Thursday, July 26, 2007

7/25-26 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

I think this has been the most interesting Wednesday on the feeds thus far! Last night proved to be full of information once again, but don't expect today to hold much. Here is the latest from last night in the BB house.

Amber thinks that if they keep Kail, she will pick from Dick, Nick, and Zach for nominations. She then talks about how obsessed Jen is with Nick. Her and Dustin both think that Jen is smarter than she looks. (I do too. Dick caught her earlier on knowing more about BB than she says. I think it's part of her strategy.) Dustin says that Kail wants everyone to feel sorry for her, but Jameka thinks there is more to Kail that they haven't seen yet. Dustin thinks that Kail has had plastic surgery because she does not look like she has had three kids. (Umm, she mentioned having stretch marks earlier!)

Kail tells Dick that she never wants to be HoH again, but Dick tells her that she is going home tomorrow. Kail tries to convince Dick that she will change if she stays this week and that she can forgive anything he's done to her. Dick says that she will still come after him and he will still come after her if she stays, and nothing will change that. Dick continues to ask Kail why he should keep her, but she never really gives him a direct answer. Dick says that Mike has never lied in the house, so he doesn't see him going. Kail said that she doesn't care if she goes or stays now.

Eric thinks Dick is popular with America because he is like an evil villain. He sees Jen as the HG America hates. (He knows this as a fact too!) Jen asks Eric if he thinks that she nominated two people that shouldn't have been nominated last week. Eric thinks that they were the big personalities in the house (Dick and Joe), so he thinks she did. He then says that taking out Joe was a good move though. Jen thinks the opposite happened this week with Dick's nominations.

Amber dyed Dick's hair. She tells him about Kail targeting her the first week because she was a single mother. Dick thinks that Kail has no class and really wants her gone now. He thinks that Nick is nervous about next week. Amber says that Nick is obsessed with Daniele. Dick starts talking about their latest reltionship troubles and how Nick told him that Daniele was impossible to deal with. Dick says that Nick thinks that nobody trusts him. Amber thinks that Daniele is being fake with Nick.

Kail tells Jessica that the reason she hasn't spoken with her yet is because she doesn't need her vote. Jessica tells her that she is voting for her to stay anyway, so she doesn't have to worry about talking to her. (Earlier, Jessica told Eric that she would vote for Mike to stay, so I'm pretty sure she's lying here.)

Dick's side (except Daniele) talked about who they are voting out for sure. Eric pointed out how weird Nick has been acting lately again. Jameka thinks that Nick gets very animated when he talks game, and that is something to watch for. Eric doesn't understand how if Nick doesn't need the money, why is he trying so hard? (Because that's all just an act!) They all agree that Nick is still with Jen and Zach. Dustin again told everyone how Zach thinks he (Dustin) is a threat and how he asked him (Dustin) to be in an alliance with him. Dick and Dustin both think that Jen is a strong competitor. Jameka thinks that Jen should be backdoored. Amber doesn't want Kail in the jury because she will try to convince everyone to vote a certain way.

As for the vote, they seemed to have agreed that Mike should be evicted. However, Dick reminds them that they need to fluster Kail before the HoH competition tomorrow. Amber doesn't want Kail to think that she succeeded in staying; she wants her to find out when Julie reads the vote. Dick tells everyone that Zach is planning on getting the HoH tomorrow. As for next week, they want Kail and Nick nominated, with Nick being the one evicted. Jessica really wants Kail evicted in the next few weeks because she doesn't like her. She reminds everyone not to forget about her. Jessica thinks that both Jen and Nick should be backdoored because they could win PoV.

Dick and Eric think that Kail could bring Amber and Dustin over to her side if she stays this week. According to Dick, Daniele told him that Dustin leaked the plan to evict Mike over to Kail. Eric said that he would have tried harder to get Kail evicted, but he doesn't really care who goes this week. Dick agrees. Eric says that he's sick of everyone thinking about jury votes because it is only week three. He also mentions how Dustin is acting like the game is all about him. Eric thinks that Amber, Daniele, Dustin, and Nick could be together. Therefore, taking Nick out would make them stay with them. Eric says that the only bad thing about Kail staying is that she could easily sway someone from their side over to her side. Dick agrees.

Dick says that the only reason he is still talking to Amber is because he needs her on his side. Eric thinks that she is being fake in the house. Eric thinks that Zach is afraid of him (Eric) because Eric plays the game like Zach would if he knew what he was doing. Eric says that if Zach ever asks Eric to allign with him, that Eric will target him. Eric says that they need to watch Nick because he used to be a professional athlete. They agree that Jessica could very easily float to the final two because anyone could beat her in the finals. Dick thinks that Jessica would nominate Kail and Nick as well and that Daniele would back them up in getting Nick out. They agree that they are two of the best players in the house right now.

That pretty much wraps it up! It was a late night for Dick as he stayed up until almost 7:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this. Expect a whole lot of nothing today as it's Thursday!

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