Monday, July 23, 2007

7/23 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Well, it has been confirmed a number of times that Mike has been nominated, which was no surprise to us feed watchers. As for the rest of the house, here is what has happened this afternoon in the BB house!

Amber and Jen think that Dick played the mustard prank as some sort of test. Jen says that it's obvious who the prankster was but won't reveal the indentity. She says that she will talk to that person later about it. (I think she thinks that Nick did it.) Amber thinks the prink was extremely rude and childish. (Eric is right there during all of this and does an excellent job playing along.) Jen says that it's not a big deal, but she's glad it happened to her because other HG would make a big deal out of it. Like Amber? Jameka tells Jen that she has been handling the situation well. Amber told Eric about her conversation with Dick earlier. According to her, she sternly told Dick that he could not tell her how to act in the house.

Following the PoV ceremony, Kail said that she has no idea what is going on in the house anymore. Her and Mike talked about the possible prankster (or VANDAL as they are referring to it as). Kail thinks that Dick did it because he seemed suspicious this morning. Mike thinks that Dustin might have done it. Kail said that she didn't even think Dustin would do such a thing. They both agree that he has been acting so much freer now that Joe isn't in the house anymore though. Kail asks Mike if he trusts Jen, and he says no because he saw them go to bed together last night. Kail wonders why she was up so late with him. Mike says that if he is safe this week, he will play the game solo from there on out.

Dick and Kail had a LONG conversation about pretty much everything. I was just glad they weren't fighting during it. The conversation seemed very heartfelt on both sides, and they were very honest with each other. Dick apologized for putting Kail in the position that she's in (being nominated next to Mike). Kail apologized for not opening to him from the very beginning. Dick tells Kail that he has never lied to her. They both agree that being HoH sucks and is not as good as it seems. Dick tells Kail that she should have had the guys do all the work for her (campaigning against Dick). Kail asked Dick why he blew up last night, and Dick said that was his biggest mistake ever and that he completely overreacted. FINALLY - he admits it!

That was pretty much it from the afternoon! The HG spent a lot of sleeping again. @@ They didn't wake up until almost noon, and they are STILL tired?! Oh please. I'll have more later!

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staceylynne0803 said...

Dick is making everyone hate him. Which i knew was going to happen eventaully. He's getting pissed off and taking it out on the wrong people. but at least he's finally admitting he was wrong.