Tuesday, July 24, 2007

7/24 Show Recap

Who will win the Power of Veto? Will it be used to save either Jen or Kail? Let's find out!

Jen is not surprised that she was nominated since she nominated Daniele and Dick last week. Kail isn't surprised either but is sad because she wants to stay so bad. Kail says that Dick thinks he has this eviction all wrapped up and doesn't consider the possibility of Kail staying. Zach streaked across the backyard, to much of all the HG's amusement. They proceeded to lock him out after he jumped into the pool. Mike told Jen and Kail that he would be totally cool with saving either of them this week. Mike thinks that one of them as a good chance of winning the competition. Kail says that she has to win, not Jen. Dick told Kail that she wasn't a very good player and that her life is in her own hands. Kail says that she has nobody in the house now. She tries to save herself by telling Dick that Jen is going after Daniele. Dick says that Jen will go very soon, but he wants Kail out this week because of what she did last week. He tells her that the only way she will stay is if she wins PoV.

Time for the next AP task! Eric was thrilled to know that America hates Jen just as much as everyone in the house does. While Jen was asleep, Eric slid a bottle of mustard from the storage room under her bed. When she awoke, he squirted it all over one of her shirts that she was using as a pillowcase. Jen didn't care too much about it, but the other HG did. Nobody figured out that it was Eric though! Time to pick the PoV players! Dick picked Zach (random), Jen picked Jessica (random), and Kail picked Nick (random). Dick picked Eric to host. Kail knew that she would be all alone in the competition. Dick tried to do all he could to emotionally weaken Kail before the PoV competition. He did a fairly good job, prancing around the house and saying that Kail tried to throw Jen under the bus last night. Of course, he embellished their talk and acted like Kail completely trashed Jen while talking to him, which wasn't true. Jen didn't seem to care about it.

Time for the PoV competition! Eric comes out, and he is dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland! All of the PoV players are dressed like other Mad Hatters. The object to the competition was to balance a glass on your head while standing on a pedestal. Like the HG said, Kail was immediately ousted. It was clear that she was a mess, and afterwards, she ran inside to her bed. Ahh! The other HG have arrived to distract their fellow HG! Everyone immediately teamed up on Jessica, and she started to laugh, which made her crack. They then moved to Nick, who was also eliminated. Zach was next, leaving only Dick and Jen. Kail returned outside to cheer Jen on. Dick tried to strike a deal with Jen, but he did a lousy job as he called Jen stupid a number of times. Kail and Mike worked together to get Dick distracted. Nothing seemed to work though. Dick questioned why Mike was even trying to distract him. Dick then stepped off, saying that Mike would be nominated. Therefore, Jen wins the PoV! Mike said the reason he tried was because he wanted to show his loyalty to the house. Dick said that Mike was the stupidest player in BB history, even after Marcellas.

Kail hopes that people see who she is, not who Dick sees her as, when they vote this week. When Dick saw that Zach was in the HoH room, he became furious that him and Jen were up there with Nick. He then proceeded to kick Nick out of the room and then fight with him outside. Dick says that he already doesn't trust Nick because of his situation with Daniele. Nick says that he has no alliance with Jen or Zach. Dick says that Daniele and Nick are already a target, and there is no need for him to be hanging out in the HoH room with Jen or Zach. Daniele expressed her feelings about Dick's bullying to him. She doesn't want him to make a target out of himself or her for that matter. Dick comes back with asking Daniele why she didn't tell him about the MRA. Daniele says that she didn't feel it was neccessary. Dick tries to talk to her more about Nick, but Daniele doesn't want too. She says that she doesn't want to fight with him. Dick asks her how he wants him to talk to her, and Daniele storms out. He wants them to go to family counseling after the game. Dick talked to Eric and Jameka about getting Nick out of the house. He suggested nominating Nick.

Time for the PoV ceremony! Kail told Jen to use the PoV on herself because she deserves it. Jen then asked herself if she should use the PoV on herself (@@), and she proceeded to use the PoV to save herself. Dick then nominated Mike. Dick called him an idiot for what he did in the PoV competition. Mike knows he is a target and isn't surprised at the nomination. Kail says that she refuses to give up and will stay determined, even if she is nominated alongside one of her friends in the house. Nick thinks that Dick has made himself a huge target this week. As for the next AP task, I would love to see American choose Mike to be evicted even if the whole house is planning the same way. I'd just love to see Kail win HoH next and get revenge!

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!

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