Sunday, July 22, 2007

7/21-22 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

What a boring night! The HG spent much of the evening making fun of Zach, in addition to playing dodgeball and golf. Here's the little bit of game info that went on last night in the BB house.

Dick is worried about Nick informing Kail about the plan to evict Mike this week. Eric thinks that Daniele will be more focused on the game once Nick is gone. Amber thinks that Nick really does want the money and that he is just saying that he doesn't need it. I agree - who wouldn't want $500,000? Amber says that Nick told her first about the MRA because he said he would tell Jameka about it later. However, Jameka says that Nick told her the same thing, except that he would tell Amber later. Uh-oh! They really think that Nick is suspicious now. Me too!

Dick told Daniele that he saw Nick talking to Zach again today. Daniele said that she is aware of Nick and will continue to keep an eye on him. They once again did a lot of flirting before going under the covers with each other. It sounded like they were kissing, but it was hard to hear since Nick's heart was beating at an unusual rapid pace. Hmm... Daniele shortly returned to her own bed to hit the sack.

Dick told Jameka about the plan to evict Mike this week. Jameka said that Kail will be so excited when Julie tells her that she is safe that she won't know what to do. Dick wants to drain her so much before then so that she doesn't win the next HoH. He said he wants her head to spin off duing the competition. Hehe. The talk later shifts to Nick, and it seems a good majority of the house wants him out. Dick thinks that he is ruining Daniele's life outside the house, so he wants him gone too. Dick wants Eric to win the next HoH so he can nominate Nick and Zach. Eric wants Nick to think that he is a pawn to evict Zach, but instead, he is really the target. Jameka would rather backdoor Nick next week. Dick is fed up with Daniele overtaking the HoH room this week. He originally told her that she could use it, but not take over it. What is even worse is that she has brought Nick up there too, he says, and that all they have done is watch the spy camera. Jameka said she overheard Daniele jokingly tell Nick that she was going to "get her dad to put Nick up," which fuels Dick even more.

Amber thinks that her and Jameka will be the final two. Dustin said that he is just hoping they make the final six together.

Dick tells Jessica to be careful about what she says to Daniele because she tells Nick everything. Dick tells Jessica about Daniele's situation back home and how Nick is ruining that. They both agree that Mike is stupid for what he did during the PoV competition. (Apparently, everyone not playing for PoV had to distract the people playing in the competition [They were balancing glasses on their head]. The competition came down to Dick and Jen, and everyone was trying to distract Jen while Mike was the sole HG distracting Dick. When asked why he was distracting Dick, Mike replied with that he wanted to keep his alliance in tact, so Dick stepped down to let Jen win so that Mike would be nominated in her place.) They also think Kail has played a horrible game thus far, regarding the MRA and them telling everyone about it as well as her turning on Dick. He tells her that she is the only HG he completely trusts. Dick says that he cannot trust Daniele because of her relationship with Nick. He then says that he mostly trusts Eric and Jameka but doesn't trust Amber and Dustin. He thinks the house will target Daniele and Nick next week, then Amber and Dustin the following week.

Dick was the last one to go to bed, but he crashed fairly early, at around 5:00 AM. Mike was the first one up today at around 7:15 AM. Apparently, BB is going to throw Jameka a birthday party today, so expect that to be today's main event. I'll have a morning update later once more HG arise!

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