Tuesday, April 15, 2008

4/15 Live Feeds: 3:00AM-3:00PM

It's Tuesday in the Big Brother House and it is the last day for the nominees to campaign. Will Natalie try to sway the two boys to keep her?

Big Brother woke the HGs up at about 10AM. The houseguests took care of their morning duties before dispersing throughout the house. Sheila and Sharon went outside while Natalie went to the back bedroom to talk with Adam and Ryan. Sheila says she will get in Ryan's ear about keeping Sharon. Sharon is confident Ryan will evict Natalie. Sheila says Sharon better stay or Sheila is screwed. Sharon wants to call Natalie out. Natalie pleaded ( in her baby voice ) to both Ryan and Adam saying Sharon is lying. She is the one making alliances etc. Natalie says Sharon does things and then tries to be innocent about it. After the conversation, Ryan tells Adam he believes Natalie. I am not sure whether Ryan was being sincere or not. Ryan supposedly has a secret alliance with Sharon.

Besides that not much has occured. Sheila and Sharon are confident Sharon is staying while Natalie is confident she is staying. I guess we will find out tomorrow. Sheila just finished her online blog and is now taking pictures with the HoH Camera.

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