Tuesday, August 28, 2007

8/28 Power of 10 Show Recap

How did Amber and Daniele do in Power of 10? Let's find out!

Before I start, I want to say that I am only blogging Amber and Daniele's segment on the show. Other contestants were on the show, but I only cared to blog about Amber and Daniele since this is a BB blog.

Amber said that she would give the money to her family if she won big on the show. Daniele said that she would buy a new car and go back to school if she won the money.

Elimination Round:
Question 1 - What percentage of Americans have danced the Macarena?
Amber said 46%, and Daniele said 70%. America said 48%. 1 point Amber!
Question 2 - What percentage of Americans are currently working two or more jobs?
Amber said 42%, and Daniele said 54%. America said 16%. 2 points for Amber!
Question 3 - What percentage of Americans have looked inside the medicine cabinet or another person's house?
Amber said 33%, and Daniele said 24%. America said 41%. Amber gets to move on!

Amber got to see her cousin Katie! Katie got to help Amber out throughout her round. Amber cried when she saw her and says that she is proud to be a crier. Drew Carey kind of made fun of her, but Amber took it in stride. She says that being in the house has gotten to her and made her emotions really come out. Drew asked her what it felt to always be scrutinized by America while being in the house, but Amber didn't know what scrutinizing meant. @@ After Drew explained it to her, she says that it's hard to always been on the watchful eye of America.

Amber's Round:
Question 1 ($1,000) - What percentage of Americans have been audited by the IRS?
Amber said 8-48%. The audience guessed between 20-40%, and Amber kept her guess. America said 17%, so Amber wins $1,000!
Question 2 ($10,000) - What percentage of Americans think women in the military should not be allowed to fight in combat situations?
Amber said 29-59%. The audience guessed 40-70%, and Amber changed her answer to 30-60%. America said 33%, so Amber wins $10,000!
Question 3 ($100,000) - What percentage of Americans think people should not be allowed to keep pit bulls as pets?
Amber said 27-47%. The audience guessed 28-48%, and Amber changed her answer to 18-38%. America said 55%, so Amber only wins $1,000.

Even though it was only $1,000, congratulations Amber on your winnings!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think the pit bull question was kind of unfair to Amber. It's been so in the news w/ Michael Vick, but she couldn't have a clue.

On top of that there have been other maulings reported by cnn.

ARICHARD said...

As much as Amber gets on my nerves in the house I actually wanted her to win a ton of money. And I was thrilled that she beat stuck up Danielle

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... August 28, 2007 8:47 PM

wat ???? is that a word i would not be talking about amberand dani if i were you

Anonymous said...

P of 10 was painfully slow. That's my first and last time watching. I too wish amber would have won more. Oh well, it's back to crying and praying for now...

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how jess kept saying she wanted dani out but never told eric to use the veto - she is such a chicken - dani and dick are too strong together and they will turn on eric and jess if not this week then next - dani better not hoh or one of them is gone - did everyone see dani's little smurk following the pov - she knows she was lucky

Anonymous said...

Drew has to think this gril is a nut. She was kissing her cross saying please God, Please God. Begging God for her to win the money. And the crying I am not going to even start. She needs to get some HELP!!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't care for Amber and personally her "PLEASE GOD" rants are truely getting to be annoying! Not to mention her kissing that damn charm around her neck. I would have liked to have seen Dani play.

ben- said...

2 things.

Houseguests didnt believe drew was the new host of price is right LOL

Dani might of thrown that game, she got pretty cracked up when she found out nick was there. as if she made a mistake.

plus why keep her in the house if she wins a bunch of money on a game show.

just my 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

Amber really needs to go. She is pathetic. And her appearance on P-10 was a total Joke. That dumb woman can't win nothing. She needs to go back to high school and see if she can improve her vocabulary. Oop! she probably don't know what that means.