Sunday, April 13, 2008

4/13 Show Recap

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Ryan was worried about Natalie winning the next HoH competition. Sharon knew that she would be nominated again if she didn't win HoH this week. Sheila knew that she needed to start winning competitions. Natalie feels very confident that she will win the HoH competition. Sharon almost cried when James was evicted but realized that she needed to start winning competitions to stay alive. Sheila hated evicting James since he reminded her so much of her son. Ryan was thrilled to finally evict James. Natalie was thrilled to send Matt his birthday present in James. Adam felt bad to see James go but looks now to evicting Natalie. Sheila hates each week's eviction because she cares so much about everyone in the house. Sharon struggled in the HoH competition since she recently hurt her back, so she dropped after only 8 minutes. She didn't want to risk further injuring her back just to win a competition. Natalie was thrilled for the competition to come down to only TC. Sheila needed to win HoH to see some pictures from her family. Ryan didn't want to drop out of the competition since there are only 5 HG left in the game, and he could easily be unintentionally backdoored. Natalie told Sheila that she didn't feel safe unless she won HoH this week, which surprised Sheila. Sheila was very annoyed when Natalie kept making fun of her during the competition, but it made her want to beat Natalie even more. After Adam and Sharon went inside, Sheila promised Natalie and Ryan that she would nominate Adam and Sharon if they dropped out of the competition. Ryan dropped after 167 minutes. Natalie hesitated to drop, which annoyed Sharon since Sheila had yet to win HoH. Sheila thought that Natalie was planning on staying in the competition and forgetting their deal.

Adam thinks that Natalie was making herself a bigger target by refusing to drop out of the competition. Sheila hated how dramatic Natalie was being. 22 minutes after Ryan dropped, Natalie finally gave up. Sheila was thrilled to finally win a competition but chipped a tooth on her way down. Natalie is sure that she will be safe this week. Both Adam and Sharon think that they will be nominated this week. Sharon hopes that TC will turn on each other this week. Adam did not want to be nominated, but Natalie and Ryan assured him that Sharon is the target and not him. Natalie is Sheila's real target, and she feels bad about having to lie to her about being safe this week.

Sheila cannot wait to receive something from home. She was overwhelmed when she saw pictures of her son for the first time in two months. Adam was amazed when he saw a picture of Sheila when she was 25. He wishes the younger Sheila was in the house now. Ryan read Sheila's letter from her son to her. Even Adam started crying when the letter was read. Sheila was so happy that everyone else was happy for her. Sheila hates giving Adam massages but knows that it is the only way that she can talk to him. Sheila has realized how much she has grown to love Adam in the house, so much that she wants to go to the finals with him. Sharon thinks that Ryan needs to win PoV so he can save Adam and Natalie can be backdoored. Sheila hates Natalie and can't wait to show her what she is really made of.

Adam and Ryan agree that the biggest turn-on for them in a woman is a pretty face. Natalie and Sheila like the face and chest of a man. Sharon prefers the eyes and teeth. Sheila would love to have a cross between Dick (BB8) and Will (BB2). Ryan promised Sheila that he would save Adam if he won PoV so Natalie could be backdoored. Sheila told Adam of her plan to backdoor Natalie and assured him that he would be safe this week. Natalie told Ryan that they need to stick together to split up Adam and Sheila next week. Natalie then promised Sheila that she would keep her safe next week if she did the same for her this week, and Sheila went along with it. However, Sheila knows that Natalie is lying to her.

Natalie feels confident that Sheila will keep her safe this week. Sharon is nervous that she could be evicted this week if Natalie ends up winning PoV. Adam knows that he will probably be nominated since Sheila made a deal with Natalie and Ryan, ensuring their safety. Sheila feels that her only option is to nominate Adam and Sharon since she wants to ensure her safety as much as possible for next week. Order of keys: Natalie and Ryan, making Adam and Sharon nominated for eviction this week. Sheila told Adam that she is getting revenge for being nominated by him last week. She told Sharon that she is a competitive threat. Adam thinks that Sheila nominated him as a pawn for Natalie to be backdoored. Sharon plans on laying low once again and having Natalie evicted. Natalie is proud of Sheila for keeping her word. Sheila plans on letting Natalie believe that she is safe up until the point of her eviction.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Adam or Sharon from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

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