Saturday, September 1, 2007

9/1 Live Feeds: 3:00-6:00 PM

The feeds became slightly more exciting as more HG arose. Will Dick further discuss his plan to evict Jessica this week? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house!

BB finally woke the four HG still asleep at around 3:00 PM. Eric congratulated Daniele on her PoV win and talks about how easy this week is to get Jameka evicted. Eric can't imagine Jameka campaigning to stay against Jessica this week. Eric again says that Jameka needs to be evicted because she would beat anyone in the finals. Eric says that their alliance has a guaranteed chance at winning HoH next week, so Zach will likely be evicted next week unless he wins PoV. Jessica complained about being nominated because her and Jameka were the only ones not allowed to compete for HoH, and now they are nominated this week.

The PoV competition was the usual Morph-o-Matic competition BB has around this time. The HG spent much of the afternoon discussing the faces from it as well as discussing Janelle's appearance. Dick says that Janelle seemed to like him, and he wants to date her after the show. Jameka thinks that he might have a chance. Daniele told Jameka that Zach is afraid of her. Jameka asked if she comes across as a negative person to people, and Daniele says that Zach is just paranoid.

Jameka talked to Eric about Daniele possibly using the PoV so Zach could backdoor Dick. Eric says that he would talk to Zach about it, but he doesn't know if it would work. He would have to lie to Zach about something Dick said in order for him to be nominated.

That does it for the afternoon! Daniele has shown no signs of using the PoV, but anything can happen before Monday!

9/1 Live Feeds: 10:00 AM-3:00 PM

With the late PoV competition last night, the HG have been sleeping for much of the morning. Will Daniele decide to use the PoV this week? Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Dick was the first one up today at 1:25 PM. (I know.) Dick tells Zach that if Jessica is evicted this week, Eric must be evicted next week. Zach wants to evict Jessica this week, but Dick doesn't want to deal with Eric next week if she is the one evicted. Dick says that Jameka and Jessica are the two biggest threats in the house when it comes to the finals. Dick and Zach agree that Jameka hasn't made any big game moves other than saving Jen with the PoV and giving up five HoH competitions, both were stupid moves on her part. Dick tells Zach that he will evict Jessica and nominate Eric and Jameka if he wins HoH next week. If Jameka wins PoV next week, then Zach would be nominated, but he would have the votes to stay. Dick says that Jessica will take her eviction personally, but Zach points out that she did nominate him in the first place. They agree that voting Nick out was a big mistake for both of them in the game.

That is the only game talk that went on this morning! The other four HG are STILL asleep. Hopefully I'll have more when they wake up. @@

Ps just a reminder BB8talk: Season 1 Applications have begun. Vist this post for more information...

8/31-9/01 Live Feeds: 10:00PM- 10:00AM

I am going to split this up into two sections. First part will be pre-veto and second will be post veto. As you know the mood completely changed. Everyone was ready to go to bed and then...POV occured.

10:00PM- 12:15AM

Daniele and Zach talked about personal life. Daniele talked about her Dad's two dogs, which were taken by his ex-wife. Zach asked if he still talks to her- Daniele says she thinks they began talking again recently. Zach asked Daniele if she was a natural blonde- she said yes.

Eric and Jess talked in bed. They think Dick and Daniele betrayed them. They hugged and kissed and talked about odd stuff. They slept for a little bit. Nothing interesting

12:15AM- 10:00AM

As stated earlier Daniele won her 4th PoV. Will she use it to backdoor Eric, or will nominations stay the same. Dick and Daniele have the votes- who will they decide to get rid of?

They didn't say much about the competition but about how Janelle liked Daniele and disliked Eric. Daniele said Janie was rooting for Zach during the competition. Dick says he liked flirting with
Daniele and Dick talked some game. Dick says it is in their best interest to keep Jessica because they need to stay strategically consistant. Daniele doesn't know, she thinks it may be best for them to evict Jess. They say they are undecided and have LOTS of time to decide. I guess we will see very soon.

Daniele and Dick were last in bed at 8:00am. I do not know if the HG will have a wake-up call today. I guess we will see!

9/1 Live Feeds: PoV Winner

After being blocked for over three hours, the feeds have returned and Daniele has won PoV!

8/31 Live Feeds: 5:00PM- 10:00PM

As I stated earlier, Zach nominated Jessica and Jameka. How will the HG react to the nominates with the all important PoV coming up?

Many HG slept. Daniele and Zach stayed awake and talked in the HoH room. Zach thinks Dick and Eric are close. Daniele tells him that its kind of like "If you scratch your back, I'll scratch yours" since Eric saved Evel Dick two week ago. They bash multiple houseguests. They call Dustin a princess, and a wierdo. They think it would be funny if when they got out of the house they found out Eric and Jen hooked up.

Eric thinks it is his fault Jess and Jameka are nominated. In the small bedroom Eric told Jessica that he still wants to evict Jameka if he wins PoV and takes her off. Eric wishes he was in Jess's place because it was his fault Zach got nominated last week. Eric said he will kill for PoV

The HG have been on lockdown for awhile. Dick says PoV is at midnight- BB told him because he smokes and has no access to the outside. Janelle will be hosting and I will have results ASAP.

Big Brother Online Game

This is a side note from the feeds.
BB8TALK: Season 1
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Friday, August 31, 2007

8/31 Live Feeds: Nominations

The feeds have just returned after being blocked for about an hour, and Jameka and Jessica have been nominated for eviction. More later!

8/31 Live Feeds: 1:00-5:00 PM

The feeds became a little more exciting as the nominations neared. Will Zach make a decision on who to nominate this week? Here's the afternoon events from inside the BB house?

Daniele told Zach that Eric will probably talk to him about getting Jameka out this week. She says that he is worried that him and Jessica will be nominated this week. Zach wants Jameka out either this week or next. Zach says that Eric told him that he will do anything to make sure that Jessica is safe this week. Daniele says that if Zach doesn't nominate either Eric or Jessica this week, then she will target him next week. She says that Eric and Jessica want Zach out of the house. Daniele thinks that Eric threw yesterday's HoH competition. Zach says that he should nominate Eric and Jessica for his own personal safety next week.

Zach told Eric that if he nominates Jameka, he wants to make sure that she is the one evicted this week. Eric wants Jameka out as well because nobody can beat her in the finals. Eric goes on for a while, making sure that the target this week is Jameka and not him or Jessica. Zach says that he would never nominate Eric. Eric says that if Zach does have to nominate him, to not nominate him against Jessica. Zach then tells Eric that he will nominate Jameka and Jessica this week, with Jameka being the target. Eric thinks the vote should be unanimous for Jameka to be evicted.

Zach told Dick that he is planning on nominating Jameka and Jessica, and Dick is fine with that. The two say that if Jessica goes this week, it wouldn't be a big deal because they could easily get Jameka out next week. (She can't play for HoH.)

The feeds have been blocked for about 20 minutes and have yet to return. I'll have the update when they do!

8/31 Live Feeds: 1:00 AM-1:00 PM

Talk about a boring morning! After last night, the feeds went dead for the most part. Here's the morning events from inside the BB house!

Zach says that his family will be shocked when they find out that he won HoH this week. Zach told Dick that he doesn't want to nominate him or Daniele because they are good assets to him in the game. Dick said that it made him mad when Zach told him that he couldn't trust him. Zach is worried about his safety for next week. Dick says that he should, especially since Jameka can play for HoH next week. Zach says again that he will not nominate Daniele or Dick this week. Dick says that if him and Daniele stay this week, they will return the favor to him next week.

Dick told Jessica that she will probably be nominated, but he doesn't know if Zach will nominate Eric or Jameka next to her. Dick told her about the deal he made with Zach this week, but he doesn't plan on honoring it even if Daniele and Dick are safe this week. Dick says that Jameka will be evicted if she is nominated. If not, then one of them needs to win PoV so that she gets nominated. Eric and Jessica are annoyed with Dick and Zach's deal and agree that they need to win PoV this week.

Daniele wants to push Zach to nominate Eric and Jessica this week. Daniele says that Zach trusts her the most in the house and asks Dick to be nice to him. Daniele wants Zach in the finals with her if Dick isn't because she has a better chance of beating him over Eric or Jessica.

Dick was the last one asleep at around 5:50 AM. Nobody arose before the 10:10 AM BB wake-up call. Jessica wants the nominations to be over with because she knows that she will be nominated this week. Zach is leaning towards nominating Jameka and Jessica because he really wants Jameka gone this week. He doesn't like how she floats in the game and will probably end up winning because of it.

Jessica received her phone call, which was from both her brother Dean and her best friend Tucker. Dean has just returned from Iraq last week. Everyone was very happy for Jessica.

That does it for the morning! There doesn't seem to be a competition planned today, just nominations sometime tonight!