. Kail says that she refuses to give up and will stay determined, even if she is nominated alongside one of her friends in the house. Nick thinks that Dick has made himself a huge target this week. As for the next AP task, I would love to see American choose Mike to be evicted even if the whole house is planning the same way. I'd just love to see Kail win HoH next and get revenge!

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!

7/24 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Snore - another boring day in the BB house. The HG spent much of the day outside and talking amongst themselves. Here is the little news that has happened this afternoon in the BB house.

Dick told Dustin about how much he has changed since Joe has left the house. He says that the same thing happened with Jessica when Carol left. He is glad that they have opened up more. Dustin mentions talking with Daniele this morning and how she said that she is glad to have Dustin in the house. Dustin appreciates Daniele for telling him that. He mentions Daniele saying that her talk with Dick last night was a positive one. Dick said that he got the first hug from her in two years last night. Dustin is happy for him. They then talk about how hard it is to have their past come to haunt them in the house.

Amber, Dick, and Dustin complained about the other HG not earning their keep in the house. They mention Jessica, Kail, and Nick. Dick says that he has taken over Kail's role as the "mother of the house." Eric and Jen claim that they are part of the few that cook for the house.

Nick tells Amber that Daniele is still being awkward with him. Amber suggests that Nick go back to Jen, and they laugh about that.

Jen told Amber that she hasn't talked privately with Nick or Zach since the first week. She says that they only people she talks game with are Dick and Kail. However, she can't trust Kail the same way now since she didn't tell her about the MRA until after everyone had already knew about it. Amber calls Kail dumb for alligning with Mike, Nick, and Zach.

The HG have been on lockdown after lockdown (what BB does to either clean up the house, set up for competitions, or to just get them moving) for no apparent reason. They are now all stuck inside. How unfortunate.

Other than that, little has happened this afternoon. What's new? In other news, don't forget about the show tonight, which begins shortly here on the east coast. I'll have a recap up for those who can't wait following the end of it. Look for that!

7/24 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Alas, our HG are turning into those of BB7 with their sleeping habits. Few arose before 10:00 AM, and even they didn't say much. Here's what has happened since my last update in the BB house.

Nick was the first one up today at around 9:10 AM because BB called him into the DR. Daniele, Jen, and Kail arose shortly later. Daniele wished her boyfriend a happy birthday. That was about it until the 10:45 AM BB wake-up call.

Dustin asked Kail if her and Mike have talked lately since they are nominated together. Dustin says that it must be hard being nominated with a friend in the house. Kail says that they haven't talked much. Dustin tells her that Dick wants her out. (The plan is really to get Mike out, but to let Kail think she's the one going.)

Dustin tells Jessica that he has a plan if he gets HoH next week. He says he wants to backdoor someone, but he's not saying who.

Daniele told Dick how sick she is of Nick. Dick seemed pleased.

That was pretty much it! Thrilling, isn't it? Unfortunately, it doesn't look like the feeds will get much more exciting until after Thursday's show. Sigh.

7/23-24 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

So much for an exciting night. Unfortunately, the HG did hardly anything exciting and mainly just talked amongst themselves. Snore. Here's what little happened inside the BB house last night.

Nick told Jameka and Jessica that he could have gone up last week instead of Joe. They all hated to see Joe go. He tells them that Mike needs to go this week because he is a stronger competitor than Kail. Dick joins them and says that he had a semi-good conversation with Daniele and that it ended well. He goes on about her not talking to most of her family lately and about her returning Christmas gifts Dick sent her unopened. Jameka thinks that she needs some counseling and gives some good advice to Dick. She then asks him if everyone is planning on voting Mike out. Dick says everyone but Zach, but he will go next week, so it doesn't matter. Jameka hopes he doesn't win PoV.

Jameka then tells Jessica that she doesn't trust Nick. To ensure that Zach goes, Jameka would rather backdoor Zach, but she doesn't want to nominate Jen and Kail again. Jessica agrees, saying that she doesn't have anything against them. Jameka then talks about putting Nick up because she doesn't want to nominate Dustin, Jen, or Kail. Jessica wants Daniele gone. Jameka feels that nobody would nominate Dustin or Jessica. They then decide that they don't want or need the next HoH.

Jen told Dick that she will nominate Daniele again if she wins HoH. Dick tells her that she will do everything she has to do to say, but doesn't discourage Jen about it. Eric and Dick then talk once agin about the mustrad prank. Dick thinks that Nick was the culprit. Eric suggests that Jen did it herself.

Jameka joins them, and they agree that Nick and Zach should be nominated next week. Eric and Dick say that with Nick gone, Daniele would be more loyal to them. Dick says again how he doesn't want Daniele to be the next Erika (floater because of her showmance). They are just nominating Zach because he is annoying. Dick talks about Amber's emotions again and their potential to screw up their gameplay. Dick hopes to God that Dustin never goes up because Amber would be a complete mess. Jameka doesn't know anyone that would put him up. They then talk about how Dustin has changed for the better since Joe left.

I guess the only drama in the house is between our two lovebirds, or are they? Daniele and Nick are fighting again. @@ Apparently, Nick wants to take things to the next level with Daniele, but she doesn't want to because her boyfriend will see it all. Nick says that her boyfriend has already seen everything they have done so far, so why would he care now? I agree. Daniele then tries to flirt with him, but it doesn't seem to work. They then fight some more, with the usual awkward silence in between their spifs. I guess the main problem is that Daniele flirts with Nick all the time, but when Nick talks seriously with her, she gives him the silent treatment.

Dick once stayed up about 90 minutes longer than everyone else. He finally crashed at around 6:15 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this. Expect them to stay that way for a while as BB lets them sleep in on Tuesdays as well. Should be another boring day!

7/23 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

Unfortunately, tonight wasn't nearly as excting as last night. Little happened in the BB house, so here's the little bit of info I have uncovered from tonight!

Kail discussed with Jen about who she could get to vote for her this week. Later, Jen thinks that Nick is responsible for the mustard prank. She tries to talk to him about it, but he denies having anything to do with it. Jen thinks that he's lying and calls him a good liar. She says either him or Dick did it, and she's pretty sure that it was him. Nick then complains to Amber about Jen accusing him. They both think it was Dick.

Jen and Mike talked about who they figured was recruited for the show. They both think that Carol, Jen, and Nick were recruited for the show. Meanwhile, Amber and Dustin talked. They want the final four to be them, Eric, and Jameka. Dustin says that he would then vote Jameka out, but Amber disagrees with him, saying that Jameka is totally real and trustworthy.

That's pretty much it! A lot of small talk and exercising has accompanied tonight's feeds but nothing really in the way of game talk. We'll see if anything else happens as the night goes on!

Monday, July 23, 2007

7/23 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Well, it has been confirmed a number of times that Mike has been nominated, which was no surprise to us feed watchers. As for the rest of the house, here is what has happened this afternoon in the BB house!

Amber and Jen think that Dick played the mustard prank as some sort of test. Jen says that it's obvious who the prankster was but won't reveal the indentity. She says that she will talk to that person later about it. (I think she thinks that Nick did it.) Amber thinks the prink was extremely rude and childish. (Eric is right there during all of this and does an excellent job playing along.) Jen says that it's not a big deal, but she's glad it happened to her because other HG would make a big deal out of it. Like Amber? Jameka tells Jen that she has been handling the situation well. Amber told Eric about her conversation with Dick earlier. According to her, she sternly told Dick that he could not tell her how to act in the house.

Following the PoV ceremony, Kail said that she has no idea what is going on in the house anymore. Her and Mike talked about the possible prankster (or VANDAL as they are referring to it as). Kail thinks that Dick did it because he seemed suspicious this morning. Mike thinks that Dustin might have done it. Kail said that she didn't even think Dustin would do such a thing. They both agree that he has been acting so much freer now that Joe isn't in the house anymore though. Kail asks Mike if he trusts Jen, and he says no because he saw them go to bed together last night. Kail wonders why she was up so late with him. Mike says that if he is safe this week, he will play the game solo from there on out.

Dick and Kail had a LONG conversation about pretty much everything. I was just glad they weren't fighting during it. The conversation seemed very heartfelt on both sides, and they were very honest with each other. Dick apologized for putting Kail in the position that she's in (being nominated next to Mike). Kail apologized for not opening to him from the very beginning. Dick tells Kail that he has never lied to her. They both agree that being HoH sucks and is not as good as it seems. Dick tells Kail that she should have had the guys do all the work for her (campaigning against Dick). Kail asked Dick why he blew up last night, and Dick said that was his biggest mistake ever and that he completely overreacted. FINALLY - he admits it!

That was pretty much it from the afternoon! The HG spent a lot of sleeping again. @@ They didn't wake up until almost noon, and they are STILL tired?! Oh please. I'll have more later!