Tuesday, July 24, 2007

7/23-24 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

So much for an exciting night. Unfortunately, the HG did hardly anything exciting and mainly just talked amongst themselves. Snore. Here's what little happened inside the BB house last night.

Nick told Jameka and Jessica that he could have gone up last week instead of Joe. They all hated to see Joe go. He tells them that Mike needs to go this week because he is a stronger competitor than Kail. Dick joins them and says that he had a semi-good conversation with Daniele and that it ended well. He goes on about her not talking to most of her family lately and about her returning Christmas gifts Dick sent her unopened. Jameka thinks that she needs some counseling and gives some good advice to Dick. She then asks him if everyone is planning on voting Mike out. Dick says everyone but Zach, but he will go next week, so it doesn't matter. Jameka hopes he doesn't win PoV.

Jameka then tells Jessica that she doesn't trust Nick. To ensure that Zach goes, Jameka would rather backdoor Zach, but she doesn't want to nominate Jen and Kail again. Jessica agrees, saying that she doesn't have anything against them. Jameka then talks about putting Nick up because she doesn't want to nominate Dustin, Jen, or Kail. Jessica wants Daniele gone. Jameka feels that nobody would nominate Dustin or Jessica. They then decide that they don't want or need the next HoH.

Jen told Dick that she will nominate Daniele again if she wins HoH. Dick tells her that she will do everything she has to do to say, but doesn't discourage Jen about it. Eric and Dick then talk once agin about the mustrad prank. Dick thinks that Nick was the culprit. Eric suggests that Jen did it herself.

Jameka joins them, and they agree that Nick and Zach should be nominated next week. Eric and Dick say that with Nick gone, Daniele would be more loyal to them. Dick says again how he doesn't want Daniele to be the next Erika (floater because of her showmance). They are just nominating Zach because he is annoying. Dick talks about Amber's emotions again and their potential to screw up their gameplay. Dick hopes to God that Dustin never goes up because Amber would be a complete mess. Jameka doesn't know anyone that would put him up. They then talk about how Dustin has changed for the better since Joe left.

I guess the only drama in the house is between our two lovebirds, or are they? Daniele and Nick are fighting again. @@ Apparently, Nick wants to take things to the next level with Daniele, but she doesn't want to because her boyfriend will see it all. Nick says that her boyfriend has already seen everything they have done so far, so why would he care now? I agree. Daniele then tries to flirt with him, but it doesn't seem to work. They then fight some more, with the usual awkward silence in between their spifs. I guess the main problem is that Daniele flirts with Nick all the time, but when Nick talks seriously with her, she gives him the silent treatment.

Dick once stayed up about 90 minutes longer than everyone else. He finally crashed at around 6:15 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this. Expect them to stay that way for a while as BB lets them sleep in on Tuesdays as well. Should be another boring day!

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