Thursday, July 26, 2007

7/25 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

After a quite interesting afternoon, the feeds were fairly excited as the evening went on. The eviction is less than 24 hours, and things are beginning to look up for Mike, or are they? Here's what has happened this evening in the BB house.

Eric tried to convince Dick, Dustin, and Jameka that Kail needs to go this week. He says that she is more active than Mike which makes her more dangerous. They agree that Jen will play more for herself without Kail in the house. Dustin thinks that while Jen and Kail are over, Jen and Mike are still together. Eric continues to push, saying that Kail stirs things up in the house much more so than Mike. Eric mentions Kail not wanting to win HoH again, and Jameka doesn't believe that about Kail. Dustin says that being HoH ruined Kail. Dick says that they need to talk with Amber, Daniele, and Jessica before officially making a decision.

Eric continues (He really works it during this conversation!), saying how Mike deserves to be in the game more and how dirty of a player Kail is (selling out the MRA, offering to go up as a pawn for future weeks to get others out, etc). Jameka is fine with Kail going up to get others like Nick and Zach out of the house. Eric also mentions how honest Mike is and that they could use that to their advantage. Dustin continues to push for Mike's eviction by bringing up his relationship with Jen again and how Kail has nobody left in the house. Eric thinks Jen and Kail are very much still together, so they need to get Kail out this week. He says that they can target Mike, Nick, and Zach next week. Dustin says that Zach wants to keep Mike this week. Dick and Jameka both think they are still alligned. According to Eric, Kail and Mike told him that Nick and Zach's relationship is fake. They think that Nick making fun of Zach is fake, but they agree that they do have some sort of relationship.

Eric reminds everyone how much of a threat Nick is. Jameka mentions how impatient he has gotten lately and talks about him going off on her for no reason. Eric thinks that Joe had been keeping him calm (by flirting with him and such), but now that he has left, Nick is completely out of control again. Everyone is suspicious that Nick talks about Jen and Zach quite a bit. Dustin complains that Zach has asked him three times to be in an alliance with him. Dustin even says that Zach threatened him, saying that he (Zach) would nominate Dustin if he would not allign with him. Dick thinks they should tell everyone about that, while Jameka thinks they should keep quiet about it. Eric says that he would immediately target Eric if he ever threatened him. @@ - I'm really sick of all that "I would kick their ass" crap Eric says. I highly doubt that, especially since he is a floater.

Everyone seems to want Nick and Zach nominated next week. They agree that Nick is the new Kail and that Zach is very sneaky and has already planned his moves for the next few weeks. Eric mentions how Zach doesn't have the support to follow through with his moves though. Dustin wants Zach out next week, while Jameka thinks Nick is the bigger threat. Dick says that he publicly argues with other HG in order to get information out of them, which has been working lately. According to Eric, Zach wants Amber out. Dick says that he has talked with Zach, and he told him that he (Zach) wants Daniele out. Dustin continues to push for Kail to stay this week. He suggests nominating her and Nick next week and then backdooring Zach. It seems that is what everyone wants to do now.

Or is it? Eric STILL will not give up on evicting Kail. (He is doing great at being AP!) Jameka brings up the fact that they don't know Mike, so they should evict him while they have the chance this week. Dick is worried that Mike might go back to Nick and Zach next week. Dick then says that Kail could do the same thing with Jen and Zach though. Eric refuses to give up and says how Kail could bring people in with her and Jen next week. Dustin doesn't think so because Kail is a horrible liar. Dustin says that he has been breaking her down by telling her that she is alone in the house and that she has her work cut out for her. Eric doesn't like how they are shifting from their original intent, which was to get Kail out. He thinks that by getting rid of Kail, they hurt Jen, but by getting rid of Mike, they don't. Dustin says they should get rid of Mike this week, Nick next, then Kail the following week. Dick wonders about evicting Jen. He is worried about her and Kail floating longer than they want them to.

The talk (Does it ever end?) shifts to trashing how Kail wants to know how everyone is voting. They don't think that is fair since she never told anyone if they were safe before her nominations. Amber joins the crew and says that Mike should go because he is much more sneakier than Kail is. Her and Dustin continue to make the case that Mike will team up with Zach if he stays this week. (I agree.) Eric continues to push hard for Kail's eviction, and Dick seems like he is buying what he is saying. (It's all truth what Eric is saying though.) Eric doesn't understand when Mike has been a threat and knows when Kail has been a threat. Everyone agrees that they are missing something about Kail because she came close to being on both BB5 and BB6.

Dustin and Jameka seem to want Mike out, while Eric is pretty much the only one in the group that wants Kail out. Amber and Dick are torn. Dustin comments on how easily it is to mess with Kail's head, which is another good reason to keep her around. Dick then complimented himself on how he really messed with Kail before the PoV competition. @@ Eric then points out that everyone except Dick and Jen were all shaky when they put their glasses on that they all were eliminated within a few minutes' time. Jameka mentions how Kail gives out information when she feels nervous and Mike doesn't. Eric thinks that Kail would win against anyone in the finals, and Dustin disagrees with him. Dick says she would have to do a lot to get there. Dick thinks that if they do vote Mike out this week, they need to shake Kail up for next week. Dick, Dustin, and Jameka agree that someone told Kail about the plan to evict Mike this week because her confidence level is way higher today. (I believe Zach told her.)

Dustin says that he is voting to evict Mike because they have Kail wrapped around their finger. Dick says that they need to vote as a unit, so they need to make a collective decision before claiming they are voting a certain way. According to Daniele, Mike plans on putting two people who the house wants up for nominations should he win HoH. If Kail would win the next HoH, she thinks her and Dick would be nominated. The talk FINALLY breaks up after about 90 minutes of talking.

Eric fills Jessica in on the talk (She was the only one not present from Dick's side). Jessica says she is planning on evicting Kail because Mike tried to get her vote and Kail didn't.

Nick told Daniele that he heard she was on the fence about the vote. Daniele gives him the silent treatment again. Nick yelled at her because she doesn't look him in the eyes when he tries to talk to her. Daniele said that Nick doesn't need to talk to her like that, and Nick storms out. Nick then asks Dick why Daniele is so hard to talk to, and Dick doesn't have an answer for him. Nick then parades around the house, saying how Daniele hates him now. @@ Dick then informs Daniele that she has made Nick flip out again. Daniele tells Amber that Nick can come and talk to her if he loses his attitude.

Nick and Zach think that Dick is scared of them because he has been avoiding them lately. Amber thinks that Dick will try to suck up to Kail next week if she stays. Amber goes off on Dick because he always has to get the last word whenever he is arguing with someone. She also is still upset that he wouldn't let her take pictures earlier. @@ - Give me a break. Amber says that Jameka is like God being there with her. Jameka then calls Amber her angel. (These two are just too religious for me!) Amber says that the only people she likes in the house now are Dustin, Eric, and Jameka. She says that she doesn't like Kail because of how she did the order of keys when she was HoH (putting Nick's key last to throw everyone off). She also thinks that Kail wanted her out because she was a single mom. She is extremely upset with Kail now. Amber thinks that Mike was chosen for BB since he cooks and cleans. Amber is sick of dealing with everyone in the house. Jameka just listens to her rant.

Whew! Today has been jampacked for being just a Wednesday. At this point, I think Mike will be evicted, despite Eric's pressuring. Everyone agrees that they can easily control Kail next week while Mike is loose if he is safe. As for sides in the house goes, it seems that on one side there is Amber, Daniele, Dick, Dustin, Eric, Jameka, and Jessica; while on the other side, there's Jen, Kail, Mike, Nick, and Zach. Therefore after this week, it will be 7 against 4. Personally, I would like to see someone from Kail's side win HoH next week (especially Zach) so that the sides could even out. I guess we'll have to wait until tomorrow!


craziecutie80 said...

Good grief. I watched after dark tonight instead of the feeds and I did not think Amber was ever going to shut it.

I do think Eric was doing a great job at trying to sway how the hg's were going to vote.

And the fight between Nick and Dani was so petty tonight.

Did you catch how Nick and Zach said they were going to be the next Will and Boogie?

I don't think Eric would be doing much kicking of anything but it makes for some good laughs.

The thing between Amber and Jameka was really making me ill with the I think you're my angel talk.

As much as I have watched I really did not think Amber and Jameka were that close. Apparently I learn something new everyday.

Can't wait for the saga to continue tomorrow. Keep up the great work with the feed updates.

BBVIII said...

I did catch when Nick and Zach said that. Barf. As with Amber and Jameka, they have gotten closer with their talks of God. Everyone says they are in a God-alliance. @@