Thursday, July 26, 2007

7/26 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-1:00 PM

Before the next update, I'd like to inform you on a few things.

I have decided to turn on comment moderation for this blog. That way, I can read all comments before they are published. It seems this is the only way to block spammers from posting on the blog. Therefore, if you would like to comment (Please do!), just be aware that it will not publish until I approve it.

With regards to the fantasy league, I have updated the fantasy blog recently ( If you still would like to be a part of the fantasy league, please e-mail with your week 4 picks (week 3 evictee, week 4 HoH, week 4 nominees, week 4 PoV winner, week 4 PoV decision, and week 4 PoV replacement nominee [if neccessary]). I will update this blog after each Thursday show with current standings.

Now, on to this morning's feeds!

Talk about boring. Nobody arose before the 10:30 AM BB wake-up call. They reminded Dick that he had one hour to leave his HoH room. They also reminded the HG to clean up the house in preparation for the live show tonight. The feeds should be thrilling today!

Dick tells Daniele that he has heard about her being the leak to care regarding the plan to evict Mike this week. Daniele starts to become upset about that. He also thinks that Nick should go next week. Daniele says that there are more important people to get out of the house than Nick. Daniele says that she won't nominate Nick if she gets HoH next week. Dick says that everyone wants Nick out next week, even Dustin. Dick says that he wants Kail out this week but he's letting her stay, so she should evict Nick even if she wants him to stay. Dick says that the plan is for everyone not to make eye contact or talk with Kail today. Daniele continues to say that she was not the leak to Kail. She thinks that Dustin could have been the leak.

Daniele tells Nick that he needs to try for HoH tonight. She then talks to Eric about Kail, and they both would like to see her go this week.

That was pretty much it for the morning. The HG just finished cleaning up the house, so now they are getting ready for the show, which is still four hours away. Speaking of the show, don't forget about it tonight!

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