Sunday, August 31, 2008

8/31 Show Recap

Who will win HoH? Who will be nominated? Let's find out!

Dan hoped that his alliance would be able to survive the double-eviction night. Jerry knew that he was losing allies fast with Michelle being evicted. Keesha was too worried that Michelle would target her had she continued to stay in the game. Renny would have loved to give Michelle her vote, but she had to stay true to her alliance. Ollie promised to avenge Michelle's eviction. Memphis was thrilled to see Michelle evicted because she had such a poor attitude.

Keesha knew that she had to get focused following the eviction in order to do well in the double-eviction night. Memphis was worried that Keesha wouldn't have been able to successfully answer the tiebreaker question. Keesha was thrilled that she was able to win for her alliance. Dan felt safe with Keesha as HoH. Jerry hated being nominated for yet another week but knew that he needed to continue to keep quiet in order to stay another week. Ollie feels that he is able to perform well under pressure.

Dan's strategy of looking weak has gone out the window with his latest three competition wins. Dan asked his alliance who they wanted out this week, and they replied with Ollie. Dan cannot believe how successful his alliance has been in evicting the other HG. After Ollie's eviction, Jerry asked the other HG to at least talk to him this week to make him feel better. Jerry isn't sure if he will be able to outlast the alliance of four.

Renny finds it hard to make conversation with Jerry because he lived in a different time from her. Memphis feels confident that his alliance will make the final four. Dan and Renny got into an argument over the time zone of New Orleans. Renny thought that California was ahead of New Orleans in terms of time, when it is actually the opposite. @@ The HG are very annoyed by Keesha's hyena-like laugh.

Time for the HoH competition! The backyard had been turned into a carnival, which brought back memories for Renny. Memphis knows that his alliance must beat Jerry in order to evict Jerry this week. Jerry knows that he has to win HoH in order to remain in the game. Keesha asked the HG questions about which day events occurred in the game. To answer, HG had to roll a skeeball towards the number of the day they thought the event occurred. For every day off, HG earned a penalty point. The HG with the lowest number of penalty points would win HoH!

Renny has never played skeeball before, so she didn't do too well in the competition. Memphis claimed that he was guessing for each question, so he was glad that Dan was doing better. Dan noticed that Renny was doing terrible, so he knew that either he or Memphis would have to win. Jerry felt confident that he would be able to win the competition. Memphis could not believe how well Jerry was doing. Results: Dan - 31, Jerry - 29, Memphis - 33, and Renny - 51. Jerry wins HoH!

Jerry was thrilled to have survived two evictions and then win HoH. Dan is sure that Jerry will nominate him. Keesha hates that someone from her alliance will be evicted this week. Memphis knew that he would need to suck up to Jerry in order to survive nomination. Jerry received his HoH bedroom along with pictures from his family. He also received a toy snake named "Hissy" that he received following his bypass surgery. Jerry told an elaborate story about the snake's name, which did not please Memphis. Dan didn't want to listen to Jerry but knew that he had to in order to get on Jerry's good side.

Jerry was glad that he won HoH so that he can make new allies. Memphis is trying to get on everyone's good side so that if anyone wins the final HoH competition, he can be taken to the finals. Renny has been sleepwalking lately, further proving to Memphis her craziness. Keesha loves how funny Renny is, no matter what time of day it is. Keesha and Renny are worried that Jerry will nominate them.

Dan and Memphis are thinking about making a final-three deal with Jerry in order to stay in the game. Memphis is fine with either he or Dan being nominated, just not together. Jerry approached Memphis with a final-two deal, and Memphis agreed to it. Jerry wants to ensure that Dan is evicted, and Memphis agrees since Dan nominated him when he was HoH. Jerry thinks that he can trust Memphis more than anyone else because he doesn't think that Memphis has a deal with anyone else. Memphis hopes that he can keep Dan safe this week even though Jerry wants him evicted.

Memphis was concerned about his safety when Jerry won HoH, but now he feels a little safe following his talk with Jerry. Dan will be shocked if Jerry doesn't nominate him. Renny thinks that if she is nominated, she will be evicted. Keesha thinks that she will be nominated. Jerry says that his nominations are strategic because he nominated two HG that will prevent him from winning the game.

Order of keys: Renny and Memphis, leaving Dan and Keesha nominated for eviction. Jerry nominated Dan because he cannot trust him. Jerry nominated Keesha because she has won three competitions. Jerry hopes that he can evict Dan this week. Dan was happy to be nominated next to Keesha because Memphis can save him if he wins PoV. Keesha hates being nominated but will try her best to win the PoV. Memphis is thrilled to have survived nomination at this stage in the game. His goal is to evict Renny this week.

Who will win PoV? Will it be used to save either Dan or Keesha from eviction? Find out Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

when do they start showing people show up to the jury house and does anyone know if POV was used yet.

Anonymous said...

I hope April and Libra kill each other. LOL

Anonymous said...

They will most likely show jury house Tuesday...there were too many comps to show tonight...didn't leave any time for anything else.

Anonymous said...

OMG, I don't think I could live in a house 24/7 with someone who has a laugh like Keesha's.

Anonymous said...

I have finally figured out who Dan reminds of, Jen from the Nerd Herd. He's a back stabber who thinks he's better than the other houseguest, and I find that much more annoying than Keesha's laugh. I would never put in the same catagory with Will or Evel, I really think he left his balls with his girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 'cuz Will NEVER thought he was better than the other houseguests... @@

If you're looking for someone to win Big Brother without lying or backstabbing, keep holding your breath.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else annoyed with the amount of recap that they showed tonight. 20 min of the show tonight was a recap of what happened on sunday.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I was to annoyed with that. I think its because there is a shortage of interesting material from whats been going on in the house. These are a very boring bunch of people this year. They are all way to nice and dont seem to what to stir the pot at all. I'm completely bored with this season, but because I have watched the show since season one, I have continued to watch on Mondays and Thuresdays.