Friday, July 27, 2007

7/26 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

With Dustin as the new HoH, how will he decide who he will nominate this week? The feeds were relatively exciting as they always are on Thursday nights. Here's what has happened so far tonight in the BB house.

Dustin told Amber to pack her stuff so that she can move into the HoH room. (I thought BB put a stop to that after BB6?) Daniele and Nick think that Mike had a good speech before the eviction and are sad to see him go. They mention Kail crying after his speech. They think that Jen and Zach were the two votes to evict Kail. Dick told Amber that he could not believe how she cried again before the eviction. Dustin is really excited about winning HoH and thinks that Joe is spazzing out right now. Eric told America to vote for Kail to be nominated. Dick said that nobody can trust Kail and that she will be out soon enough.

Amber is sure that Nick was the one who voted to evict Kail (other than Zach). She thinks this because Nick apparently rushed over to her after the eviction and told her that he thinks Jen voted to evict Kail. Amber also thinks that Nick wanted to stay loyal to Zach because they are still alligned. Dustin joins them and says how he knew he would win HoH today. He tells them that he is planning on nominating Kail and Zach. Eric says that Jen overheard Nick saying that he was the other vote to evict Kail. (Obviously, this is a lie since Eric was the other vote.) Daniele agrees that Nick voted that way. They all want to backdoor him this week.

Amber cried because she is so happy for Dustin. She knows and is happy that the HoH won't go to Dustin's head like it did to Dick. Daniele says that Kail thinks that Daniele voted against her. Daniele thinks that Nick has been telling Jen and Kail that. Daniele is not happy with Nick at all and wants him out this week. FINALLY! Jameka thinks that Nick has been sucking Daniele in. Daniele tells her that she realizes that Nick isn't trustworthy and that she is playing him just as much as he is playing her. She wishes Nick had won HoH though so that everyone would see the real side of him.

Amber says that everyone on Dick's side wants Nick out this week. Amber tells Daniele that she wants Dick to go before Nick though because of Dick's behavior towards her lately. Daniele doesn't care which one of them goes first. Daniele doesn't like having to show that she is loyal to both Dick and Nick. They both think that Nick is trying to re-create the MRA, especially through his vote this week. Amber says that they shouldn't try to get rid of Nick this week, but that they need to do it within the next few weeks. Amber thinks that Nick has been leading Jen on to make him feel safe with her. Daniele thinks that the only reason Nick is still in the house is because of her. She then goes on about how he is following her around and that it is starting to creep her out. Amber thinks that Daniele will be better off once Nick is evicted. Daniele tells Amber that Nick's gameplay is very sloppy.

Dick and Jameka applauded Eric on correctly predicting the new HoH the last two weeks. Daniele thinks that Dustin should make it look like he won't nominate Zach this week. They then talk about how Zach told them they both are threats in the game. Amber says that Zach thinks he is alligned with her. Amber can't believe that Mike is gone already. Jen is upset about being first eliminated in the HoH competition. Eric told her that he eliminated her first because the house sees her as a threat. Dustin thinks that the cameras will be all over him this week. @@ Daniele wants to know why they haven't had a luxury competition or AC. (Umm...did she watch last season? They never had those!) Amber says that when she wins HoH, her letter from her sister will be brutal. (God, I don't even want to see her after reading that.)

Dick and Dustin celebrated Dustin's HoH win. They both agree that Nick voted for Kail to be evicted. (I love all the false impressions Eric's AP tasks have imposed on the HG! The mustard prank, this vote, what's next?) They also agree that Nick was the leak to Kail about evicting Mike this week. Dustin says that he wants Zach out this week, and if he can't get him out, then Jen or Nick is next. Dick says that they should make Nick think he is safe until he is nominated. Dustin says that he wants to talk with everyone as a group before making a final decision on his nominations. He doesn't want Daniele up there though because he thinks she might tell Nick what they are planning on doing. Dick agrees with him. They think that Eric was too excited about the HoH when he answered early on the question that eliminated him. (That's what Eric has been telling everyone. It was totally obvious that he threw it!) Dustin is worried about Jessica, but Dick claims that she can be trusted. Dustin doesn't understand how Jen, Kail, and Nick can play the game so badly. Dick is happy that this week he can chill and relax without having to worry about anything. (Good! Maybe he can lay low this week. That would help him.)

Jen and Kail really want Dustin to nominate Dick for them this week. Kail thinks that Daniele and Zach were the votes to evict her. Kail began to work on Dustin shortly after. Kail told him that Daniele and Dick are working together, but Dustin claims that the two nevet talk game. He asks her what she thinks about Jen, Nick, and Zach. She tells him that she has no loyalties to Nick or Zach but that her and Jen are good friends. She also says that she feels comfortable with him, Amber, and Jameka. Kail tells Dustin that she thinks Daniele and Zach were the two votes to evict her this week.

Dick still thinks that Jen played the mustard prank on herself. Daniele says that she wants HoH really bad because of the pictures. She talked about how fast they came into the house. Apparently, Daniele and Dick knew about each other going into the house beforehand. Daniele says that she knew because she is only 20, and the age requirement for BB is 21. She then talks about how she won't have a place to live after BB since Kris is moving in with his family. She also mentions that he doesn't have a lot of money. Dick says that he will help her find a place to stay after the show. They talk about a lot of personal stuff and surprisingly aren't fighting. They then joke about a family trip. (I'd like to see that on TV!) Daniele mentions how beer and wine are nasty but that she likes margaritas. (I love how BB still lets her drink even though she's underage!)

Amber tells Nick that he needs to be careful when he talks to Daniele because Zach might be fake sleeping and listening to them talk. She also advises him not to cut Jen off completely because she is obsessed with him. She tells him how Dustin thinks she (Amber) will make it to the finals. Nick thinks that Jameka and Jessica have a good chance at making the finals too. Amber asks Nick if he thinks that her crying is ridiculous, and he doesn't think so.

That wraps things up for the night! At this point, it looks like Dustin will nominate Kail and Zach tomorrow, then Nick if PoV comes into play. His target is definitely Zach this week though. I'll have another update in the morning!

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