Sunday, July 22, 2007

7/21 Live Feeds: 8:00-11:00 PM

So far, tonight has been on the boring side. The HG have been doing a lot of small talk and not a lot of game talk. As of now, the game plan still stands with Mike being nominated and evicted. But the PoV ceremony is nearly 48 hours away, and plenty can happen before then! Here's the evening news from tonight in the BB house.

Mike and Zach cooked dinner for the house. Aww, how sweet. Looks like they are trying to save their ass! The HG spent a good portion of the evening eating and enjoying the night. Even though it was quick, the PoV competition seemed to have tired everyone out. They relaxed for another portion of the evening after dinner.

Dick told Jen that she was never his prime target for this week. Nick told Amber that he is being nice to Jen this week because he doesn't want her to nominate him next week should she win HoH. Nick wants Kail and Zach nominated next week to keep them on their toes. He would like doing that to them until sequester before finally taking them out. Why? Just do it now! @@ Amber and Nick agree that they are the most-liked people in the house. @@ - Another eyeroll here; I hate it when HG say they are so well liked. It makes them seem me not like them even more!

Dick and Kail fought again. Dick is really starting to get on my nerves now; I agree with Amber that this HoH has gotten to his head. He is just picking fights now with everyone, especially Kail. He questioned her about her conversations with Mike. Kail just says that Mike is someone she can talk to; they rarely talk game though. They go back and forth with the usual petty arguing. I'm sick of both of them.

Dick claims that he threw the PoV competition to Jen, but Jameka believes he is just saying that to save his pride, which has become quite evident this week. According to Dustin, Kail will nominate Zach if they both stay this week. Dustin believes everything Kail says because she speaks from the heart. Kail joins them, and she is very upset about her constant arguments with Dick. She's upset that nobody else can see how mean he is. She doesn't know why he only picks on her. @@ For the last time, none of this would have happened had you not turned on him last week, Kail! Get a hold of yourself! She tries to convince them that Dick is lying about everything she has been telling him. Kail leaves, and Dick informs Dustin that he will nominate Mike at the PoV ceremony.

Daniele and Nick don't understand why Dick and Kail keep talking. Me either - their "talks" always turn into arguments. Plus, they have nothing to say! Kail can't do anything else to save her ass this week besides campaigning to the voters, not Dick. Nick is excited about Kail staying because she's so crazy when it comes to the game. He wishes she would have more fun in the house though.

Mike thinks that the reason Dick keeps arguing with Kail is that Dick wants the vote this week to be unanimous to evict Kail. Oh, if he only knew what Dick was really planning! Him and Jen tell Kail to follow Zach around and ask him random questions, like he does with everyone else. Kail agrees and thinks it would be fun. She then tells them about her latest fight with Dick. @@ - She acts as if the fights are good. Is she nuts? She thinks Nick is just as bad as Zach with regards to their gameplay. Jen thinks that Dick really wanted her to go home this week and not Kail. I wish she would!

Daniele, Dick, and Nick talked about Kail being a liar again. Isn't there any more drama in the house besides this Dick and Kail crap? Sheesh! Dick leaves, and Dustin joins Daniele and Nick. He says that if he wins HoH, he would nominate Jen and Zach. All three of them (even Dustin!) agree that Amber needs to go soon too because she is alligned with everyone. Dustin doesn't like that she is pulling Eric away from him.

Well, that does it for now. The HG are being ultra-boring despite their afternoon nap. Hopefully things get more exciting as the night goes on. I'll have more in the morning!

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