Thursday, July 26, 2007

7/26 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Kail says that it's hard to be nominated against Mike and has a strong feeling that she will be evicted this week. Mike thinks that Kail cannot handle the emotional struggle this game brings. Zach feels confident that Kail will be evicted this week. Dick and Nick think that Mike would be the better evictee this week because Kail is so emotionally distraught. Jameka thinks that Mike would target her if he would win HoH. Jen thinks that Kail and Mike shouldn't campaign against each other. Jen thinks that Kail has a good chance of staying because he doesn't have any connections with anyone. Jen is angry that Kail never told her about the MRA. Jen thinks that Kail will probably dig her own grave again this week. Nick thinks the same way. As for the AP task, America wants Kail out of the house! Eric says that he will try to get Kail out of the house even if everyone wants Mike out. Eric pleaded his case to Amber, Daniele, Dick, and Dustin. He seemed to have Dick worked, but Dick doesn't have a vote. Dustin wants to stick with voting Mike out. Dick says that Kail can manipulate anyone at any given time.

Julie asked Zach why he streaked across the backyard. He said that he was feeling down, so he decided to do something to make him feel better. Jameka thinks that CBS has done a great job of incorporating multiple personalities in the house. Jen doesn't care about who played the mustard prank on her. Julie asked Eric how it felt for him to lose to Jen in their wrestling match. Eric says that he's up for a rematch! Ooh...just what I wanted: A talk with Daniele's boyfriend Kris! He says that their relationship is very serious, and they even have discussed getting married. Kris hopes that Daniele is just playing Nick. He says that Daniele told him that he needs to trust her while she is in the house. Kris thinks that Daniele is just confused right now. He has confidence that Daniele will never screw up their relationship. Time for Dick's talk with Julie! Dick says that his relationship with Daniele is going in the right direction. Dick says that he doesn't trust Nick at all. Dick says that his arguing with everyone is total gameplay and nothing personal.

BB talked with Jen's mom, and she says that Jen has done a bad job of making a good first impression. She says that Jen is much smarter than she puts off and that she got straight A's in school. Jen's friend says that she freaks out about bad pictures because she's a model, and that's what models do. She also says that she told Jen to play dumb in the house before she went in. Her mom hopes that Jen sticks around long enough to show everyone what she is really like. Julie announces that the nominees have one last chance to speak to everyone before they vote. Mike gave a SUPER-LONG speech about integrity, honesty, blah, blah. Julie cut him off before he could even get to the point. Kail said that she hopes to strengthen her relationship with everyone in the house if she stays. Time for the votes: Zach - Kail, Jameka - Mike, Jen - Mike, Dustin - Mike, and we will be back for the rest!

So far, the vote is 3-1 for Mike to be evicted. 5 votes left: Eric - Kail, Amber - Mike, Nick - Mike, Daniele - Mike, Jessica - Mike. By a vote of 7-2, Mike has been evicted from the BB house. Julie asked Mike why he stood up against Dick in the PoV competition. He said that he wanted to show everyone how honest he was with both Jen and Kail. As for his goodbye messages, Zach said that he stuck to their alliance with his vote. Kail will miss him. Dustin is upset that Mike never opened up to anyone. Amber says that he will make a great husband for someone one day. Jen said that he was one of the most honest people in the game. Dick thinks that his actions in the PoV competition shows that he was a horrible game player. HoH competition next!

HoH competition: Ahh, the return of the Eliminator! It involves questions about previously evicted HG. 1st out - Jen (outed by Eric), 2nd out - Zach (outed by Dustin), 3rd out - Kail (outed by Nick), 4th out - Nick (outed by Jameka), 5th out - Jessica (outed by Dustin), 6th out - Amber (outed by Eric), 7th out - Daniele (outed by Eric), 8th out - Eric (outed by himself). It's down to Dustin and Jameka, and Dustin wins HoH!

Who will Dustin nominate? Find out Sunday!

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