Tuesday, July 24, 2007

7/24 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Snore - another boring day in the BB house. The HG spent much of the day outside and talking amongst themselves. Here is the little news that has happened this afternoon in the BB house.

Dick told Dustin about how much he has changed since Joe has left the house. He says that the same thing happened with Jessica when Carol left. He is glad that they have opened up more. Dustin mentions talking with Daniele this morning and how she said that she is glad to have Dustin in the house. Dustin appreciates Daniele for telling him that. He mentions Daniele saying that her talk with Dick last night was a positive one. Dick said that he got the first hug from her in two years last night. Dustin is happy for him. They then talk about how hard it is to have their past come to haunt them in the house.

Amber, Dick, and Dustin complained about the other HG not earning their keep in the house. They mention Jessica, Kail, and Nick. Dick says that he has taken over Kail's role as the "mother of the house." Eric and Jen claim that they are part of the few that cook for the house.

Nick tells Amber that Daniele is still being awkward with him. Amber suggests that Nick go back to Jen, and they laugh about that.

Jen told Amber that she hasn't talked privately with Nick or Zach since the first week. She says that they only people she talks game with are Dick and Kail. However, she can't trust Kail the same way now since she didn't tell her about the MRA until after everyone had already knew about it. Amber calls Kail dumb for alligning with Mike, Nick, and Zach.

The HG have been on lockdown after lockdown (what BB does to either clean up the house, set up for competitions, or to just get them moving) for no apparent reason. They are now all stuck inside. How unfortunate.

Other than that, little has happened this afternoon. What's new? In other news, don't forget about the show tonight, which begins shortly here on the east coast. I'll have a recap up for those who can't wait following the end of it. Look for that!

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