Sunday, April 13, 2008

4/12 Live Feeds: 4:00-10:00 PM

Adam and Ryan want to confront Natalie about why they are voting her out this week. They are planning on waiting until just before the eviction to do so though. Sheila wants to go to the final three with Adam and Ryan and go to the finals with Adam. She is worried about Adam making the vote tied so she has to break it, but Ryan thinks that by her personally evicting Natalie, the jury would think more highly of her. Sharon is pretending that she will be the one evicted this week to Natalie. Natalie is thrilled since she thinks that TC will be the final four.

Sheila complimented Ryan on his figure since he has lost some weight since entering the house. Ryan told Sheila that she is fun to flirt with. Natalie and Sheila made a fake version of Alex using a painting of Natalie's, pillows, and clothes. Adam saw the doll and told Sheila that she has issues. BB gave the HG alcohol, and the HG spent much of the evening enjoying each other in the HoH bedroom.


Anonymous said...

It's not over until it's over. The, "meeting," could change Ryan and Adam's mind on who they want out.

Sharon is making her way to the final two, and if she makes it, will win over anyone left in the house. My guess is that she will win unanimously. If A,R and Sheila send Nat packing before Sharon, they may not get Nat or Matty's vote either.

I think A,R and Sheila are truly clueless. If any of them have a chance of winning they will need to get rid of Sharon, not the hated Natalie.

Sharon is the most liked in the jury house and unfortunately, alot of jurors might cast their vote s based on personality not gameplay, with maybe the exception of James. Wake up houseguests!

Anonymous said...

Somebody doesn't want Natalie to be evicted. And they're trying to rationalize why Natalie shouldn't be evicted. Sorry, but God is about to tell her that its her time to go.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait until tonight!!! Gawwwd, I hope Sheila puts up Natalie!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm fine with Sharon winning. Nat needs to GO. Bye-bye big bad boobies!!