Saturday, April 19, 2008

4/19 Live Feeds: 7:00 AM-7:00 PM

Ryan was the first one up today at around 10:50 AM. He noticed that the ants have even invaded the guinea pig cage and woke Sharon up to let her know. She was upset and helped Ryan clean the cage out. BB woke the rest of the HG up about an hour later. BB finally took some action against the ants by installing some traps in the kitchen. Ryan told Sharon that he is planning on letting the nominations stand, and Adam will vote Sheila out. Sharon thinks that Adam would be harder to beat in the final HoH competition than Sheila, so it would be better to get him out this week. She also thinks that Adam is lying to Ryan and is really sticking with Sheila.

Sheila hopes that Adam will keep his word and vote Sharon out this week. She went on about how she will take him to the finals if she wins HoH and that Sharon still doesn't like Adam for voting against her last week. She continued to get into his ear about how she has always had his back throughout the game and he needs to return the favor this week. Adam reported the conversation to Ryan and says that he has no problem with voting Sheila out this week.


Anonymous said...

Man, I hope Sheila's gone this week. She's terribly a BORE, and I think Adam will keep her. What is Ryan thinking? Adam would win against anyone!

Here's my prediction should the F2 be Ryan and Adam:

Matt and Nat would vote the same way, James and Chelsia would probably vote the same way, Sharon and Josh would vote the same way, and Sheila would vote Adam, unless Adam votes her out this week.

M&N - Ryan
J&C - Adam
J&S - Adam
S - wouldn't matter, because Adam would win regardless.


Anonymous said...

I want Adam to win. I dont care who gets second. Adam seems like a genuine person. Somthing this game has been missing in its past few seasons. I was so struck by him when James was laying his quilt trip on him-trying to get him to keep him in the house that week. I dont think I have ever in the history of this game seen something like that, some actually cared about someone else and their feelings I hope, hope, hope he wins....

Anonymous said...

Ryan better get Adam out now or
then it will be too late ! Sheila
is definitely a nut case...but she
sure has tried harder than anyone
else to win....just by talking !
Sharon is just a hanger-on...she
is just riding the tide ! If Ryan
doesn't make the right decision..
he will definitely lose !

Anonymous said...

sharon should go..she does NOTHING

Anonymous said...

Adam HAS to go !!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Did you see Adam's eyes water when Natalie left? Also how bad he felt for James? He genuinely cares about people and has a heart. I really hope he wins. Please get Sheila OUT this week though. I can't stand her!!!! She has done nothing but whine her way thus far.