Wednesday, July 25, 2007

7/24-25 Live Feeds: 11:00 PM-8:00 AM

The evening excitement didn't last long. Most of the HG checked in early, and even Dick went to bed much earlier than normal. What is happening to these HG? They sleep in late and then go to bed early! BB, do something! Here's what happened last night in the BB house.

Most of the HG played quarters (two people spin quarters, and the last one standing wins) as their entertainment tonight. They would then have to drink as penalties if they lost. It was fun for a while, but got fairly boring early on. Other HG talked about their IQ, and Kail thinks she was a 30. @@ - The lowest you can be is around 70 or so, and that is if you are mentally handicapped! The HG also played volleyball well into the night. Joy.

Jessica became upset at the DR because she feels they took advantage of her being drunk. The other HG tried to cheer her up, but it didn't seem to work. After she returned to normal, her and Eric talked about how Dick is starting to annoy them since he is always getting into everyone's business now.

It seems that America wanted Kail to be evicted, so Eric tried to convince the other HG to vote with him to evict Kail. He says that just because Dick wants Mike out, it doesn't mean that everyone should vote him out. Eric says that Kail wants the floaters out, and he suggests that all the voters talk about their opinion on the vote. Dustin thinks they should do it tonight, but Eric suggests waiting until Thursday. Eric realized that Dustin and Nick (not Amber, oops!) have been stealing his clothes, so he plans on taking some of their clothes in revenge.

The talk shifts to the mustard prank. Dick and Eric claim they would have used either red wine or ketchup. Jen says again that she doesn't care about it and wants them to stop talking about it. They then talk about the possibility of Zach switching rooms. Dick said that nobody wants him to switch rooms, so he can't. According to Jen, Jessica is planning on switching beds with Zach since he is so tall. Jen refuses to sleep in the same room as Zach. (All of the HG think that Zach is extremely creepy and that he smells.) @@

Jen and Mike rehash why Mike stood up for her in the PoV competition. Mike says that soon people are going to see who they want in the jury house, so he felt he should start showing his honesty in the game. He asks her if she knows how the vote will go, and she doesn't really give him an answer.

Dick once again stayed up past everyone else doing his usual talking to himself while cleaning the house up. He things it would be a miracle for him and Daniele to be the final two. He mentions that Daniele seems to be good at competitions. He says that Mike should be evicted and that something is up with Amber. He is happy that nobody cried today. He thinks that Nick played the mustard prank and that he has been badly treating Jen and Zach ever since the HoH room ordeal.

Dick was the last one in bed at around 4:30 AM. All HG are still in bed as I post this. Today should be another thrilling day, but it seems Thursday will be another live vote. Therefore, we should have (hopefully) plenty of scheming and the like today. I'll have the scoop later!

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