Wednesday, July 25, 2007

7/24 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

Well tonight wasn't as boring as last night, but nearly as exciting as Sunday night. The nights are numbered for Mike, so will he do something to possibly save himself? I doubt that, just adding suspense to the update. Anyway, here's what has happened tonight in the BB house.

Amber and Dustin have been hiding Eric's clothes, and he has figured out that they have been doing so. He plans to get them back, but doesn't mention how. He tells Jessica that Dustin has been campaigning against Amber and wonders why he would do that. He says that there is a God-alliance between Amber and Jameka, which amused me. He jokes that Jessica wouldn't take him to the final two with her because she would lose to him. Or is it a joke? Eric wants Nick out because he has been shady since the game began. They agree that Daniele and Dick would never turn on each other in the game. Eric says that more people need to be aware of their close relationship. Jessica hopes that someone on their side wins HoH so Daniele can be nominated. Jessica says that she wants to be the only blonde in the house. @@

The two of them continued to talk about "What if?" situations. Eric thinks he may be nominated as a pawn alongside Dick. He is sure that Zach would nominate him, but Eric doesn't think that Zach could win HoH. Eric says that he could never trust Daniele or Nick. Jessica thinks that Zach would put her up too. Eric wants to nominate Nick and Zach to see if they are really together. Eric says that if Nick is up, he will vote him out. He also says that if he (Eric) is ever nominated, he would be evicted. Eric thinks that him and Jessica are safe next week. Jessica says that she could be nominated. She mentions the possibility of Dick, Jen, and Kail making a truce to stop the drama.

Some random news that has gone on through the night: Eric thinks that Mike is the most boring HG this season. I agree! Jen told Dick that she lost her virginity when she was 15. She says that she was drunk at the time. What a great story to tell millions of people. @@ Amber complained some more about her doing all of the housework. Kail wants a tattoo to cover up her stretch marks. BB gave the HG their beer. Wonderful. Dick is sick of Amber's stories. He called her a mental case. He then slandered her about all of her medical problems. Nick wants Kail nominated again because he's sick of her.

The HG talked about America's Choice possibilities. Nick hopes that it's a phone call and that it is a three-way between him, Daniele, and her boyfriend. They wonder who America's favorite HG is. Daniele thinks it's either Dick or Eric. Amber thinks it's her. @@ - Heavens no!

That's pretty much it for the night. As for the game, it seems evident that Mike will be the one evicted on Thursday. Dustin and Eric seem the most gung-ho about winning the next HoH. I'd like to see Dustin win. He'd be the one to rid us of Jen! I'll have another update in the morning!

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