Saturday, September 6, 2008

9/6 Live Feeds: 5:00 AM-8:00 PM

Memphis is seen here looking at the fish this evening.

BB didn't wake the HG until almost 11:00 AM this morning. Dan and Memphis continued to discuss who should be evicted. Dan says that if they do decide to keep Jerry, they want to get his $4,000 from him. (April gave him that money when she won the $10,000.) Memphis thinks that Keesha is a better competitor than Jerry, but she hasn't been doing so well lately, so maybe Jerry is better than her at this point. They still didn't really make a decision though.

Keesha is fine with being evicted as long as Memphis informs her beforehand because she doesn't want to be caught off guard. Jerry told Memphis that he still wants to take him to the finals. Jerry told Memphis that he can keep the raincoat that Jerry gave him should he be evicted in case Memphis needs it for the final HoH competition.

9/6-7 Live Feeds: 1:00 PM-5:00 AM

Memphis is seen here wearing the Power of Veto after winning it late last night.

Dan won the luxury competition! Dan won a trip to a private beach. He also got to choose to take a HG with him. However, Dan chose not to take anyone with him to avoid creating any tension in the house. Memphis doesn't think that Keesha cares about the game anymore because she hasn't really been trying in any of the competitions.

The feeds were blocked from 4:30-5:15 PM for the nominations ceremony. Keesha thanked Dan for not nominating her. Jerry told Memphis that if Memphis wins PoV, he better save Jerry, or Jerry will convince the jury not to vote for him to win. Jerry is also upset that Keesha thinks she is safe this week. Jerry thinks that Dan and Keesha have a final-two alliance because he didn't nominate her. Jerry then gave Memphis a rainproof jacket in case he needed it for the PoV competition.

Memphis thinks that Jerry will be evicted unless he wins the PoV. However, if Jerry wins, Memphis believes that he would then evict Keesha. Memphis continued to make Jerry believe that he is on his side until the end. Jerry really bashed Keesha, saying that she doesn't deserve to be in the game anymore. Memphis told this to Keesha, who cannot believe that Jerry is picking on her all of a sudden. Memphis says that Jerry always picks on the HG that aren't nominated when he gets nominated. Memphis is starting to think about evicting Keesha this week because Jerry will be easier than her to beat in the final three.

The feeds were blocked from 12:55-2:00 AM for the PoV competition. Dan told Keesha that Memphis will evict Jerry. Memphis then told Keesha the same thing. Dan and Memphis still are not sure if they should evict Jerry or Keesha this week. They think that Keesha could win the endurance part of the final HoH competition, but they think that Jerry might be better in the trivial part. Keesha was the last one asleep last night at around 4:50 AM. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

9/6-7 Live Feeds: Latest Game Updates

Sorry for the lack of updates last night. Dan nominated Jerry and Memphis for eviction, and Memphis won the PoV! A full report is on the way.

Friday, September 5, 2008

9/4-5 Live Feeds: 5:00 PM-1:00 PM

Gorilla in the house! A strange man (apparently Jessie) in a gorilla suit woke the HG up this morning. And that's not the only strange thing that happened...

The sumo wrestler finally stood up, revealing a letter beneath him. It said: "Congratulations HG! By obtaining this letter, you have officially launched a luxury competition. The winner will be awarded an amazing trip out of the house, a trip that could impact that game. You will receive more details tomorrow." Jerry thinks that because the majority of the jury is female, if Keesha makes the finals, she will win the game. Therefore, he wants Keesha evicted.

Dan received his HoH bedroom along with pictures of his friends and family, beer, and a letter from his family. Dan is thinking about nominating Memphis in order to make Jerry and Keesha think that he isn't aligned with Memphis. Memphis thinks that Jerry should be nominated alongside him since Keesha was nominated last week. Keesha really misses Renny. She feels sorry for Jerry because she is now alone like he has been. Memphis was the last one asleep last night at just after 2:00 AM.

Gorilla in the house! The HG were woken up by a man in a gorilla suit this morning at around 9:15 AM. They were directed to the living room. The HG were then directed outside where more strange things were, including various fake animals, statues, and other odd objects. (This was very similar to an event that occurred during BB8.) Apparently, the HG had to figure out some sort of phrase from the objects. When they figured it out, they would ring a bell.

According to Memphis, the HG had three hours to make three guesses as to what the phrase was. After they rang the bell, BB would call them into the DR in order to make their guess. After the three hours ended, the feeds were blocked for about 30 minutes. When they returned, the HG were discussing the fact that Jessie was actually the one in the gorilla suit. The HG all agreed that he did a great acting job. I'm still not sure who won (if anyone) the prize.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

9/4 Show Recap

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Let's find out!

Renny hates that Memphis made Renny be nominated next to Keesha. Keesha doesn't want to lose Renny, but she doesn't want to be evicted either. Memphis plans on sticking with Dan until the finals. Jerry will not forget that Memphis betrayed him by saving Dan. Jerry again feels alone in the house. Dan is thrilled that he and Memphis decide who is evicted this week.

Jerry told Keesha that Dan and Memphis are obviously aligned since Memphis saved Dan with the PoV. Jerry also thinks that Memphis is aligned with everyone, so he proposed a final-two alliance with Keesha. Keesha thought that she could trust Memphis but isn't sure after hearing from Jerry that Memphis has multiple deals. Renny also thinks that Dan and Memphis want to take each other to the finals.

Jerry told Dan that Memphis saved him with the PoV because he thinks that he can beat Dan in the finals. Jerry hopes that Dan will try to take him to the final three. Jerry also told Dan that because Memphis also betrayed him, he doesn't have hard feelings for Dan anymore. Dan told Keesha about his conversation with Keesha, and Keesha informed him that Jerry told her the same thing. The two told Memphis as well, so Memphis is worried about whether or not his final-two deal with Jerry was legit.

Keesha and Renny agree that they will miss each other and will never forget each other after this week. Renny wants Keesha to be a mother. Keesha doesn't know how she will be able to live in the house without Renny. Renny thinks that she and Keesha will remain friends after the game.

BB talked with Memphis' girlfriend Ashley. She claims that she fell in love with Memphis because he was so charming. Memphis was really mad when Jerry called him a womanizer because his father was married five times, and Memphis doesn't want to be like him. Memphis' best friend Matt is glad that Memphis was mad about Jerry's comment because he has been with the same woman for three years.

Let's check in on the jury! Libra doesn't want to see anyone to win the game because she should have won. April is still shocked that she was evicted. @@ April was shocked to see Michelle evicted next. April claims that she has no respect for Keesha because April actually left the house with some dignity. @@ April and Michelle do not care for Dan or his game play. April was thrilled to see Ollie personally, but she hated that he was out of the running to win the game. April agreed to Ollie's relationship proposal.

Votes: Memphis - Renny and Dan - Renny. By a unanimous vote, Renny has been evicted from the BB house.

Earlier today, the pictures on the Memory Wall were changed to action shots of the HG. Julie again showed the HG these action shots to refresh their memories. These shots were the key to winning HoH. Julie asked a series of questions about the questions. The HG would either move to a "true" or "false" space depending on what they thought was the answer to each question. The HG with the most points would win HoH! Results: Dan - 7, Keesha - 2, and Memphis - 6. Dan wins HoH!

What's this? A fairly large sumo-wrestler looking man is in the living room! Julie informs us that this unexpected visitor holds an important clue to an upcoming luxury competition. The visitor said "I am sitting on information that you need" in a language that the HG did not understand. Hmm...

Who will Dan nominate? Find out Sunday!

9/4 Live Feeds: 12:00-5:00 PM

Keesha is seen here getting ready for tonight's live show.

Little happened in the house this afternoon. The HG continued to study the new Memory Wall pictures while cleaning the house and primping themselves for the live show tonight. Keesha and Renny had a nice moment when they told each other that they will miss each other. They agree that they would have not gotten very far in the game without each other. Jerry is upset that Dan and Memphis have continued to ignore him. The feeds have been blocked since around 4:40 PM in preparation for tonight's live show.

9/3-4 Live Feeds: 1:00 PM-12:00 PM

The Memory Wall photos have changed into action shots of the HG!

The HG were on the Craig Ferguson show again yesterday. Jerry told Dan that he wants to evict Keesha next week because she will win if she makes the finals. Dan told Memphis this, but Memphis thinks that Jerry has a better chance at winning than Keesha does. Keesha feels guilty about not winning the PoV this week because she could have saved both her and Renny. Renny was the last one asleep last night at just after 1:00 AM.

BB woke the HG up at around 8:45 AM this morning. BB changed the Memory Wall pictures into action shots of all the HG. The HG studied the pictures since tonight's HoH competition will probably be over them.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

9/2-3 Live Feeds: 6:00 PM-1:00 PM

Jerry is seen here nursing a sore neck after waking up this morning.

Jerry told Dan to not think that he is the only HG that Jerry doesn't trust because he doesn't trust Memphis either after he saved Dan with the PoV. Keesha wants to go to the final three with Dan and Memphis. Renny was the last one asleep last night at around 12:15 AM.

BB woke the HG up shortly after 10:00 AM this morning. The HG are really sick of Jerry because he claims that he hasn't lied or said anything bad about anyone when he has done it more than anyone else. Keesha would rather see Dan and Memphis in the finals than Jerry. Jerry told Memphis that if he wants the HoH bedroom all to himself, he has to win HoH next week since that is the last week for the HoH bedroom.

The HG noticed that the fish food only lasts until September 16, so they think that is when the show will end. However, they realize that they should be in there for another week. (They are right: BB is ending a week earlier this year, on the 16th.) Jerry received his HoH camera.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

9/2 Show Recap

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Dan or Keesha from eviction? Let's find out!

Dan isn't thrilled about being nominated but is happy that he isn't nominated next to Memphis. Jerry hopes to evict Dan this week. He told Keesha that she isn't the target, but Keesha is still worried about her safety. Memphis is aligned with everyone except for Renny, so he needs to ensure her eviction this week. Keesha says that even though she and Dan are nominated, anyone can be evicted because of the PoV.

Jerry told Dan that anyone can be evicted this week in order to hide his new alliance with Memphis. Renny thinks that if she is nominated after the PoV ceremony, then she will probably be evicted. Keesha cannot believe that Renny is worried about being evicted when Keesha is the one nominated. Renny knows that not being nominated at this stage in the game doesn't mean much because of the PoV.

The HG noticed a plane spelling out a message, so they stopped to take a look. Jerry moved while looking and slipped right into the pool! Dan normally doesn't make fun of other people's misfortunes, but he couldn't resist when that unfortunate person was Jerry. Memphis has been trying to assure Dan, Jerry, and Keesha that he wants to take them to the finals, so that he can make the finals regardless of who is in the final three with him. Memphis isn't sure who he will take to the finals if he wins the final HoH competition though.

Dan has been continuing to aggravate Renny by playing tricks on her and even imitating her. Renny doesn't understand why Dan is always messing around with her. Dan hopes that by driving Renny crazy, she will be too unfocused to compete in the PoV competition. Renny doesn't consider Dan's behavior funny anymore and wants him evicted now.

Time for the PoV competition! The HG were sequestered throughout the house, and they were called one by one out to the backyard to compete. Dan hoped that Memphis would be able to win the PoV in order to keep both he and Dan safe. For the competition, HG had to guess which two HG made up a picture of a baby shown on a large screen. The HG to correctly guess all the babies in the shortest time will win the PoV.

Dan had trouble with the competition because all the babies were hideous. Dan knew that he needed to be perfect in order to win the PoV, but he made a lot of mistakes. Jerry knows that he needs to win the PoV in order to ensure Dan's eviction, but he started off bad. Jerry eventually picked up speed and felt confident that he did enough to win. Memphis felt confident about the competition because he has thoroughly studied the Memory Wall. After the competition, Memphis felt that he could have done better.

Renny knows that she needs to win the PoV in order to evict either Dan or Memphis. Renny thought that the baby containing her face was the prettiest. She took forever on the baby containing Jerry because that should have been the easiest one! Keesha isn't going to be evicted without a fight. Keesha thought that the baby containing her and Steven looked like a gorilla. Dan felt that anyone could have won this PoV. Results (in time): Renny - 23:32, Jerry - 8:01, Dan - 2:58, Memphis - 2:50, and Keesha - 5:16. Memphis wins the PoV!

Renny was very disappointed in her time. Keesha thought that she did well enough to beat Memphis. Memphis now has to decide what to do with the PoV now that he has won it. Jerry hopes that Memphis keeps his word to him and does not use the PoV. Dan knows that Jerry doesn't have any more power since Renny will be nominated by default if Memphis uses the PoV. Keesha is disappointed with herself because winning the PoV was the only chance to save her and Renny.

Memphis wants to trust Dan but isn't sure if Dan will remain loyal to him next week. Memphis told Dan that he has to break off from Keesha next week if Dan wants him to save him with the PoV. Memphis wants to save Dan with the PoV but needs to make sure that his deals with both Jerry and Keesha will survive should he use the PoV. Memphis hopes that Jerry and Keesha will understand why he is saving Dan with the PoV.

Memphis told Keesha that he is going to save Dan with the PoV, but he assured Keesha that Dan will vote to evict Renny. Keesha doesn't trust Dan and really thinks that he will vote to evict her instead. Memphis assured her that Dan will not go against him, so he will vote the way he wants this week. Memphis told Jerry that regardless of what he does with the PoV, he still wants to go to the finals with him. Jerry thinks that Dan is a bigger threat than Renny, so they should worry about her next week.

Memphis thinks that his PoV ceremony decision will be his most important game move thus far. Dan hopes that Memphis will save him with the PoV. Renny thinks that Memphis should evict Dan in order to better his chances at winning the game. Jerry will not trust Memphis anymore if he uses the PoV.

Memphis did use the PoV to save Dan. In his place, Jerry had no choice but to nominate Renny. Renny wanted to go to the finals with Keesha, but she will fight against her in order to stay. Jerry plans on seeking revenge on Memphis for saving Dan. Memphis hopes that Jerry still trusts him enough to take him to the finals. Dan is thrilled that he and Memphis have survived yet another week.

Who will be evicted? Who will win HoH? Find out Thursday!

9/2 Live Feeds: 1:00-6:00 PM

Jerry is seen here relaxing in the backyard this afternoon.

Renny doesn't think that Memphis would have gotten very far in the game without Keesha. Memphis complained about how long the BB game is and claims that he would never come back for an All-Stars edition. Dan says that Jerry deserves to win the game if he makes the final three.

9/1-2 Live Feeds: 8:00 PM-1:00 PM

Renny is seen here in the backyard after waking up this morning.

Keesha doesn't understand why Jerry wants to align with her all of a sudden. Renny says that she won't vote for Jerry to win because he didn't stay true to anyone like the rest of the HG did. Renny thinks that Jerry will be evicted next week. Keesha was the last one asleep last night at around 2:10 AM.

BB woke the HG up shortly after 10:00 AM this morning. Jerry wants to align with Keesha since Memphis proved that he was aligned with Dan by saving him with the PoV. Jerry wants Dan evicted next week. Jerry is pretty sure that Dan and Memphis will vote to evict Renny because she would win the game over either of them.

Monday, September 1, 2008

9/1 Live Feeds: 12:00-8:00 PM

The HG are seen here eating dinner outside this evening.

Dan and Memphis agree that they cannot let Jerry win the PoV next week because he will keep Keesha. Renny thinks that Dan will end up winning the game. Keesha and Renny both think that Jerry wants to take Memphis to the finals with him. BB finally told Jerry that he cannot play for HoH next week. BB gave the HG a grill to have a barbecue for Labor Day.

9/1 Live Feeds: PoV Ceremony

After being blocked for about 45 minutes, the feeds have returned, and it appears that Memphis has used the PoV to save Dan from eviction. In his place, Jerry nominated Renny. If anything changes, I'll let you know!

9/1 Live Feeds: 6:00 AM-12:00 PM

Memphis is seen here in the backyard after waking up this morning.

BB woke the HG up at around 9:10 AM this morning. Keesha is worried about how Renny will react after she is nominated, but Memphis thinks that Renny already knows that she will be nominated. Other than that, little happened this morning. The feeds have been blocked since around 11:35 AM for the PoV ceremony. I'll have the scoop when they return!

8/31-9/1 Live Feeds: 10:00 PM-6:00 AM

Some of the HG are seen here relaxing in one of the bedrooms last night.

Today is Dan's birthday! The HG all wished him a happy birthday at midnight last night. The HG spent the evening making objects out of clay and asking each other hypothetical questions. Nothing gamewise occurred last night. Renny was the last one asleep at around 2:00 AM last night. All HG are still asleep as I post this.

8/31 Live Feeds: 5:00-10:00 PM

Keesha is seen here holding the clay that BB gave the HG to play with this evening.

Memphis told Keesha that Jerry will vote Dan out over either of them next week. Memphis told Keesha that he wants to evict Renny this week, then Dan, and then Jerry. Memphis wants to evict Renny because he thinks that she would win if she made the finals. He doesn't trust Dan to take him to the finals because he has already broken his word twice during the game. Memphis thinks it is funny that Jerry believes that he can play for HoH next week.

Memphis has not told Jerry if he will use the PoV or not. He has only told him that regardless of what he does with the PoV, he still wants to go to the finals with Jerry. Keesha thinks that Dan would vote to keep her this week, but he wouldn't if he knew that she was close with Memphis.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

8/31 Show Recap

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Dan hoped that his alliance would be able to survive the double-eviction night. Jerry knew that he was losing allies fast with Michelle being evicted. Keesha was too worried that Michelle would target her had she continued to stay in the game. Renny would have loved to give Michelle her vote, but she had to stay true to her alliance. Ollie promised to avenge Michelle's eviction. Memphis was thrilled to see Michelle evicted because she had such a poor attitude.

Keesha knew that she had to get focused following the eviction in order to do well in the double-eviction night. Memphis was worried that Keesha wouldn't have been able to successfully answer the tiebreaker question. Keesha was thrilled that she was able to win for her alliance. Dan felt safe with Keesha as HoH. Jerry hated being nominated for yet another week but knew that he needed to continue to keep quiet in order to stay another week. Ollie feels that he is able to perform well under pressure.

Dan's strategy of looking weak has gone out the window with his latest three competition wins. Dan asked his alliance who they wanted out this week, and they replied with Ollie. Dan cannot believe how successful his alliance has been in evicting the other HG. After Ollie's eviction, Jerry asked the other HG to at least talk to him this week to make him feel better. Jerry isn't sure if he will be able to outlast the alliance of four.

Renny finds it hard to make conversation with Jerry because he lived in a different time from her. Memphis feels confident that his alliance will make the final four. Dan and Renny got into an argument over the time zone of New Orleans. Renny thought that California was ahead of New Orleans in terms of time, when it is actually the opposite. @@ The HG are very annoyed by Keesha's hyena-like laugh.

Time for the HoH competition! The backyard had been turned into a carnival, which brought back memories for Renny. Memphis knows that his alliance must beat Jerry in order to evict Jerry this week. Jerry knows that he has to win HoH in order to remain in the game. Keesha asked the HG questions about which day events occurred in the game. To answer, HG had to roll a skeeball towards the number of the day they thought the event occurred. For every day off, HG earned a penalty point. The HG with the lowest number of penalty points would win HoH!

Renny has never played skeeball before, so she didn't do too well in the competition. Memphis claimed that he was guessing for each question, so he was glad that Dan was doing better. Dan noticed that Renny was doing terrible, so he knew that either he or Memphis would have to win. Jerry felt confident that he would be able to win the competition. Memphis could not believe how well Jerry was doing. Results: Dan - 31, Jerry - 29, Memphis - 33, and Renny - 51. Jerry wins HoH!

Jerry was thrilled to have survived two evictions and then win HoH. Dan is sure that Jerry will nominate him. Keesha hates that someone from her alliance will be evicted this week. Memphis knew that he would need to suck up to Jerry in order to survive nomination. Jerry received his HoH bedroom along with pictures from his family. He also received a toy snake named "Hissy" that he received following his bypass surgery. Jerry told an elaborate story about the snake's name, which did not please Memphis. Dan didn't want to listen to Jerry but knew that he had to in order to get on Jerry's good side.

Jerry was glad that he won HoH so that he can make new allies. Memphis is trying to get on everyone's good side so that if anyone wins the final HoH competition, he can be taken to the finals. Renny has been sleepwalking lately, further proving to Memphis her craziness. Keesha loves how funny Renny is, no matter what time of day it is. Keesha and Renny are worried that Jerry will nominate them.

Dan and Memphis are thinking about making a final-three deal with Jerry in order to stay in the game. Memphis is fine with either he or Dan being nominated, just not together. Jerry approached Memphis with a final-two deal, and Memphis agreed to it. Jerry wants to ensure that Dan is evicted, and Memphis agrees since Dan nominated him when he was HoH. Jerry thinks that he can trust Memphis more than anyone else because he doesn't think that Memphis has a deal with anyone else. Memphis hopes that he can keep Dan safe this week even though Jerry wants him evicted.

Memphis was concerned about his safety when Jerry won HoH, but now he feels a little safe following his talk with Jerry. Dan will be shocked if Jerry doesn't nominate him. Renny thinks that if she is nominated, she will be evicted. Keesha thinks that she will be nominated. Jerry says that his nominations are strategic because he nominated two HG that will prevent him from winning the game.

Order of keys: Renny and Memphis, leaving Dan and Keesha nominated for eviction. Jerry nominated Dan because he cannot trust him. Jerry nominated Keesha because she has won three competitions. Jerry hopes that he can evict Dan this week. Dan was happy to be nominated next to Keesha because Memphis can save him if he wins PoV. Keesha hates being nominated but will try her best to win the PoV. Memphis is thrilled to have survived nomination at this stage in the game. His goal is to evict Renny this week.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Dan or Keesha from eviction? Find out Tuesday!

8/31 Live Feeds: 8:00 AM-5:00 PM

Renny is seen here laying down in the bathroom this afternoon.

BB woke the HG up at around 10:05 AM this morning. Jerry thinks that he can play for HoH next week. @@ - For watching EVERY BB episode, this guy sure doesn't seem to know what's going on! Dan and Memphis want to take Jerry to the final three with them instead of Keesha. Keesha thinks that Memphis will save Dan with the PoV in order to split her and Renny up. Keesha thinks that if she stays, she will have no chance at winning the game.

8/30-31 Live Feeds: 10:00 PM-8:00 AM

Dan is seen here re-reading his letter from home in his bedroom last night.

Keesha thinks that either she or Renny will be evicted this week, with the other being evicted next week unless she wins HoH or PoV. Other than that, nothing of importance happened last night. The HG asked each other hypothetical questions, and overall, made small talk, but nothing involving the game. Jerry was the last one asleep last night at around 2:10 AM.

8/30 Live Feeds: 5:00 AM-10:00 PM

Jerry is seen here playing cards that BB gave the HG this evening.

BB woke the HG up at around 10:30 AM this morning. Memphis told Dan that if he saves him with the PoV, then Dan needs to stop with his "crazy antics." Dan and Memphis want to evict Renny because she has the best chance at winning the game. Memphis wants to save Keesha this week because he likes her as a friend, but he still wants to take Dan to the finals.

Memphis then told Jerry that no matter what he does with the PoV, he still wants to take Jerry to the finals. Memphis tried to convince Jerry that Renny is the better HG to be evicted rather than Dan. Jerry thinks that Dan will turn on Memphis next week. Memphis knows that Renny doesn't like him, so he would rather take his chances with Dan. Dan then joined the conversation and agreed that Renny will win if she makes the finals. Jerry doesn't think that Renny will even make the finals though.

Jerry told Renny that he doesn't think that Memphis will use the PoV, so Renny shouldn't worry about it until after it happens. Jerry thinks that Dan is the best HG to be evicted. Jerry told Keesha and Renny that Dan has already started to campaign for Renny's eviction. Keesha can't believe that he would turn on the alliance the first week they don't win HoH.

Memphis told Keesha that he is saving Dan with the PoV, but both he and Dan will vote to evict Renny. Keesha isn't sure if she can trust Dan with his vote. Keesha thinks that Jerry lied to her about Dan campaigning just to break them up.