Saturday, April 19, 2008

4/18-19 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-7:00 AM

Ants are still ruling the BB house! The HG even moved all the food from the kitchen to the storage room in hopes of alleviating the problem. Sheila doesn't think that Ryan will change the nominations. Sharon is sure that Adam will vote her (Sharon) out if Ryan doesn't save her. Ryan asked Adam if he is aligned with Sheila instead of him now because Sharon thinks so. Adam swore that he would vote Sheila out this week. Adam was the last one asleep at around 2:45 AM. Other than that, little happened last night.


Anonymous said...

Ryan NEEDS to get Adam out if he wants to win this game. Adam would definitely win against him. Keeping him would be a HUGE mistake.

Anonymous said...

I agree--if Adam doesn't go now he will probably win. What about Sheila--her emotions turn on a dime-'I love you, I hate you, my hormones are raging '. I feel bad for Adam being chained to her for 24 hours.
Does anybody think that Adam threw the POV comp. From what Sheila was saying to him I kind of got the impression that he did.