Friday, July 27, 2007

7/27 Live Feeds: Nominations

The feeds have just returned with Jen crying and Kail talking to Dustin about her being a pawn. Could it be any more obvious that they are nominated? More later.


dgh1965 said...

Thanks for the News report!

If Jen is crying then it sounds like their plan is working; wasn't it Kail that was supposed to be crying and falling apart?

It's a mistake to keep her. The longer she stays the more confident she is going to get.

BB13 said...

Yeah, but Dustin has informed Kail that she has nothing to worry about this week, which he shouldn't have done (like Dick said). Now she knows that people want her to stay.

dgh1965 said...

You're exactly bbviii

Just in his first day of HoH Dustin seems to be talking way too much to the wrong people.

Today's Pov could be interesting.