Monday, July 23, 2007

7/22 Live Feeds: 6:00-11:00 PM

Ooh drama in the house - finally! After Jameka's somewhat low-key birthday party, Dick seems to be going head to head with everyone, and I am loving it! Here's all the scoop from tonight in the BB house.

Nick whined to Amber about him and Daniele again. He said that him and Daniele have kissed. Hmm... He then told her about how he doesn't need the money and that he hates Zach. @@ - He's telling someone who could really use the money that he doesn't even want it. Oh, how sick I am of him! He tells Amber that he wants her to win. Amber becomes emotional because Dustin told her that she would be unselfish with the money. I totally agree - she's all about her family, and that is where the money will direct go towards if she were to win.

Time for Jameka's birthday party! BB gave her an ice cream cake (bad idea) that had already started to melt when the HG found it. They also gave her a belt, hairclips, and hair rollers. In addition, she received a letter from her sister that made her very emotional. BB gave all the HG party hats and other accessories to accompany the cake. Dick later made dinner for everyone.

Daniele told Amber how frustrating she is becoming with Nick. She tells Amber that she loves hanging out with her because she doesn't have to be fake with her. Amber agrees and says how hard this game is and that it is much harder emotionally than it looks. Daniele hates how Dick always has to be the center of attention and that she'd like to punch him. I agree! Amber says that she likes Dick but that he's too much to handle sometimes. Daniele goes on for a while about her feelings regarding Dick. According to Jameka, the jury house will be filmed this year (cameras all around the house, like in the BB house), which is getting awful reviews from Amber and Daniele. They also say that the jury house will be much like the BB house with individual rooms for everyone. Where are they hearing this from? Amber asks Daniele if she thinks that she could win, and Daniele says that she has a good a chance of winning as anyone does. Daniele said that she would love to put Dick and Zach up if she were to win HoH.

Dick tells Jen that she would have been safe anyway this week, regardless of her winning PoV. Jen thinks Zach is dumb for trying to become Dick's friend this week. She says that she didn't care that he nominated her this week. Dick tells her that he has the votes to get Kail out this week.

Nick tells Dustin that he hates when people try to make Amber become emotional. Dustin calls Daniele a "witty little bitch." Dustin says that Kail wants to go home before the jury because she misses her family. Nick doesn't think that she could make it if she were to stay past the jury. Nick says that he likes Kail but wishes he hadn't agreed to an alliance with her. He hates that Daniele is mad at him because he really likes her a lot. Dustin asks him about his flirting with Jen, and Nick says that his plan was to flirt with all the girls, but there really is something there with Daniele. Dustin likes being the sole gay guy in the house because he doesn't have to deal with a showmance. Nick thinks the girls don't like Mike because he has such a boring personality. He wants to stay on Jen's good side because she would put him and Daniele up if she wins the next HoH. Dustin really wants to win the next HoH because he wants something from his family. Dustin informs Nick of his and Amber's prank of stealing some of Eric's clothes daily and hiding them in the storage room. How interesting, considering Eric's latest task!

Dick kicked Nick out of his HoH room because he found Jen and Zach up there with him. Nick became furious and started yelling at Zach when he followed him outside. Nick doesn't want anyone to think he is scheming with him or Jen. Dick then starts getting upset because of Jen and Zach in his HoH room and takes his anger out on Amber. He then storms out to Nick and starts yelling at him. Nick says that they weren't talking game (they weren't). He says that he's not in alligned with Jen or Zach and that he hates them both. Dick says that he doesn't trust Nick at all now because he has been hanging around Jen and Zach. They then argue about Daniele again but don't say anything new. It's mainly just a lot of yelling. Nick is upset that Daniele doesn't trust him as much as he trusts her. Dick tells him that Daniele would be much better off without Nick there (not true - she would be crushed). Nick storms back, saying that Daniele wants him there. Daniele then gets mad at Dick because he made Amber cry (when he yelled at her about the HoH fiasco).

Daniele and Dick argued again. Daniele thinks that Dick is talking down to everyone in the house. She tells him to leave Amber alone and that she's taking most of Dick's attacks. Dick is mad at Daniele because she's telling other HG that he is planning on evicting them. Daniele completely denies saying anything to anyone else. She tells him that the power has gone to his head and that he's treating everyone unfairly. Dick thinks it's unfair that he has to deal with her relationship with Nick. Daniele tells him to let her deal with Nick herself. Dick asks her about not telling him about the MRA. Daniele said that Nick would have told him eventually. Dick asks Daniele why she is acting this way, and Daniele says it's because Dick made Amber cry.

Amber and Dick then argue about Dick's blow-up earlier. Dick said that he was mad at the situation, not Amber. He hates that people are using his HoH room to do their own scheming. He tells her not to be so emotional all the time. Amber says that she can't help but cry because that's who she is. Dick tells Amber to concentrate on the game instead of her emotions. He tells her not to talk game with Nick because he can't be trusted. Amber says that she only talks personally with Nick. Dick really wants Amber to feel comfortable talking to him anytime because they need to trust each other in the game. Amber doesn't like how everyone thinks she cries all the time because of him. Dick then goes on about Daniele. He says he doesn't trust her at all and that he would work with anyone, even Kail, before Daniele.

Nick told Daniele about his argument with Dick. Daniele is still very upset about her situation, and there is a lot of silence between the two. Nick talks one-sidedly to Daniele about his feelings on the whole situation. He knows that Daniele has a boyfriend, but he at least wants to get to know her while inside the house. He doesn't care about the money; he just wants to be with her. Daniele is silent during Nick's whole talk.

Dustin and Dick had a little spif. Dustin told Dick that Jameka felt bad about reading her letter in front of everyone. Almost immediately after, Dick tells Jameka that she can feel selfish for today since it's her birthday. Dustin was right there when he said it, so he immediately blows up and tells Dick about it. Dick appologizes, saying that today isn't a good day. Everyone is mad at him, and he doesn't know what to do about it. Dustin calms him down and says that he just needs to cool down for a bit. Dick says that being nominated is much easier than being HoH. It would be a whole lot easier if Dick would just lay low while being HoH instead of getting into everyone's business. @@

Whew. That pretty much does it for tonight. The HG all want to go to bed early tonight because of all the drama. They played some games following the party that BB gave them, and things are calming down now. A lot of rehashing is going on for those who missed any of the fights. I'll have more in the morning!

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