Monday, July 23, 2007

7/22-23 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

And the drama continues...not really, but I've heard it repeated so many times that it still seems quite existent. The night brought just as much info as the evening did, so let's get right to it! Here's the late-night info coming from last night in the BB house.

Daniele and Nick flirted for most of the night again. Apparently, they are done fighting. @@ Dick appologized to Jameka and Jessica for his behavior tonight. He explained his argument with Nick to the both of them and told them that he cannot be trusted.

Amber told Nick about her confrontation with Dick and how she's still upset about it. Nick proceeded to tell her about his. They both agree that Dick has changed so much this week and that he needs to go soon. Nick repeats his line about not needing the money. @@ Amber relays her feelings on to Jen, and they both agree on wanting Dick out.

Amber and Eric had a date last night, so of course she told him about the fight too. Why can't everyone be there when these things happen? I'm so sick of hearing them over and over again! Eric thinks that Dick will be a huge target now. They continue to talk about his bullying and fighting. Eric says that if anyone from Kail's side wins HoH, Dick will go up. Eric has no problem with nominating Dick and evicting him next week. They both agree that his flirting with the girls in the house is weird since his daughter is just around the age of everyone. The talk shifts to Zach. They both hate him because he seems to stalk everyone. Amber sternly told him a while back to back off everyone, so he stopped. Dustin and Daniele join them, and the four continue to trash Jen and Zach.

Kail asked Jen if Dick was going to put a pawn up. Jen doesn't think so. She tells Kail that everyone is going after Dick next week. Kail really wants Zach to go up this week so that she has a chance. They think that Zach is the new Joe since he is getting into everyone's business all of a sudden. Zach thinks that Nick is the new Joe though. Therefore, he thinks Dick will nominate Nick. Kail thinks they have the votes to evict Nick, especially because of his fight earlier. Kail thinks that Dick is becoming paranoid because of his HoH blow-up (thinking Jen, Nick, and Zach were strategizing in his HoH room). Kail still think that her only hope is if Zach goes up, but Mike thinks otherwise. Either way, Kail is happy that Mike might not be nominated now.

Amber told Jameka about her fight with Dick now. She thinks that Dick has been inconsistent because he tells other people that they can trust him when he doesn't return the trust. Jameka says that Amber is the only person she truly trusts. She can't trust Daniele because she is with Nick, and she somewhat trusts Jessica because she is so innocent. They both notice how impatient Nick has been acting lately and don't like it. Jameka feels that Kail is no longer a threat. They both want Zach out next week because he's so gross (Amber mentions how he doesn't wash his hands). Amber says she will try for the next HoH. They both want to keep Dustin and Eric in the game and to evict the liars in the house. They don't want Nick in since he has so many alliances. Jameka would rather see her and Amber in the finals because they both deserve the money. They agree that Jen is crazy about Nick and jealous of Daniele. They want to target Daniele and Nick next week. Amber feels bad about Kail but agrees that she brought it on herself.

Dick asked Jen if she was alligned with Nick and Zach. Jen says no and talks about almost nominating Nick last week. Dick doesn't believe her, but Jen insists, saying that she didn't want to be the girl who nominated someone over another girl. She then tells him that Amber offered to be nominated next to Dick. Confused, Dick doesn't understand why she would do that unless she wanted to be nominated as a pawn to get Dick out. Jen says that she isn't planning on nominating Dick should she win HoH next week. Dick can't wait to lose his HoH power. Jen wants Dick to nominate Zach, but Dick insists that Mike is going up. Jen doesn't trust Kail anymore since she told Dick about the MRA before her. Surprisingly, Dick and Jen are being very honest with each other during all of this. Jen thinks that Amber, Daniele, Dustin, and Nick are in an alliance. Dick seems skeptical about it but considers it because they are two couples. They think that more people are part of the MRA than they think. Dick can't wait to leave the house so he can see what everyone has said about him. They both agree that the Coup d'Etat will come into play this year, since it didn't last year. Dick realizes that Jen knows a lot more about BB than she says she does. Jen says that she would trust Dick a whole lot more if Daniele wasn't here. Dick says there is nothing he can do about that. Dick then starts pushing Jen for an alliance between the two of them. Jen asks him if it would be okay if she nominated Daniele. Dick says that he doesn't care about her in the game anymore because of the way she has been treating him. They went to bed without really confirming if there was an alliance between them.

Dick was the last one in bed at around 6:10 AM. All HG are still in bed as I post this. Expect a fairly early wake-up call today as the PoV ceremony should be happening sometime this afternoon. More on that later!


KY said...

I think the HOH has went to EvilD's head this week..Hes got on my nerves BAD..Bad as I hate to say it I think Im ready for him to leave.

Anonymous said...

I happen to think this whole game is fixed by CBS this year.. if they do not want a nominee out of the house, somehow they make that person win the VETO.. Jen.. for instance.. Danielle when she was up last week.. I feel this season it lost a lot of what it used to be..

KY said...

I kinda agree with that..I liked this season really good at first but now its just boring..Even the BBAD has even been boring.They need to come up with all new things for the competitions,etc.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the hoh thing has gone to ED's head but I find it amusing how much he is stirring everyone up. I do think they need to come up with some entertaining stuff for ad because all the same old conversations going on and on is really getting old.