Sunday, July 22, 2007

7/22 Show Recap

Who will Dick nominate? Let's find out!

Daniele was ecstatic that Dick won HoH because she knows she will be safe this week. Jen feels very vulnerable since she nominated Daniele and Dick last week. Kail became nervous about whether there really is an MRA. She doesn't understand why the guys didn't let her know that they were all going to vote Joe out. She considers the MRA non-existent. Kail pretty much sold the MRA out to Dick, telling him totally about who was in the alliance and about their plans. She tried to get him to nominate Zach, but it didn't seem to work. Dick's plans are to nominate Jen and Kail, but he has been thinking about Mike and Zach as well.

According to Jen, she used to wrestle guys in high school. Therefore, her and Eric had a wrestling match. Jen totally dominated the match, but Eric said he let her win. Sureeee! Nick talked about having a top-five guys list of celebrities he'd like to date if he were gay. Dick and Zach made fun of him of course, as did Daniele. Nick then told Daniele that she is his top-five girls list. @@ Daniele became very emotional about her situation with Nick. She loves her boyfriend at home, but she really likes Nick too. Dick comforted her. He became very emotional later about her coming to him for support.

Jameka is sick of the slop. Amber felt bad for her and of course cried about it. Jen didn't know what to feel about it. @@ Dick said that the girls on slop look like starving kids in Africa. Jameka scolded him about it, saying that there are starving kids in other places too. She then became emotional about her being part of a minority and her feelings about being the only black person in the house. Time for the food competition! Two HUGE bowls laid in front of the HG with slides coming into them. The competition was called "Mission Impastabowl." Each HG would slide into a pasta bowl (two at a time) and pick a meatball with a food group written on it. The catch was that both HG's would have to find the same meatball in order for them to get that food group. Only five minutes would be allowed for this. The HG won all sorts of foods, including various fish, fruits, and meats! As for the next America's Player task, America told Eric to get Jen nominated. He tried really hard on this one, and he did a good job trying to get Dick to nominate Jen and not Mike or Zach.

Dustin hopes that he has changed Kail's views on gay people. Kail says that her feelings about them haven't changed, but she says that it's easy to forget that Dustin is gay. When Zach talked with Dick, he realized that Kail had outed the MRA. Dick was under the impression that Zach would have voted him out had they had the votes to do so. Zach tried to convince him otherwise, but Dick said that he already had made his decision. Dick had a serious talk with Nick about Daniele. He wants to get Nick out as soon as possible because he is a liability to him and Daniele. Time for the next America's Player task! Ooh, this is a good one. Whose personal property should Eric covertly target? I'd say Jameka's, just because of how she reacted when people went through her stuff in the first PoV competition. This should start some drama up. Hehe!

Ahh, nominations time. Dick opens the ceremony by saying that this ceremony is about breaking up the alliances, lies, deception, upsetting the balance of the house, and by turning things around in the game. Order of keys: Jameka, Jessica, Amber, Eric, Daniele, Dustin, Nick, Zach, and Mike, leaving Jen and Kail nominated. Dick says that he nominated Jen because she put him up last week. He says that he nominated Kail because of her lies last week and that he will do anything to make sure she goes home this week. Kail became emotional that she was nominated alongside Jen. Dick wished Kail goodbye. Jen says that she doesn't feel like she's nominated. @@ I'm so sick of her! AHH!!

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Jen or Kail? Find out Tuesday!

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KY said...

I thought the father/daughter moment tonight was sad..I also voted for Eric to take something of Jen's lol