Saturday, April 19, 2008

4/19 Live Feeds: 7:00 AM-7:00 PM

Ryan was the first one up today at around 10:50 AM. He noticed that the ants have even invaded the guinea pig cage and woke Sharon up to let her know. She was upset and helped Ryan clean the cage out. BB woke the rest of the HG up about an hour later. BB finally took some action against the ants by installing some traps in the kitchen. Ryan told Sharon that he is planning on letting the nominations stand, and Adam will vote Sheila out. Sharon thinks that Adam would be harder to beat in the final HoH competition than Sheila, so it would be better to get him out this week. She also thinks that Adam is lying to Ryan and is really sticking with Sheila.

Sheila hopes that Adam will keep his word and vote Sharon out this week. She went on about how she will take him to the finals if she wins HoH and that Sharon still doesn't like Adam for voting against her last week. She continued to get into his ear about how she has always had his back throughout the game and he needs to return the favor this week. Adam reported the conversation to Ryan and says that he has no problem with voting Sheila out this week.

4/18-19 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-7:00 AM

Ants are still ruling the BB house! The HG even moved all the food from the kitchen to the storage room in hopes of alleviating the problem. Sheila doesn't think that Ryan will change the nominations. Sharon is sure that Adam will vote her (Sharon) out if Ryan doesn't save her. Ryan asked Adam if he is aligned with Sheila instead of him now because Sharon thinks so. Adam swore that he would vote Sheila out this week. Adam was the last one asleep at around 2:45 AM. Other than that, little happened last night.

Friday, April 18, 2008

4/18 Live Feeds: PoV Winner

After being blocked for about 90 minutes, the feeds have returned, and it appears that Ryan has won the PoV! I'll let you know if anything changes.

4/18 Live Feeds: 11:00 AM-6:00 PM

Sharon thinks that if Ryan nominates Adam alongside Sheila, then their secret relationship will come out. (Sharon thinks that Adam and Sheila were the third couple mentioned in the HoH competition.) Sheila claims that she is doing fine this morning, despite having around five hours of sleep last night. She says that since she is a mother, she learns to live without sleeping much. She thinks that Jen (Ryan's girlfriend) is the hottest girl that she has ever seen. Ryan says that his neck still has yet to completely heal.

Sheila has been complaining for most of the day about being chained to Adam. The guys have done a wonderful job at making Sheila annoyed almost to her breaking point. BB even scolded them at one point. The feeds have been blocked since around 5:15 PM for the PoV competition. Adam and Sheila should also be getting unchained. I'll have the scoop on the PoV winner once the feeds return!

Interview with BB8's Daniele Donato

I recently had the chance to talk with Daniele Donato. Here is what she had to say:

Hey Daniele, thank you for taking time to do this interview!
Of course!! <3
What’s life been like following your Big Brother stint? Catch us up on all the happenings in your world?
Well, a lot. haha. Life is busy busy busy. But I like it that way. But I'm for the most part back into my normal life just a lot of working and doing "normal" things. whatever that means...

What do you think about this season’s house guests? Who do you like? Who do you hate? And who do you think will win?
Well, um. I plead the 5th. haha. No, I was just expecting more from this group.. more gameplay that is. Adam has been my favorite since day 1. I am certainly still rooting for ballaaaah!!

Do you think this season is similar to your’s with the whole Christianity argument? Do you think your dad would attack Natalie like he did Jameka if he was in the house?
I think its hard to go into that house and proclaim your beliefs and not end up looking like a hypocrite to be honest. That is all i will say on this topic. :x

Have you talked with any of the early evictees from this season? If so, who? More or less, what is up between you and Alex ?
haha. Yes I have talked to Jen, she is a total sweetheart. I spoke with Neil once awhile ago, talked to Parker last week; he's a very nice guy, and yes Alex. & well, don't you wish you knew?! haha. Don't you watch housecalls? Marriage and babies.. obviously!

Do people still recognize you on the streets? What do people say to you? What’s the craziest thing someone has said to you?
Yes I get recognized everyday still. I don't mind it though I think it's funny. Everyone has nice things to say constantly. Old woman ask me to hook them up with pops & of course the Nick questions loves to comes up. Craziest thing? I don't know if it's crazy, but I had some people start screaming and crying so happy.. and that's just weird. haha.

What do you think of Jen and Nick? ( You don’t have to answer this question if you do not want to)
I think that I hope they're happy. & to everyone who keeps asking if it makes me mad.. the answer is not at all.

I read you got into a car accident a couple weeks ago, how are you and your car? Any injuries?
It was tiny. I was probably being dramatic.. but hey nobody has ever hit me before & the guy didnt have insurance. But everything is fine thank you.

Do you still communicate with people from Season 8? Ie Nick, Kail, etc. Have you talked with Amber since the show?
I talk with Kail often. I also keep in contact with Mike and Zach occasionally.

Do you plan on doing anymore reality television shows? Ie Amazing Race or Survivor. This includes a 2nd Big Brother appearance-Allstars ?
We'll just have to wait & see what the future holds.

Finally, anything else we should know? Any new surprising information?
I'm pregnant & married what else do you want from me? haha. (For people who don't get sarcasm, i love you!!)

Thanks to Daniele for doing this interview.

4/17-18 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-11:00 AM

Adam promised Ryan that he would evict Sheila this week. Ryan told Sharon about his wanting to evict Sheila this week, but Sharon would rather see Adam go. Sharon still wants to go to the finals with Ryan. Adam and Sheila were finally chained up. However, BB gave them a choice: they could either watch the movie earned in the luxury competition with Ryan and Sharon, or they could have their chained removed for the duration of the movie. They chose to remove the chain. Sheila made Adam promise that he would evict Sharon should the nominations remain the same. Sheila thinks that the jury would vote for Sharon to win since she has been nominated five times and survived eviction each time.

It seems clear that the new sides in the house are Adam and Sheila against Ryan and Sharon. If Adam wins PoV, he will not use it and evict Sharon. If Sheila wins it, Adam will be nominated and she will evict Sharon. If Ryan wins it, he will save Sharon and nominate Adam for him to be evicted. If Sharon wins it, she would do the same. Basically, Sheila looks like she is safe regardless this week.

Adam and Sheila had a very hard time getting to sleep last night. At one point, Sheila even unhooked herself from Adam because she was so frustrated. BB scolded her immediately after. They finally drifted off to sleep at around 4:35 AM. BB was nice to the HG this morning and let them sleep until around 10:25 AM. Sheila wonders how her and Adam will play the PoV competition being chained up. Ryan thinks that the competition might be later in the day after they hit their 24-hour mark, which would be around 5:30 PM.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

4/17 Live Feeds: Nominations

After being blocked for about 45 minutes, the feeds have returned, and it appears that Sharon and Sheila have been nominated for eviction. I'll let you know if anything changes!

4/17 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-5:00 PM

BB woke the HG up at around 9:05 AM this morning. Sharon and Sheila think that Adam will win if he makes the finals. Adam hopes that Natalie knows that he voted to keep her last week. Ryan plans on nominating Sheila this week but doesn't know who else to nominate alongside her. Sheila wants him to nominate Sharon instead of Adam. Ryan says that Adam would probably rather be nominated to avoid personally evicting someone. Ryan told Sharon that he wants her to stay more than Adam this week. He thinks that he can convince Adam to keep her over Sharon.

A luxury competition was held today. Adam and Sheila have to be chained together until tomorrow afternoon. Ryan and Sharon get to see the premiere of "What Happens in Vegas" and get to meet Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher following the show. Ryan promised Adam that he wouldn't nominate him if he would do what he wanted him to do for the remainder of the week, and Adam agreed. The feeds have been blocked since around 4:35 PM for the nominations ceremony. Expect Sharon and Sheila to be nominated, but I'll have the scoop when they return!

4/16-17 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-3:00 AM

The HG were all puzzled as to who the third couple could be. Sheila thinks that maybe two people are related and they don't even know it. She thinks that maybe she could be related to Ryan. Ryan received his HoH bedroom along with a letter from Jen. In the letter, she told him that she is writing a journal for him that she is considering having published. Adam told Sharon that he and Ryan planned to make the vote tied so Sheila would break it, and he asked her not to hold voting her out against him. Adam and Sheila promised to save each other with the PoV if either of them win it.

Ryan told Sheila that he would be nominating Adam and Sharon this week. Sheila is still freaking out about the whole relationship ordeal. She hasn't seen her father in over 25 years, so she could be related to someone else via him. She could be related to James because two of her brothers live in Miami. Ryan told Sharon that he doesn't want Adam in the finals, but he is nominating her and Sheila so one of them can win PoV and Adam can be nominated. Ryan was the last one asleep last night at around 2:20 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

4/16 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Sharon loves how Natalie has no idea that she will probably be evicted this week. Natalie assumes that her alliance will vote Sharon out this week. Sheila needs to get Natalie out this week since she is her biggest threat. Ryan knows that Natalie is playing both the male and female sides of the house, so he isn't sure if he can trust her. Adam and Ryan planned a house meeting to see if Natalie has been telling the truth or not. Natalie was confused as to what this "meeting" would be about. She informed Sheila about this which made her nervous as well. In the meeting, Ryan confronted Natalie about telling both sides that she wanted to go to the final three with them. Natalie said that her true loyalty lies with Adam and Ryan, so she would have to nominate Sheila if she won HoH next week. Natalie didn't know anything else to say to them, so she told them to vote her out if they truly couldn't trust her.

Sheila didn't understand why Adam and Ryan made Natalie think that she could be evicted this week. Natalie talked to Adam and Ryan again and made a convincing argument to keep her this week. She got emotional and promised that she has never lied to them. She then confronted Sharon about telling Adam and Ryan lies about her. Sharon said that she has only told them what Natalie had said, whether she was lying to her or not. Adam told Sheila that he was thinking about evicting Sharon this week. Sheila was shocked and couldn't believe that Adam and Ryan would keep Natalie in the house after she told Sheila that she has not been loyal to her. Adam then called Sheila a bitch, which prompted her to send them out of her bedroom.

Let's check in on the jury! Chelsia still has feelings for James and is missing him. Joshuah still resents getting evicted by Natalie. Matt hates being around everyone that he hates in the jury house. Chelsia would hate to see James arrive, and Joshuah thinks it could be Sharon. James arrived, and Matt was thrilled to see the person who evicted him evicted. Chelsia and Joshuah weren't as happy. James hates knowing that he can't win the money anymore. He then lashed out at Chelsia and Joshuah for the way they left the house, since it caused the other HG to hate him. James then consoled Chelsia and is sure that they will be together after the game.

The votes are as follows: Ryan - Natalie, and Adam - Sharon. The vote is tied, so Sheila must cast the deciding vote. She voted to evict Natalie. By a vote of 2-1, Natalie has been evicted from the BB house.

Time for the HoH competition! Julie read a series of statements about the game. The HG had to decide whether each statement was "fact" or "fiction." If you answered correctly, you earned a point. The HG to receive the most points after seven questions would win HoH, and that HG was Ryan!

4/16 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-5:00 PM

Adam was the last one asleep at around 3:15 AM last night. BB woke the HG up at around 9:00 AM this morning. Ryan thinks that Sharon will get back together with Jacob after the show, but Sharon assures him that it will not happen. Sharon told Sheila that she could have her slop pass if she is evicted tonight. (I'm pretty sure food competitions are over for the season.) Other than that, little has happened today other than loads of cleaning and primping for the live show. It still looks that Adam and Ryan will split the vote so Sheila has to break the tie. Don't forget that tonight's show will start shortly here on the east coast. It should entail the eviction and HoH competition. As always, I'll have the recap of it up shortly following its conclusion.

4/15-16 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-3:00 AM

Adam doesn't know if she can trust Natalie since she was wanting to nominate him and Ryan next week. Natalie claims that Sheila is lying to them, and she was only considering nominating Ryan. Ryan still wants to vote Sharon out because if they keep Natalie, then her and Sheila will target each other next week, keeping him and Adam both safe. Adam and Ryan then promised to vote Sharon out this week as long as Natalie promised to keep them safe next week. Adam told Sheila that he and Ryan are thinking of keeping Natalie this week, and Sheila begged him to reconsider. She told him to vote Natalie out even if Ryan won't, and she will break the tie.

Sheila then informed Sharon about the situation, but Sharon is sure that Ryan will vote to keep her this week. Adam and Ryan then talked to Sheila about the vote, and Sheila told them to evict Natalie because they will have a better shot at beating Sharon in the final HoH competition than Natalie. She says that she will be evicted next week if Natalie stays this week. Sheila is upset that Adam and Ryan are going back on the plan after she nominated Natalie. Sharon asked Ryan if he was voting her out, but he denied it and assured her that she would stay this week. Sharon told Sheila about this, but Sheila thinks that Ryan is lying. Sharon and Sheila promised to stick together if Sharon stays this week to take out Adam and Ryan.

Ryan then told Adam that he wanted Sheila to break a tie so she looks like the bad one this week. Adam immediately told Sheila that he was voting Natalie out now. Adam and Ryan are the only two HG still awake as I post this. That does it for the night! At this point, it looks like Ryan will vote Sharon out, and Adam will vote Natalie out, so Sheila can break the tie. Sheila has said that she will evict Natalie if there is a tie, so Natalie should be evicted by a 2-1 vote. We'll see if that plan sticks.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4/15 Live Feeds: 3:00PM - 8:00PM

Much of the same conversation has continued throughout the night.

Natalie is still begging and pleading to Adam and Ryan to keep her. She says she shouldnt have to campaign this week and that it isnt fair. She says she hasn't lied to Ryan and Adam. She wants to go to final 3 with those two. Ryan asks Natalie if she promised everyone final 2. Natalie denies it saying she never told Sharon she would go to final two with her. They seem to believe her. Natalie cries......this gets Adam a lot ....we saw it with James. Ryan and Adam finally get sick of the pleading and tell her that they will come to a decision. Ryan and Adam say that if they call indoor lockdown before 7 they will keep Sharon because it means HoH will be physical, if not they will keep Natalie. It does not seem the lockdown has been called. Sharon is talking a lot to Sheila. Some Natalie bad mouthing and some pleading. She says Natalie is lying and doesn't deserve to be in the game. Sheila reassures Sharon she is staying and that she has nothing to worry about. Natalie fell asleep and currently the House guests are eating dinner.

The live show is tomorrow. I have no clue how Adam and Ryan will vote. It could go either way, I guess we will find out tomorrow.

4/15 Live Feeds: 3:00AM-3:00PM

It's Tuesday in the Big Brother House and it is the last day for the nominees to campaign. Will Natalie try to sway the two boys to keep her?

Big Brother woke the HGs up at about 10AM. The houseguests took care of their morning duties before dispersing throughout the house. Sheila and Sharon went outside while Natalie went to the back bedroom to talk with Adam and Ryan. Sheila says she will get in Ryan's ear about keeping Sharon. Sharon is confident Ryan will evict Natalie. Sheila says Sharon better stay or Sheila is screwed. Sharon wants to call Natalie out. Natalie pleaded ( in her baby voice ) to both Ryan and Adam saying Sharon is lying. She is the one making alliances etc. Natalie says Sharon does things and then tries to be innocent about it. After the conversation, Ryan tells Adam he believes Natalie. I am not sure whether Ryan was being sincere or not. Ryan supposedly has a secret alliance with Sharon.

Besides that not much has occured. Sheila and Sharon are confident Sharon is staying while Natalie is confident she is staying. I guess we will find out tomorrow. Sheila just finished her online blog and is now taking pictures with the HoH Camera.

4/14-15 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-3:00 AM

Ryan has lost about 10 pounds since entering the house and has gained quite a bit of muscle. Natalie has gained 3 pounds. She told Ryan that she is going to start running a mile a day to lose that weight. Ryan thinks that the only way he or Natalie will win the game is if they are the final two. He told Natalie this and made sure that the vote would be unanimous for her to stay this week. Sheila cried since she is so homesick. Ryan misses reality. Sheila claims that she will keep her Alex doll after the show.

Natalie told Sheila about Ryan's promise to keep her this week, so she needs Sheila to break the tie if Adam doesn't pull through for her. Sheila doesn't want to break a tie because then she would look like the bad person for someone. She acted upset that Adam would consider voting Natalie out. The two then started fighting when Natalie claimed that she is the only that has been attacked in the house. They went on for a while before Natalie started crying since she is sure that she will be voted out this week.

Natalie and Sheila made up shortly later and agreed that Sharon needs to be evicted. Natalie plans on talking to Adam soon so she can ensure her second vote to stay. Sheila doesn't trust Ryan at all and thinks that he may vote Sharon out just so Sheila can break the tie. Adam and Sheila agree that Ryan is aligned with Sharon, so they need to be split up next week. Ryan claims that he wants to vote Sharon out now because he feels that his loyalty is to Natalie. He and Adam agree that if Natalie stays, they will be guaranteed final three. Adam says that he will talk to Natalie and let him know afterwards.

Adam and Ryan were the last ones asleep at around 2:00 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this. It looks like Natalie could be staying after all! Adam and Ryan agree that they have a better chance at being in the final three if they keep Natalie because Sharon will work with Sheila whereas Natalie will try to get Sheila out. As you know, things change all the time in the house, so who knows what lies in store for the remainder of the week!

Monday, April 14, 2008

4/14 Live Feeds: 3:00 AM-6:00 PM

Adam and Ryan stayed up well past 4:00 AM rehashing the season and stressing how Natalie must be evicted this week. BB woke the HG up at around 9:45 AM this morning. Natalie told Ryan that she trusts him the most since he is the nicest person left in the house. Sharon thinks that Adam and Ryan will end up being the final two. Natalie told Sheila that she didn't fight back to Adam and Ryan yesterday because she didn't want to lose their votes. Sheila is worried that Adam will vote Sharon out this week, and Sheila will have to break the tie. Natalie and Sheila talked about cheaters (in relationships). Sheila has been cheated on but she believes that cheaters can be forgiven. Natalie can forgive a cheater, but she couldn't forget the act. Other than that, little has happened today, as will probably be the case for the remainder of the week.

4/13-14 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-3:00 AM

Sharon and Sheila do not believe that Natalie has given up campaigning to stay this week. Ryan feels bad about voting Natalie out this week but agrees that it is the best thing for him to do strategically. Natalie is now blaming James for Adam and Ryan not trust her anymore. She told Sheila that she needs her help to make sure Adam and Ryan will keep her this week. Sheila agreed to talk to them. Natalie wants to threaten them by saying that she will vote for Sharon to win if she is in the finals. She also told Sheila that both Adam and Ryan have promised her that they want to bring her to the finals. Sheila seems surprised.

Natalie went on for quite a while about how she feels about Adam and Ryan, and Sheila did a great job acting like she doesn't trust them anymore for calling Natalie out for no reason. Natalie used up the rest of her hair dye on Sharon. Adam and Ryan agree that the jury would vote for Sheila to win over anyone since she is a single mom. They also agree that Sharon has the votes of Chelsia, James, and Joshuah, and Sheila would make four if she isn't in the finals. (Basically they agree that the only way one of them can win the game is if both of them are in the finals.) They are the only two HG still awake as I post this.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

4/13 Show Recap

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Ryan was worried about Natalie winning the next HoH competition. Sharon knew that she would be nominated again if she didn't win HoH this week. Sheila knew that she needed to start winning competitions. Natalie feels very confident that she will win the HoH competition. Sharon almost cried when James was evicted but realized that she needed to start winning competitions to stay alive. Sheila hated evicting James since he reminded her so much of her son. Ryan was thrilled to finally evict James. Natalie was thrilled to send Matt his birthday present in James. Adam felt bad to see James go but looks now to evicting Natalie. Sheila hates each week's eviction because she cares so much about everyone in the house. Sharon struggled in the HoH competition since she recently hurt her back, so she dropped after only 8 minutes. She didn't want to risk further injuring her back just to win a competition. Natalie was thrilled for the competition to come down to only TC. Sheila needed to win HoH to see some pictures from her family. Ryan didn't want to drop out of the competition since there are only 5 HG left in the game, and he could easily be unintentionally backdoored. Natalie told Sheila that she didn't feel safe unless she won HoH this week, which surprised Sheila. Sheila was very annoyed when Natalie kept making fun of her during the competition, but it made her want to beat Natalie even more. After Adam and Sharon went inside, Sheila promised Natalie and Ryan that she would nominate Adam and Sharon if they dropped out of the competition. Ryan dropped after 167 minutes. Natalie hesitated to drop, which annoyed Sharon since Sheila had yet to win HoH. Sheila thought that Natalie was planning on staying in the competition and forgetting their deal.

Adam thinks that Natalie was making herself a bigger target by refusing to drop out of the competition. Sheila hated how dramatic Natalie was being. 22 minutes after Ryan dropped, Natalie finally gave up. Sheila was thrilled to finally win a competition but chipped a tooth on her way down. Natalie is sure that she will be safe this week. Both Adam and Sharon think that they will be nominated this week. Sharon hopes that TC will turn on each other this week. Adam did not want to be nominated, but Natalie and Ryan assured him that Sharon is the target and not him. Natalie is Sheila's real target, and she feels bad about having to lie to her about being safe this week.

Sheila cannot wait to receive something from home. She was overwhelmed when she saw pictures of her son for the first time in two months. Adam was amazed when he saw a picture of Sheila when she was 25. He wishes the younger Sheila was in the house now. Ryan read Sheila's letter from her son to her. Even Adam started crying when the letter was read. Sheila was so happy that everyone else was happy for her. Sheila hates giving Adam massages but knows that it is the only way that she can talk to him. Sheila has realized how much she has grown to love Adam in the house, so much that she wants to go to the finals with him. Sharon thinks that Ryan needs to win PoV so he can save Adam and Natalie can be backdoored. Sheila hates Natalie and can't wait to show her what she is really made of.

Adam and Ryan agree that the biggest turn-on for them in a woman is a pretty face. Natalie and Sheila like the face and chest of a man. Sharon prefers the eyes and teeth. Sheila would love to have a cross between Dick (BB8) and Will (BB2). Ryan promised Sheila that he would save Adam if he won PoV so Natalie could be backdoored. Sheila told Adam of her plan to backdoor Natalie and assured him that he would be safe this week. Natalie told Ryan that they need to stick together to split up Adam and Sheila next week. Natalie then promised Sheila that she would keep her safe next week if she did the same for her this week, and Sheila went along with it. However, Sheila knows that Natalie is lying to her.

Natalie feels confident that Sheila will keep her safe this week. Sharon is nervous that she could be evicted this week if Natalie ends up winning PoV. Adam knows that he will probably be nominated since Sheila made a deal with Natalie and Ryan, ensuring their safety. Sheila feels that her only option is to nominate Adam and Sharon since she wants to ensure her safety as much as possible for next week. Order of keys: Natalie and Ryan, making Adam and Sharon nominated for eviction this week. Sheila told Adam that she is getting revenge for being nominated by him last week. She told Sharon that she is a competitive threat. Adam thinks that Sheila nominated him as a pawn for Natalie to be backdoored. Sharon plans on laying low once again and having Natalie evicted. Natalie is proud of Sheila for keeping her word. Sheila plans on letting Natalie believe that she is safe up until the point of her eviction.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Adam or Sharon from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

4/13 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

BB woke the HG up at around 9:45 AM this morning. Natalie woke up with a bloody nose. The HG made fun of Natalie for not knowing what the 9th Commandment was since she is such a devout Christian. Natalie told Adam that Sheila has to be evicted next week. Ryan again told Sheila that he would be voting Natalie out this week. Ryan is still making Natalie feel safe by acting like he is voting Sharon out instead. Adam and Ryan want to confront Natalie about her lies tonight instead of Wednesday. Sharon doesn't want any confrontation though. She told Sheila about it, and she feels the same way.

Ryan is upset that Sharon never cooks for the house. Sharon told Natalie to take care of the guinea pigs after she is evicted. (Again, everyone is acting like Sharon will be evicted this week to avoid confrontation with Natalie.) Adam is starting to become really homesick. Adam, Ryan, and Sheila agree that Sharon needs to be evicted next week. Natalie doesn't know if she can handle being nominated for the remainder of the week. She re-colored her hair and wants to have a house meeting tonight to discuss some issues with the house.

Adam and Ryan decided to confront Natalie about playing both sides (male and female) of the house. Natalie told them that her true loyalty lies with them and not the women. She denied making any deals with anyone else outside of TC. She doesn't know what else to say to them because she is shocked that they don't trust her anymore. She tells them to vote her out if they really cannot trust her anymore. Sharon and Sheila stayed out of the whole argument. Sheila was upset with Adam and Ryan since their meeting solved nothing. Natalie is fed up and really thinks that she will be evicted now. She doesn't understand why Adam and Ryan were confronting her when they have been making side deals with Sheila too. Sharon assures Natalie that she will stay regardless of what Adam and Ryan have been telling her.

Natalie thinks that Sharon was the one who told Adam and Ryan that Natalie was making deals with her. Adam told Natalie to call Sharon out on it. Natalie started crying, saying that her life is in Adam and Ryan's hands this week. That does it for the afternoon! Don't forget about tonight's show, which starts shortly here on the east coast. Unfortunately, it has been delayed until around 8:40 PM because of the Masters golf tournament. It should entail the HoH competition and nominations ceremony. As always, I'll have the recap of it shortly following its conclusion.

4/13 Live Feeds: PoV Ceremony

After being blocked for about 35 minutes, the feeds have returned, and it appears that Adam did use the PoV to save himself. In his place, Sheila nominated Natalie for eviction. I'll let you know if anything changes!

4/12-13 Live Feeds: 10:00 PM-8:00 AM

The HoH party lasted for quite a while. The HG rehashed the season and had small talk with each other. Ryan assured Sheila that Natalie will be evicted this week. Sheila kept stressing reasons why Natalie has to go this week including her competitiveness and her annoying personality. Ryan did a lot of listening even though he had already told Sheila that Natalie would be evicted. Sheila complained about having to do the dishes on her birthday, but Ryan reminded her that technically it wasn't her birthday anymore. (She did them shortly after 12:00 AM last night.) Adam was the last one asleep at around 2:15 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this!

4/12 Live Feeds: 4:00-10:00 PM

Adam and Ryan want to confront Natalie about why they are voting her out this week. They are planning on waiting until just before the eviction to do so though. Sheila wants to go to the final three with Adam and Ryan and go to the finals with Adam. She is worried about Adam making the vote tied so she has to break it, but Ryan thinks that by her personally evicting Natalie, the jury would think more highly of her. Sharon is pretending that she will be the one evicted this week to Natalie. Natalie is thrilled since she thinks that TC will be the final four.

Sheila complimented Ryan on his figure since he has lost some weight since entering the house. Ryan told Sheila that she is fun to flirt with. Natalie and Sheila made a fake version of Alex using a painting of Natalie's, pillows, and clothes. Adam saw the doll and told Sheila that she has issues. BB gave the HG alcohol, and the HG spent much of the evening enjoying each other in the HoH bedroom.